German Green Parliamentarian Shocks The Nation…Couldn’t Even Name First German Empire Chancellor!

Energy policymaking in the hands of high grade political imbeciles?

The German Greens like to present themselves as the only ones having all the sophisticated technical and political solutions and competence for solving the world’s complex problems. However, it’s quickly dawning on most Germans, that the SPD coalition partners, The Greens, are in fact run by people who are woefully incompetent and ignorant when it cones to economics, biology and energy.

Federal Parliamentarian didn’t even know first chancellor

If that weren’t bad enough, it’s now been revealed that some of the Green Party politicians are embarrassingly ignorant when it comes to history – particularly that of their own modern country.

When a reporter of German ZDF public television asked Green Party parliamentarian Emilia Fester, 25, who became the first chancellor of the German Empire in 1871 (Otto von Bismarck), she was completely gobsmacked:

She had no idea! Almost all Germans know Bismarck is the father and shaper of the modern German state.

And didn’t know when the Federal Republic was founded

The giggly Fester then revealed she didn’t even know the year that today’s Federal Republic of Germany had been founded (no, it wasn’t 1945).

To give the readers here some idea of what stage of ignorance we are talking about here, this would be like an American not knowing who the first president of the United States was, or the day July 4th is celebrated! Surely some don’t know, but they would never end up in public office, let alone the U.S. Senate or the House.

These Greta Thunberg generation youths are the very people who want to tell the rest of the world how to produce energy and take control of the climate’s behavior. Recently the Green Party’s Annalena Baerbock once said that electric vehicle batteries needed “Kobold”, and Green Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir claimed electric power was measured in “gigabytes”.

Collapsing educational system

Fester’s knowledge, and that of her party colleagues, is probably a good indicator of Germany’s educational system collapse, where schools are more focused on brainwashing the country’s youth and leading them to believe they are the “last generation”.

<sarc>Ironically, if these clueless brats did get their way, they would definitely end up being the planet’s last generation – thanks to Darwinism. </sarc>.

6 responses to “German Green Parliamentarian Shocks The Nation…Couldn’t Even Name First German Empire Chancellor!”

  1. Luigi

    And? where’s the problem? do you think that extending education to everybody, means that suddenly all become intelligent? most people are dumb, so in order to bring them to the end of the high school the level of the schools must be lowered. In the past those people went to work as soon as they were 14 y.old.

    And secondly, modern education does not give anymore importance to notionism. Nothing is memorised anymore, because there are digital data banks (internet) for that. This is partly true, because one of the dangers is that re-writing history becomes easy.
    But politicians agree with that it helps them steering the masses.

  2. Joao Martins

    NOT “These Greta Thunberg generation youths”!

    Those who are not in the government of Germany are the PARENTS of the “Greta Thunberg generation youths”.

    The problem is older and deeper!

    1. Ben Vorlich

      Sadly it’s the same in the UK, except it extends to the Grandparents

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  4. Yonason

    My comment on JoNova’s site, re politicians….

    It’s not just energy policy that’s “… in the hands of high grade political imbeciles. these days, but everything.

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