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Astronaut Walter Cunningham: “Absence of Supporting Data…Climate Models Have Never Successfully Predicted Anything”!

Here’s a segment of the press conference video of COP 19 from CFACT. Verna from the UK Youth Climate Coalitions is stunned how anyone could doubt the global warming religion, asking the panel, “How you can sleep at night?” Clearly the young lady has never read the science and refuses to be aware that there […]

Germany Joins Japan, Canada, Australia In Abandoning Useless Fight Against Climate Change…Actions Speak Louder!

Germany has always been viewed as one of the leaders in “fighting climate change”. But when you examine what the country has really accomplished in reducing CO2 emissions, we see that country’s actions tell another story. And when you examine its current activities, one thing stands clear: Germany is no longer taking the futile fight against climate […]

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