New Study: 3°C Cooling In The Last 200 Years, 7°C Warmer ~7800 Years Ago In France

A new reconstruction (Martin et al., 2020shows peak mean annual temperatures (14°C) were 7°C warmer than today (7°C, 2009-2017) ~7800 years ago in France. In the last 200 years temperatures have fallen by ~3°C.

Image Source: Martin et al., 2020

Another new study (Caillouet et al., 2019) finds little to no signficant climate changes (temperatures or precipitation) in France since 1873.


Image Source: Caillouet et al., 2019

8 responses to “New Study: 3°C Cooling In The Last 200 Years, 7°C Warmer ~7800 Years Ago In France”

  1. John F. Hultquist

    Thanks for fixing the fuzziness.

    One reads about how rapidly the climate of someplace has changed. A couple of years of odd weather seems to do that because there has been much disinformation published and broadcast.
    It is too much to expect the millions and millions spent promoting global warming – climate change won’t influence many people.

    Glad to see information from France.

    1. No John

      No one is “promoting” global warming. It’s not a desired thing.

      It it too much to expect a rational discussion without outright false assertions?

      1. lucklucky

        Of course Global Warming Sin is promoted by many that want to establish a new power system.

  2. Really No John?

    False assertions? You just made one. You might not desire global warming, and others too might be afraid of it but that does not mean, “It’s not a desired thing”. Many of us desire it.

    You also wrote, “No one is “promoting” global warming”. Is that feigned ignorance or feigned innocence? Obtuse maybe?

    The world’s billionaires and energy companies, governments, pop stars, movie stars, and the ‘loud minority’ section of the public have been promoting, “Global WarmingTM”, the theory, for many decades.

  3. hazere-tyuillope

    I don’t understand how we can have Martin et al finding a 3 c fall in temperatures in the center of France in the last 200 years and Caillouet et al showing a mostly flat or slightly rising trend for the same period in the same country ?

  4. hazere-tyuillope

    As an almost daily visitor of this blog for several years I am a little disappointed to see my comment censored, I was just asking a question, my intention was not to question the point of view of No Tricks Zone in this case!

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