New Temperature Reconstruction Shows Asia’s Tianshan Mountains Were 1-2°C Warmer During The 1700s

Yet another region of the globe has not warmed (net) for the last 333 years.

The authors of a new study (Jiao et al., 2019) point out that temperature changes in the Tianshan mountains are “mainly influenced by the solar activity via the mean minimum temperature within approximately 11-year periods.”

Despite some warming since the 1950s, the authors do not maintain CO2 changes were an influencing climate factor in the 1680-2012 reconstruction.

The 1708-1801 period is shown to be about 1-2°C warmer than the the 1950-2012 period.

Jiao et al., 2019

Regional climate change is affected by large-scale climate-forcing factors, such as solar activity and atmospheric–oceanic variability (Fang et al., 2010; Linderholm et al., 2015; Rydval et al., 2017). On the one hand, based on the MTM analysis results, the temperature changes in the study area are mainly influenced by the solar activity via the mean minimum temperature within approximately 11-year periods (Li et al., 2006; Wang et al., 2015). The tree-ring chronology was developed by samples of Schrenk spruce collected from the National Nature Reserve of the Western Tianshan Mountains. The mean minimum temperature in the growing season is the main and stable limiting climate factor. Therefore, the mean minimum temperature series in the growing season during 1680–2012 was reconstructed based on the STD chronology.”
“In the past 333 years, the mean minimum temperature has roughly experienced three relatively cold periods and relatively warm stages (relatively cold periods: 1680–1707, 1802–1911 and 1935–1997; relatively warm periods: 1708–1801, 1912–1934 and 1998–2012). By analyzing similar trends in regional temperature changes in our reconstruction series with drought events, large volcanic eruptions and other reconstruction series around the study regions in Xinjiang and even large-scale regions, we found that the mean minimum temperature of the reconstruction was accurate and reliant. Moreover, the mean minimum temperature was influenced by solar activity (sunspots) and large-scale atmospheric–oceanic fluctuations (NAO, WPO, ENSO, TBO) based on the MTM and spatial correlation analysis.”

21 responses to “New Temperature Reconstruction Shows Asia’s Tianshan Mountains Were 1-2°C Warmer During The 1700s”

  1. tom0mason

    So where on the planet is all that (much over-publicized) CO2 mediated ‘Global Warming’ happened since the start of the Industrial Revolution? It appears only to have happened in Westernized urban cities in the Northern Hemisphere and not much else anywhere else (unless you mindless take ‘adjust’ historical temperature records as gospel).

    1. SebastianH

      Here you go … wasn’t that hard to find.

      unless you mindless take ‘adjust’ historical temperature records as gospel

      Oops, sorry I went with the global conspiracy against small minded climate contrarians data. Should have used my gut feeling instead.

      1. tom0mason

        SebastianH 9. August 2019 at 4:19 PM,

        Yep, ALL natural warming since the LIA, unless you have evidence that humans and not NATURE rules climate.

        1. Yonason


          I see the roving Juvenile Delinquent is back, with more of the same old propaganda with the usual monkey dance accompaniment to amuse and annoy.

          Do you suppose he’ll ever realize how foolish he appears?

          1. tom0mason

            Hi Yonason,

            Yes, the money’s back smearing detritus over the site.

          2. tom0mason

            If an “old” guy like me can remember, why can’t the troll?

            The troll is paid to forget.

        2. SebastianH

          You were asking where all the warming has happened and now you backpedal and claim the warming that happened is totally natural … interesting.

          Yonason, do you know how foolish you guys appear? I guess not. Stay in your safe space where you can all cheerlead each other and celebrate your fantasies.

          1. Yonason

            We’ve got SebH’s warming right here.

            Posted by AndyG5 and myself, back in 2017. If an “old” guy like me can remember, why can’t the troll?

      2. tom0mason

        It’s ‘Yet another region of the globe has not warmed (net) for the last 333 years.’

        No mere cartoons from anyone (including NASA) does not trump what people in the region experience.
        I know this comes as a shock to Seb but reality is what actually happens not some made-up animation of it. So keep living in your cartoon world Seb, here some more you may appreciate as it’s on your level.

        1. tom0mason

          Forgot the link …
          Just for you Seb

      3. tom0mason

        Watch and weep Seb because this tells it like it is about temperature record manipulations …

  2. SebastianH

    Sorry for highjacking this, but why haven’t there been any ice volume blog posts by Kirye lately? On Twitter she still retweets weird stuff, but doesn’t the ice volume development cooperate with climate contrarian fantasies anymore?

    You, Kenneth, also keep repeating that Antarctica is getting colder. Why is it that sea ice extent in that area is rapidly decreasing compared to previous years?

    P.S.: Alaska is apparently sea ice free within a 150 mile radius

    1. Yonason

      I’ll see his hijacking, and raise him a partial (USA, not China) return to the subject at hand (historic heat and drought)…

      Which Parisian summer was hottest, 1947 or 2019?

      Also, here’s “What An Actual Climate Crisis Looks like”

      Watch for the activist to attack the source rather than the data, and perhaps he’ll throw in some fake news from those adjusting data and making it up when they don’t have it. It’s all he’s got. So sad.

      NASA now hiding what it used to say about climate, because it puts the lie to what it is saying now.

      Instead of admitting to the fact that the climate gatekeepers are lying, the troll keeps giving us links to their propaganda. We have pointed out to him over and over again where he’s wrong, but he keeps regurgitating the same spew. He was wrong then, is wrong now, and will always be wrong.

      It’s like it’s deliberate!

      There’s so much information about what he’s wrong about and why, yet he keeps defaulting to the same garbage. Well, he may not give you the facts, but we will. Here’s just some.

    2. tom0mason

      I agree SebastianH you should be sorry for propagandizing across the site for no good reason other than getting paid to do it.

      So Seb apologies accepted.

      1. SebastianH

        I was worried about you guys since those ice extent/volume posts suddenly went away. Now going to collect the paycheck for this post, right … #facepalm

        1. tom0mason

          I have made this accusation at least on 12 different occasions over a long time. Never have you said it is untrue.
          It appears rather evident that your only reason to be here is that you are paid to come out with your advocacy propaganda, utter nonsense, and antiscience.
          You are a paid troll!

          1. Yonason

            Yes, lets worry about the arctic losing ice,…not.

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