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Another Blow To CO2…French Scientist’s Research Attributes Most Global Warming To Solar Activity

More fresh climate science just out showing that the sun is the main driver of our climate. The Dutch-British publishing company Elsevier B.V. has put online a paper entitled “Earth Climate Identification vs. Detection and Attribution”. This publication, referenced on the ScienceDirect website, was revised in the due rules by a peer committee in Annual […]

There Are Far Better Reasons For Boycotting Pepsico Products: YOUR HEALTH

Straying off topic today and into the world of nutition, which is also fraught with junk science, tragedy and greed. Pepsico and a “lethal force in society” Forbes reports Pepsico CEO Indra Nooyi is not amused over Trump’s election, warning of a potential “lethal force in society“. As a result some people have reacted critically […]

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