German Climate And Energy Experts To Publish Controversial New Book – Reject Alarmism, Call For Reopening The Debate

A new book is coming out. Personally I believe it’s going to cause a political storm in Germany, if not Europe. It’s going to upset a large number of climate Scrooges and the profiteers of doom.

The book Die kalte Sonne, Warum die Klimakatastophe nicht stattfindet (The Cold Sun, Why The Climate Catastrophe Is Not Taking Place) seriously challenges global warming alarmism. The book is written by Prof. Dr. Fritz Vahrenholt and Dr. Sebastian Lüning. Deliveries start at February 22, 2012. But I’m told the date may actually be February 8!

The publisher is influential publishing house Hoffmann & Campe in Hamburg.

What compelled the authors to write the book?

In short, being trained scientists, they noticed stark contradictions between model projections and real-life observations. Nothing matched up, something was wrong with the science, the models, and the IPCC. They explain it in detail in the book and in layman’s terms. The German Amazon description writes:

The IPCC is sure: The climate warming is because of man. However, are the infamous climate gases really the primary driver of our climate? And why hasn’t it been getting warmer? Vahrenholt and Lüning have taken a close look at the various climate models during their research. They reach the conclusion that a part of the Earth’s warming of the last 150 years is because of a natural cycle that is predominantly controlled by the sun. The next decades are more likely to lead us to a slight cooling instead of a warming. This provides the time to rationally develop and expand renewable energy sources, and to carry out the energy transformation in an economically,
sensible and sustainable way.”

The book is up-to-date, and its content is well-researched – over 800 footnotes. Many of the cited sources are the most recent peer-reviewed scientific papers and findings. Also many of the well-known climate blogs and sites are cited as well. Some blogs are prominently featured, like Climate Audit, WUWT, and Real Climate. I had the privilege of reading the manuscript, so I’m familiar with the book’s content. I really wish I could spill more about it. The book concludes, paraphrasing:

 The IPCC is in error, the models are bogus, and the climate catastrophe is not coming. The climate debate has to be started anew.”

Die Kalte Sonne also features guest contributions by leading international scientists.

I think this book is surely going to change the minds of a lot of readers here in Germany, and hopefully lead to a new and rational discussion, which is so badly needed here. The authors make a powerfully convincing case that the science behind global warming alarmism is extremely shaky and dubious, and that the current, panicked energy transformation stampede cannot continue on its current path without something very painful happening.

The book also underscores that a transition to renewable energy source is essential and that we need to do it. But it has to be done rationally and in a sensible step-by-step approach. Only in this way will it be possible to make an energy transition that assures the needs of 9 billion people on our home planet are humanely met.

Why not order here and give a voucher for Christmas!

About the authors

Fritz Vahrenholt

Prof. Dr. Fritz Vahrenholt is a professor of chemistry at the University of Hamburg. He has been active in politics and renewable energy for 30 years. From 2001 to 2007 he was Chairman of the Board of wind turbine manufacturer REpower Systems, Since 2008 he has been the CEO of RWE Innogy, the renewable energies arm of German energy giant RWE. Vahrenholt was also a member of the council for Sustainable Development under Chancellors Gerhard Schroder and Angela Merkel.

Sebastian Lüning

Dr. Sebastian Lüning has a doctorate in geology and paleontology. He has been involved in the reconstructions of natural environmental changes for 20 years. He was a guest professor at the University of Vienna, and has received a number of awards for his studies and research. He is currently a geological expert for Africa for RWE Dea.

16 responses to “German Climate And Energy Experts To Publish Controversial New Book – Reject Alarmism, Call For Reopening The Debate”

  1. D Matteson

    Colonel Gaston Bell: Vahrenholt & Lüning refused a German surrender demand. You know what they said?

    Patton: What?

    Colonel Gaston Bell: “Die kalte Sonne, Warum die Klimakatastophe nicht stattfindet” (Nuts!)

    Patton: [laughing] Keep them moving, colonel. A man that eloquent has to be saved.

  2. ThomasJ

    Äusserst ‘Guetli’ – vielen Dank! 😀

    Mfg aus Schweden

  3. Bill Hummel

    I hope the book gets translated into English ASAP.

  4. DirkH

    Well. If there’s no problem with CO2-caused global warming, we could simply continue to import coal.,layoutVariant=Druckansicht.html

    Scroll down for a chart of EUR/GJ 1991-2009 for various energy imports. Coal (=Steinkohle) is the cheapest one and doesn’t get more expensive. (Unfortunately they don’t say whether it’s inflation-adjusted – it’s a government page, and bureaucrats don’t know the meaning of inflation-adjusted, obviously. Notice the shoddy quality – they photographed the chart… little wonder that these people fall for the “science” of Rahmstorf & Schellnhuber… guess you can sell them anything when you let your computer do the talking.)

  5. R. de Haan
  6. grayman

    Will it be available in english?

  7. Edward.

    Looks like a fantastic read Pierre:>)

  8. Pascvaks

    The way the EU has taken over everything the book will be banned on 1 January, and the authors tried and jailed for life by 1February, 2012. Oh yes, the publisher will also be tried and jailed for crimes against humanity, all his property confiscated, and all his workers fired and thrown into the street. In the EU it matters not what is true, it matters what is expedient and for the “good” of all. (That which is expedient and “good” is that which the EU Annointed say is expedient and “good”;-)

    1. DirkH

      Vahrenholt is smart. He didn’t touch the renewable energies dogma of the EU. What’s taboo is not CAGW, it’s renewables because that’s where the taxpayer money is embezzled.

  9. DirkH

    Interesting post on a Forbes blog that echoes Vahrenholt’s sentiment that we don’t have to rush introduction of renewables. Arguing that it’s cheaper to wait until one actually has a mature technology.

  10. DirkH

    Renewable energy in Africa. BBC’s future vision for Europe.

  11. biggreenlie

    Nice picture Dirk
    Isn’t this actually the U.N.’s vision for the whole world? We are just ” useless eaters” aren’t we?
    I wonder how Denmark feels about how they have been treated?

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  13. kim

    Tallbloke should market signed copies of this book.

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