Der Spiegel On Climategate 2.0. Black On White Proof Not Enough

Der Spiegel here reports on Climategate 2.0, first reminding us that although Climategate 1.0 showed that a group of scientists had indeed stonewalled revealing the data and engaged in gatekeeping, they were cleared by several investigations of misleading and manipulating data.  Der Spiegel also admits Climategate 1.0 scarred the image of the science.

Now we have 2.0.

Der Spiegel writes that the UEA confirms the authenticity of the latest e-mails. Der Spiegel writes:

The chief of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia had to admit that he had deleted important e-mails on the documentation of his research. He also requested other scientists to destroy data in the same manner.”

Der Spiegel also brings up Ray Bradley’s “pathetic” e-mail, which slammed the 2003 paper by Michael Mann and Phil Jones. But Der Spiegel then quotes climate scientists saying that “such disputes are normal in science”. Maybe so, but the paper is still pathetic and was knowingly used to sway public policy.

Der Spiegel also reports on the “jubilation of the skeptics”, quoting Anthony Watts “What’s Up With That”:

Climate change skeptics cheered the e-mails. ‘They are authentic and spectacular!’ proclaims Watts Up With That?.”

Here we see that Der Spiegel refuses to learn that we are not skeptics of climate change, but rather we are skeptics of climate catastrophe fairy tale in the future. It doesn’t matter how many times you tell them. Der Spiegel obviously is unaware that temperatures haven’t risen in almost 15 years, and likely think they are still rising. But we can we do? We (skeptics) are not special education teachers for media who have learning disabilities.

Finally Der Spiegel quotes the author of “pathetic” papers, Michael Mann, saying that Mann told the AP that it’s an organized “campaign by the oil and gas industry and criminal hacking of websites.” and that it “illustrates how desperate the skeptics are”.

At least give Der Spiegel credit for bringing up the story and for linking to the hacked e-mails – though not many Germans are going to read them.

What would it take for the media to take this widespread crime seriously? The lies, cover-ups, and deceit are right there in back and white. What more do you need? Tax authorities, for example, throw people in prison based on a lot less.

Thanks, Der Spiegel.



13 responses to “Der Spiegel On Climategate 2.0. Black On White Proof Not Enough”

  1. DirkH

    Der Spiegel always has this highbrow attitude; we are nothing but vermin for them. Astonishingly, this time their writer is identified by name, and even goes so far as to mention Watts Up With That.

    The ClimateGate e-mails are called “Datendiebstahl” by them – data theft. Hmm, what did they call the Wikileaks diplomatic cable affair?
    “Enthüllungen”, “enthüllen”…. “disclosure”, “to disclose”.

    So once again we see the double standard of the German left-wing statists. I really hate their slimy, devious use of the German language – they never take a stand, they always slime people by use of words with negative meanings. They’ve been doing this for decades now.

  2. DirkH

    Muenster court outlaws means of sustainable transportation; the so called “beer bike”, a kind of beer-driven alternative to a bus; a bicycle contraption that carries one sober driver and a lot of drunks responsible for providing the power.

    Now, it’s not really about transportation but about having a party while moving through scenic landscape or a city centre… the court ruled that they’re an obstacle.

  3. Paul R. Bear

    The link: “He also requested other scientists to destroy data in the same manner” does not work

  4. Pascvaks

    Der Spiegel is confronted with a much bigger problem re: Climategate I & II, indeed all the media outlets are. Do they take the matter of incompetence, of political power plays, of greed, of stupidity, of lies, by not just scientists but also countless politicians, investors, academics, and nations, to its logical conclusion? Or is it better to not open such a huge, smelly, explosive garbage container for fear of starting a chain reaction, and perhaps a revolt by irate citizens of the Western World against the very currupt fabric of the Western World itself? I believe the media are well aware of how rotten things are in Denmark, at the UN, and a 101 other places. There are simply some stories that are just too big to print. Maybe, sometimes, tis best keep it low key, localized, in bite-sized chunks so things don’t get out-of-hand?

    1. DirkH

      In the case of Germany: All our media never criticizes the UN for anything. Our journalists grow up as strictly anti-American. Everything the USA does (pre-Obama at least) is evil; the UN is seen by them as the condensed wisdom of the suppressed nations of the globe… it wouldn’t cross their minds that the UN, or the EU, are moribund corrupt inefficient bureaucracies. Well, the German journalists are even anti-German – somehow they see only disadvantages in nation states and advantages in multinational bureaucracies. The Iraq Oil For Food UN corruption scandal were never mentioned in our media; at least I don’t remember any mention.

      As they see the UN as sacrosanct, they also see the IPCC as authoritative. Our journalists are not able to step outside this warped worldview.

      1. Ulrich Elkmann
  5. DirkH

    XKCD has made a money chart. In the upper right corner he shows the cost of electricity.

  6. Casper

    Don’t worry guys. Nothing will happen… 😉

  7. Bernd Felsche

    Spotted via
    Bradley writes to Jones:

    … I just read that Schellnhuber got an OBE!!!! I didn’t know you got those for spouting bullshit, but I guess that’s how far standards have fallen. Pretty amazing…

    Jones responds,

    We all agree on that!

    Hold up Der Spiegel, Messrs Bradley and Jones and look at yourselves.

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