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Queen (Finally!) Grants Posthumous Pardon To Alan Turing…Treatment Was Once The Consensus Of The Science!

The Telegraph here has the story about what was in my eyes one of the most abhorrent crimes ever committed by science…in this case the chemical castration of a brilliant mathematician and war hero only because his sexual preference went against what was considered the moral, psychiatric, medical and scientific consensus of the time, i.e. homosexuality […]

Defining CO2 As A Pollutant Is The Worst Kind Of Lie…We Really Don’t Have Much In The Atmosphere

A Christmas message for alarmists By Ed Caryl I am constantly struck by the extremes that the alarmists will reach attempting to convince the rest of us that we should abandon our comfortable life-styles and live in fuel poverty, burning our corn in our cars, eschewing all use of fuels that have accumulated in the […]

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