Revkin & Rahmstorf Conspire Against US Senator

Look how cozy Revkin is in bed with alarmists like Rahmstorf. And they really detest skeptics, don’t they? Rahmstorf writes to Andy:

Hi Andy,
from over here, it is hard to see this kind of Inhofe speach as anything else than an irrelevant piece of absurd theatre. It doesn’t even bother me any more – he’s simply lost it.
Cheers, Stefan”

And Andy replies to Steffi (emphasis added):

I know. but he still speaks to and for a big chunk of America — people whose understanding of science and engagement with such issues is so slight that they happily sit in pre-conceived positions.”

Read it all here! Looks like I’m going to be up for awhile tonight!

5 responses to “Revkin & Rahmstorf Conspire Against US Senator”

  1. DirkH

    Your link to Revkin’s answer doesn’t seem to work; wrong page index or so, but this one should:

  2. Ralf J.

    Who takes Rahmstorf seriously at all? Not to mention his Boss, j. Schellnhuber?

  3. Jean Bosseler

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