Germany’s War On Skeptics 1: Greenpeace-Germany Labels Vahrenholt “The Ice-Cold Denier”

We always knew they were going to get nasty – really nasty. That’s because we are truly dealing with intolerant zealots here who react viciously and emotionally when their religion comes under fire. Their latest reaction is proof enough.

It’s enough to make any normal person sick. These Greenpeace fanatics are losing it.

We saw it with the TAZ in their recent headline “Skeptics are like viruses“.

Now Greenpeace has declared war on Fritz Vahrenholt and Sebastian Lüning. Why? Because they chose to exercise their democratic right to free speech and to do what good science involves: practice a little scrutiny, and to get a dialog going – a dialogue that activists have been trying to shut down for years.

But for Greenpeace, no one has any business questioning global warming science or delivering good news like: the climate catastrophe is not coming. Greenpeace insists that a catastrophe is coming, and it intends to make sure no one threatens that prospect. They misrepresent any data that shows to the contrary. Greenpeace thinks everyone needs to remain in fear, if not of climate change, then of Greenpeace itself. No one must begin to doubt.

Greenpeace latest, highly emotional report released today is titled:

Fritz Vahrenholt: Der eiskalte Leugner

Fritz Vahrenholt: The Ice Cold Denier

In it Greenpeace claims that all the science in “Die kalte Sonne” is already debunked, cites their friend and ally Gavin Schmidt, and then tells everyone that the science is settled and that we should just believe them. Then GP portrays Vahrenholt as some kind of callous carbon monster who doesn’t care about people. Near the end GP writes:

As already today millions of people are dying or losing their homes because of increasing weather extremes, his cancellation of the ‘climate catastrophe’ comes across as being spiteful to humans.”

Ice cold denier? Millions dying? Welcome to the tolerant green Germany.

12 thoughts on “Germany’s War On Skeptics 1: Greenpeace-Germany Labels Vahrenholt “The Ice-Cold Denier””

  1. Greenpeace writes “Da schon heute alljährlich Millionen Menschen durch die zunehmenden Wetterextreme sterben oder ihre Heimat verlieren,…”
    “As already today millions of people die or lose their homes through increasing weather extremes…”

    Compare alarmism vintage 1988:
    Stopping the coming ice age
    “amazing increases in rainfall, Flooding”
    (BTW, in this old alarmist film it is postulated that CO2-induced Global Warming causes more clouds, and this leads to a cooling and then to glaciation. Alarmists are flexible insofar as they can construct many doomsday scenarios via arbitrary causal chains. The big problem for alarmists is of course finding a construction that sells plenty of books and brings lots of funding, or in the case of Greenpeace, enables mass mobilization and political meddling. Greenpeace probably has some office buildings full of young unpaid idealists who run through all possible scare scenarios and test them with focus groups.)

  2. Even Paul Ehrlich had the grace to put his “dying millions” some years into the future in The Population Bomb. However, if one compares the Green Peas antics with the official lines from certain parties after June, 1989, one might find some parallels.

  3. The funny thing is, if you follow the greenpeace article, you will find a graph by Gavin Schmidt, depicting the temperature anomaly forecast, based on temperature data prior to the year 2000. The latest six years (2006-2011) were all below the predicted temperature. If the predicted temperature anomaly is correct, it is very unlikely that the measured temperature misses the predicted mean value six times in a row. (The probability is 0.547%, regarding a time series of 11 years.) We should all store the graph and see if hind- and forecast change in the next years…

  4. “Frozen to death as fuel bills soar: Hypothermia cases among the elderly double in five years”

    “The number of pensioners dying from hypothermia has nearly doubled in five years, a period when a succession of cold winters has been coupled with drastic rises in energy bills.”

    High energy bills? Got to pay for the renewables somehow.

  5. I read Greenpieces statement as much as a threat to their followers to keep in step, follow the line, as much as an attack upon Vahrenholt – previously a saint of the greenie movement. “The guy has gone crazy heretical. Do not listen to his siren message or you, too, will be faced with this treatment.”

  6. Anyone else but me hearing the sound of leather boots marching? I find Greenpeace annoying most of the time. Greenpeace Germany really scares me.

    1. Not just the boots. They started to smash windows.

      I can’t understand how Greenpeace can be tolerated at all by grown-up people who prefer to do their own thinking; and not have every aspect of their lives dictated to them by delusional misanthropes.

      Greenpeace’s “call to arms” is disturbing but not surprising. The feckless dreamers have taken charge while the apathetic majority are absorbed and distracted by trivia. Greenpeace (and associates) will do *anything* to hold onto power. They have institutionalised psychopathy under the banner of “saving the planet”. That is their “just” cause.

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