Coral Reef Growth Found To Be In Snyc With The Sun – Yet IPCC Ignores Sun Even More!

The warmists keep insisting that it’s CO2 and that the sun is not playing a role in our climate today. According to them, the sun has been on strike and stopped playing a role since mankind started its sinful use of CO2.

Yet another study is out and shows that the warmists are off in Cuckooland with their CO2 science.

Die kalte Sonne website brings our attention to a paper by Nozomu Hamanakaa, Hironobu Kana, Yusuke Yokoyamad, Takehiro Okamotoc, Yosuke Nakashimag and Toshio Kawanah of Okayama University titled:
Disturbances with hiatuses in high-latitude coral reef growth during the Holocene: Correlation with millennial-scale global climate change, where an ancient coral reef was studied.

The study was published in the journal Global and Planetary Change in January 2012.

A 6000-year old coral reef on the Japanese island of Kodakara, which was exposed during street construction works, was studied in great detail and reporesents a valuable climate archive of the last several thousand years. The reef was lifted over the surface of the water by tectonic action two and half thousand years ago.

Field observations and coral radiocarbon dating of excavated trench walls of the uplifted middle-to-late Holocene coral reef on Kodakara Island show evidence of the existence of disturbances with hiatuses in coral reef growth and coral composition differences before and after the disturbances. The scientists found three disconformities in the reef occurred at approximately 5.9 to 5.8, 4.4 to 4.0, and 3.3 to 3.2 cal yr B.P.

The abstract also writes (emphasis added):

The coral composition clearly changed before and after the disturbances, with gradually reduced diversity resulting in a reef dominated by acroporiid coral. These data led to the hypothesis that coral reef growth was interrupted by suborbital millennial-scale global climate change induced by persistent solar activity during the Holocene in high-latitude coral reefs, such as those in the Northwest Pacific, leading to low diversity in the reefs that experienced each disturbance. Our results may provide new insights into theories of past and future coral reef formation worldwide.

As recent studies have shown, the new study shows that climate changes occurred globally and cyclicly – in sync with the 1000-year solar cycles. Die kalte Sonne writes:

The scientists found by comparison with other studies that the coral die-off events occurred in times when the current weakened and the ocean apparently cooled off because of the cold Asian winter monsoons, and did so to the point that the corals could no longer live. Interesting is the fact that the cooling phases were synchronous with solar activity minima, the solar quiet periods of the combined Hallstatt and Eddy cycles (see Chapter 3 in “Die kalte Sonne“).”

Once again the claims made in the skeptic book “Die kalte Sonne” are reinforced. Critics are left standing there without an explanation. The results of the Japanese study also add yet more evidence that cooling periods are global, and not just isolated local events. Die kalte Sonne summarizes:

One has to be permitted to ask in what magical way the sun was able to have this enormous impact on the climate. When one believes the claims made by the last IPCC report, then this in fact has to be a miracle. According to the IPCC, the climatic impact of the known solar cycles is ‘negligible’ and is only a couple of tenths of a degree, which is in stark contradiction to the real geological findings from various regions all over the globe. Now that the IPCC is just working on its latest report, don’t you think they would correct this obvious error? You guessed wrong! As we have learned, the IPCC has reduced the sun’s impact on climate even more.

They can try of course. But as the science mounts with every passing study, the dogmatic warmists are going to look more and more like the lone fool at the town square that everyone ignores.


6 responses to “Coral Reef Growth Found To Be In Snyc With The Sun – Yet IPCC Ignores Sun Even More!”

  1. DirkH

    The reefs died during the cold times? Now, what a surprise…

  2. DirkH

    New paper claims climatic variations caused by Ozone; which in turn is controlled by galactic cosmic rays.

  3. DirkH

    Dumb-as-a-box-of-bricks Grist author converts scientist’s statement from 2 deg C warming to 36 F warming…

    1. Josh

      “Dumb-as-a-box-of-bricks” is nicely put. I read an intriguing entry to an edition of 21st century science and technology which suggests that warming of the oceans are caused not by negligble human-made emissions, but by volcanic activity at the floors of the oceans. What is your take on that? I also read that coral reefs are much more resilient than ‘green’ (whatever that means) groups would have us believe.

      1. DirkH

        Volcanoes: I don’t know – Ian Plimer says it’s significant. Many more undersea volcanoes get discovered than expected. But I doubt it. Too much thermal mass in the oceans.

        Coral reefs: They expel their algae and reload different algae when conditions change; that’s a bleaching event. In the Red Sea corals thrive at 29 deg C water temperature. They like it warm. Deep sea corals in the North Sea like it cold. Extremely versatile genus. Practically indestructible.

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