New Reconstructions From Brazil, China, Europe Indicate No Net Warming In Recent Centuries

Paleoclimate studies continue to undermine claims of “unprecedented” global warming in the modern era.

A new temperature reconstruction (Oliveira Silva Muraja et al., 2023) for Brazil reveals there has been no net modern warming since the 1400s.

Image Source: Oliveira Silva Muraja et al., 2023

Another new temperature reconstruction (Yue et al., 2023) indicates there has been no net modern warming in Central China since the 1400s.

Image Source: Yue et al., 2023

The Romanian National Meteorological Administration indicates the Danube region cooled from 1961-2013 (Viorica et al., 2023). The driest intervals of the last 250 years include 1949-1960, 1986-1993, and 2015-present. Dry periods coincide with relatively cold North Atlantic sea surface temperatures.

Image Source: Viorica et al., 2023

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