Carbon Market Crash!

Portuguese skeptic site Ecotretas reports on the crashing carbon market:

It’s nothing new. It started over a year ago, when US
carbon trading crashed
. Two weeks later, it
. Now, it’s our turn in Europe. It had already started
earlier this Summer
. But now, as can be seen in the left graphic, obtained from
, carbon prices are diving even more! And this is yesterday’s
graph, as today, as I write, it is diving another -10.773% to € 7.040.

Charts and more here…

6 responses to “Carbon Market Crash!”

  1. DirkH

    I hope Richard Black’s pension is going down the tubes with it…

  2. mindert eiting

    Thanks for the news, Ecotrecas. It looks as if the carbon indulgencies try to imitate shares in the Russian railways after the revolution.

  3. biggreenlie

    Good news is hard to find, but this is one of those moments….this SCAM, just like all the other Green Scams was built on lies and fake claims by interests that are no better than “ponzi salesmen”.

  4. Roy UK

    Its funny that both recent crashes have coincided with publication of Climategate e-mails…

  5. Edward.

    The NH turns into winter, ah but spring is on its way already!

    The only thing that really will halt this madness, is when the ‘investors’ get a big hit in the pocket.
    Big investors have made massive ‘killings’ in this ‘money for indulgences’ EUCET carbon trading racket, it is another way to fleece the taxpayer [increases industrial costs which are passed on to the consumer] and the big boys [Goldman’s Deutsche bank et al] have loved every minute of it, including the BBC pension fund.

    A collapse of the talks in Durban, can kill off this EU carbon trading idiocy for good and is it not time for this to happen? Kyoto, was a disaster for everybody who lives, works and pays taxes in the Western World, it accrued not one benefit for the world’s poorest but made a lot of money for some of the most corrupt and richest men on the planet.

    End this madness now.

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