Collective Mourning Hysteria Over Loss Of NK Great Leader Resembles Climate Hysteria

Today we have learned that a true champion and warrior in the fight against global warming and CO2 emissions has passed away, read, and see video here.

Kim Jong Il, The Great Climate Protection Leader Jr., died of a heart attack at the age of 69. No leader had done more in capping CO2 emissions, saving energy, and taking responsibility for rescuing the world climate than Kim Jong Il. See for yourself:

This North Korean society, led by the guiding hand of an all-knowing leader and class, is the perfect role model for true global warming activists. This is climate protection at its best. Has the IPCC put out a statement on the Great Climate Leader’s death?

James Hansen not long ago praised China‘s autocratic regime as a beacon of hope, for example. There, sustainable living could be decreed by law. No doubt Hansen, along with Gore, Schellnhuber, and their likes, are all deeply moved by North Korea’s exemplary social austerity, all benefiting the climate.

Hysterical collective mourning like hysterical climate fear in the west

When you get down to it, the propaganda methods used by North Korea to herd its people into a mass collective mourning are hardly different than those used by the extreme climate alarmists in herding people into climate fear today.

When I saw the images of people collectively weeping and sobbing hysterically in the Reuters report linked above or the clip that follows, it immediately reminded me of how collective hysteria has swept through the ill-informed – dis-informed – here in our society, people all drugged up with propaganda.

Isn’t the North Korean mourning hysteria eerily similar to the extreme weather hysteria we are witnessing today among the multitudes of kooks of our society today? The hysteria is in fact being fanned by the duped media, duped politicians, and leading “scientists”. When are people going to wake up from this trance?

Look at the kook warmists today – running around with carbon calculators, a copy of AIT at home, fretting about every gram of emitted CO2, worrying about the weather in 100 years, thinking every weather anomaly is caused by SUV-driving, changing their entire lifestyles thinking that it’ll render us nice weather.

My daughter today had to watch “The Day After Tomorrow” at the Gymnasium upper secondary school. The teacher thinks its real! Just like in North Korea. In a few months she’ll complete her A-levels and be out of that nuthouse.

In the meantime they have to be as dis-informed and nutty as those sobbing hysterically over the loss of a brutal tyrant.

UPDATE: Excellent documentary of life in Utopia.

16 responses to “Collective Mourning Hysteria Over Loss Of NK Great Leader Resembles Climate Hysteria”

  1. DirkH

    I wish your daughter the best luck with her A-Levels. My kid had them a year ago and is at the Uni now; luckily the draft was removed just in time. (Now, where do I teach him how to handle a gun… :-/ )

    1. Bernd Felsche

      But who is your daughter to believe? 😉

      Maybe the ting that kids need to learn most urgently is to check things for themselves. Especially the things that are important to their lives.

  2. Edward.

    North Korea, the land that time forgot.

    I hope, when ‘young un’ is ousted in the forthcoming [bloodless – with luck] coup, the people can at last be allowed to breathe and taste freedom, it has been too long, it’s time to re-unite Korea.

    Amazing night-time sat’ photo of NK juxtaposed with SK – remarkable contrast in city activity at night – is that what Britain could/ will look like in 10 years?

    No, I’m not joking.

    1. DirkH

      Green groups try to convince Eurocrats to withhold significant amount of carbon credits to lift up the Carbon credit price. Billions at stake (and our electricity supply, obviously). Dong Energy, Alstom, Vestas and Shell behind it, amongst others, and obviously the Greenshirts. Trying to directly influence the EU Kommissars.

      1. DirkH

        BBC has it as well.

        I think Shell is in there because they really fear a renaissance of cheap coal.

        1. Edward.

          From your link Dirk,

          “Currently the ETS, launched in 2005, sets pollution limits for more than 11,000 energy firms and carbon-intensive manufacturers. ”

          Is it any wonder that industrial output in ‘carbon intensive’ [aren’t they all?] manufacturing and company competitiveness is going through the floor when the EU stabs them in the back?
          The jobless totals keep rising and nobody in the Brussels champagne drinking factory [Berlaymont] gives a moment to ponder upon this great mystery – of rising job queues in their fantasy Europa: ‘land of milk and honey’?

          FFS, ‘suspension’ – is too good for them;<(

  3. DirkH

    CNN 2010. Didn’t know the media in the US were THAT far left.

  4. mwhite

    “Glimpses of real North Korean life behind the facade”

    A fifteen minute film. the greener future??????????

    1. DirkH

      A follow-up; interviews with defectors who made it to South Korea

  5. R. de Haan

    There is no resemblance at all.

    North Korea is tyranny and these people are forced grieving in this manner.

    Showing grief on command and the climate change doctrine however both are Instruments of tyranny, among others

    1. Ulrich Elkmann

      As for Grieving On Command: There is a lot of that – because if you don’t do it, people around you, both informers (about one ion five or four) and True Believers (everyone else) – will mark you down as a traitor. However, NK is not only a tyranny of the highest order, but also one of those completely autistic tyrannies where information about life outside the borders (and most of what goes on within them) has been reduced to a mere rumor for decades – compare China under Mao or Albania under Enver Hoxha. Reading the memoirs of people who had to endure life there, one is often struck by the genuine grief and utter hopelessness experienced by people when they learned about the death of The Great Leader, Mao as well as Stalin, even by prisoners in the GULag (in a way, it’s the ultimate Stockholm Syndrome).

      1. Ulrich Elkmann
      2. DirkH

        Ulrich and Pierre are right, the hysteria about the climate in W Europe and the hysteria about the death of a tyrant in N Korea ARE similar – in both cases there are True Believers who have never in their lives gotten information from outside their believe systems. In the case of North Korea, they really do believe that the Kims are god-like beings; in the case of W Germany, they really do believe that the planet is heating up (even though Germany does not – talk about your own lying eyes) – in both cases the media have shielded the believers from conflicting points of view.

        Also, in both cases, there ARE a lot of skeptics/indifferent ones in the population but are largely invisible.

  6. mindert eiting

    Well, Pierre, ever seen teenage girls, hysterically sobbing at a pop concert? The problem with tyrants is that if one is dead, the next one is ready to take in his place.

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