Environmentalists Take Aim At “Senseless Surfing In The Internet” By Bored People!

Steffen Hentrich here brings our attention to a report appearing in the Austrian pressetext titled: Senseless Surfing in the Internet Is Destroying The Environment“.

If the entire Internet were a country, it would be the 5th largest consumer of electricity globally, moaned Claudia Sprinz, super-nag of Greenpeace Austria. And that figure, she claims, will triple by the year 2020. A huge consumption of resources is taking place out of pure boredom, Sprinz says. Youtube videos of cats, wondering aimlessly through the web or searching for worthless information that is forgotten three minutes later. This behavior is destroying the environment, she frets.

Sprinz says that people should go out for a walk in the park if they’re bored.

Just a single search for Chuck Norris causes as much CO2 as a car travelling 7.5 cm. 15,000 Google-searches for “funny cats” generate as much CO2 as producing a cheeseburger. Google alone produces 260,000 kilograms of CO2 per month. Every spam generates 0.3 grams of CO2.

Sprinz has a complete accounting of human violations against the climate and environment, modus operandi: Internet. Did you know that the 62 billion spam mails sent annually are equivalent to 1.6 million cars travelling around the globe?

Sprinz also says that people need to be made aware that surfing in the Internet consumes energy and that we have to use the technology more responsibly. Sprinz says:

For starters, it would be enough for the user to assure the result justifies a burden on the environment before making an Internet query.”

So here’s the message we should expect to see before hitting the “Search” button in the future:

Are you really sure you want to search for this and destroy the environment?”

Better yet, Internet users should just be forced to apply for search permits from the Ministry of Environmentally Sustainable Internet Use.

So get off the web, readers! You’re destroying the planet.

I really wonder if these granola-eaters have a brain in their heads. What’s next? Reprimanding people for aimlessly browsing at the public library because they needed transportation to get there and lights for illumination?


47 thoughts on “Environmentalists Take Aim At “Senseless Surfing In The Internet” By Bored People!”

  1. Maybe Greenpeace feels that their carefully groomed media dominance rapidly becomes a worthless asset as people drop off the newschannels.

  2. @DirkH
    Yes, for sure you are right.

    At the same time, I think there is a bordeom factor because it has become so obvious that the MSM ignores most of the interesting happenings in the world, and promotes ad-nauseam anything that promotes their own philosophy. Even the attitude of interviewers who are supposed to be neutral are clearly biased and not interested in another’s point of view, only to extract what they can to support their own made up mind that they want to force down our throats.

    The trouble is that without this media control, the people cannot be controlled. Sooner or later the freedom of speech we have on the internet will have to be stopped.

    1. Impossible. It’s too simple to set up hidden communication channels once you have digital networks.
      “The Xerox machines in Russia
      Were as closely guarded
      As the missile sites.”

  3. What this whacked out “granola eating buzzard” doesn’t mention that WE pay hard earned $$$$ for the amount of energy WE use to search out idiotic statements by people such as her from Greenpeace and she should just STFU!

  4. And just how did Sprinz communicate her message to the broad public? Via the Internet. How does she think the public will read her message? Via Internet and Google search. How did she collect the figures about how much energy a Google search will consume? Via Internet.

    Her message :”Do what I say, not what I do …”

    1. The hypocrisy of the Greens is a joke. I just Googled for “Greenpeace” and got 11,400,000 hits. It’s even funnier that they don’t see laughable they are.

  5. Greenpeace should make the first move and remove all their various websites/indoctriation from the internet. The amount of Co2 wasted by people typing greenpiss in search every month could save Tuvalu from 20 meters of sea level rise. *

    *based on my own computer model.

  6. Pfff. Easy to refute on a purely factual level: How many tons of paper, printed, written, scribbled upon, are not used, printed, moved around, trashed, wrapped around fish, etc, without the concomitant overhead Carbon Foot coming down?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rutX0I6NxU (at 00:41)

    But of course “evil idle people are wrecking the world” sounds so much better than “if only we could take their source of communication away and put them all into work brigades”. Someone should remind Sprinz that the Socialist Politically Correct Term for such unsocial elements used to be “parasites”.

    1. Ulrich, you overlook the fact that paper is an excellent carbon storage. The safest and simplest way to sequester as much carbon as we like is to print out all web pages – or buy newspapers – and store them in huge libraries, and build as many asphalted streets as possible.

      I don’t know if Fräulein Sprinz has already run the numbers but this should more than offset the CO2 emissions created by producing paper and asphalt.

  7. She moans about people searching the internet, yet keeps a “suchen” box on her site. Smart lady.

    1. For readers not familiar with German, “suchen” is the German verb for “search”.

  8. The insanity of the left knows no bounds. It boils down to one stupid claim after another.

  9. I have come to the conclusion that all the people who are lefties are just downright frustrated in every other aspect of their lives. I could suggest a very simple remedy for them to use but I am far too polite and this website is not the place to make such suggestions.

    1. My communist landlord in Hamburg was pretty frustrated about the constant failures of all communist regimes. When I brought that up he started shouting at me. Mind you, it was always him who started the politics talk, being a member of the German Die Linke; I never wanted to wind him up.

  10. If all 7 billion people did 50 internet searches every day they would use about 13,600 barrels of oil equivalent or about .0002% of daily oil consumption. Oh my! Says Dorothy.

  11. It is difficult to understand why someone would issue such a complaint unless they were desperate for their contracted 400 words that day and had exhausted their intellectual repository of useful thought.

    Individually, these Suzuki-like whines are frittering of the excessively earnest. Collectively, they are an expression of the anti-technological, Rousseau-esk poli-sci liberal naif. Would the world not be best served if we granted the Utopian dreamers their own paradise – Madagascar comes to mind – and suggested they lead by example? With their lack of electricity, we’d be spared their nonsense on the internet (ironic, eh?), TV and radio. And after the vagaries of weather, predation and disease, we’d be spared the nonsense of …. them.

  12. – This would be a completely different Green Peace to the one that just paid for a Guardian journalist to fly to West Africa so they could indoctrinate him about their project there. (as GreenCease tells ushere on it’s blog
    – and the GreenPeace that no doubt will be flying lots of activists to Rio +20
    – No matter how it spends it’s $300m/year it can’t avoid generating a lot of CO2 with it.
    – Does Rainbow warrior have sails ?

  13. They want us off the Internet because that’s where we can discover all their lies for what they are. They’d prefer a world where we sat and sucked up all the bullshit the MSM fed us so they could promote their own self interests, and the planet is way down that list.

  14. How much CO2 does an unnecessary walk in the park produce?

    There is energy consumed in them there steps. How much CO2 is produced in building and maintaining traditional libraries in every city and sizable village?

    Loved the Supernag title. A double entendre of some refinement.

  15. moaned Claudia Sprinz, super-nag of Greenpeace Austria.

    “Moaned”? Hmm…………………………….. ease of the juice there baby!

    What Frau Claudia, really means [lets face it, you have to read between the lines with these green-goons] – is that it’s OK and just dandy when alarmists and the public are searching for and reading alarmists sites and propaganda /Nature/IPCC reports =A1++ good!

    But, it’s not OK when you are actually using your computers; to legitimately rubbish the p**s poor science, pillory, criticise and villify us loony-tune eco-amazons = D– and bad

    – I mean its just not fair and I’ll stamp and I’ll skweem and skweem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. A new topic for the alarmists: Milk is, opposed to the experience of the last 13,000 years, not healthy but harms humans.

    The vegans are cooking up a storm in a teacup because the NDR (public TV) canceled broadcasting of this film – “Die Milchlüge” – the Milk Lie.

    The theory is that Big Milk has brainwashed people into believing milk were healthy. And pressured the poor ninnies at the NDR into cancelling the broadcast.

    So, you ask, where do the vegans get this idea from? Simple. The observational studies in the US – the big nurses study – have been data-mined and it was found that with rising milk consumption the risk of prostate cancer in men rises by up to 30%. And that’s one of the most frequent cancers in men!

    That means : Book sales!

    wmbriggs would be all over this.

    1. This comment I found about Linkola offers some connections:
      Quacksilver Reply:
      September 20th, 2010 at 11:26 am
      The irony here is that Linkola himself has diabetes making him “unfit to live” according to his own standards.
      But he’s been at it for decades already – so, it’s not really news as such – however, the fact that he mentions
      the Finnish Stalinists (aka Taistoists)
      there is interesting.
      Satu Hassi – en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satu_Hassi – “used to be” one of them – but she then became a key figure
      in the Green Party here in Finland and even
      the “Minister of Environment and Development Co-Operation”.
      Currently she is a member of the EU parliament and a member of the Board of Directors of the Worldwatch Institute, which BTW was founded with seedmoney
      from the Rockefellers…
      So, if you’d ask me – I’d say it’s Hassi – the she-wolf in the sheep’s clothes – who’s the more dangerous one of the two.

  17. “62 billion spam mails sent annually”

    OK, Ms Sprinz – why not DO something about a substantial waste of energy and everybody’s time. When (and ONLY when) you have obliterated this torrent of crap, I might be a little more inclined to take some notice of your pathetic whining…

    Just think – it would have the secondary benefit of speeding up my searches for piano playing cats!

  18. …and Ms Sprinz breathing produces more Gas that all the above combined !

    Absolute twaddle. Who are these people? What is this utter guff they spout?

    Let’s “waste” an inordinate amount of CO2, by viewing these important videos at the Website of The Fraudulent Climate of Hokum Science, where hundreds of feature length videos have been collected from disparate sources. Esoteric, Arcane, and absolutely vital, if you are to understand just how and why these CO2 boondoggles arose in the first place.

    The entire “climate change” buncombe is about eugenics, and population control. You are all “cannon fodder which unfortunately inhabit The Earth”, according to the Rothschilds. You need to see the videos on Video Wall #8, and Video Wall #11 especially, at the Fraudulent Climate of Hokum Science Website linked to the Name “Axel” above. These are the most important videos, but also see Video Wall #4 for Huxleyan & Orwellian ideas and videos, and the special Zbigniew Brzezinski & Henry Kissinger Page, which is dedicated to the shenanigans of that pair and their cronies. Hundreds of full length relevant videos collected from disparate sources

    Climate Change ? – yes the climate of the Earth changes naturally, but the climate of finagling banksters and corrupt politics doesn’t change much. It’s UP TO YOU to change that. What will you do ?

  19. Does the irony never strike these enviros?! How much energy was wasted on this stupid report telling the masses how much energy they waste?

  20. The more comments that get added to this post make it bigger and increase the environmental cost of reading the post. I call for a vote to decide if we should stop adding new comments or if we should move the discussion to a Greenpeace blog.

    Aye! :-)

      1. No, first we must elect a “steering committee” to determine our precise agenda, and then after agreement with the “appointments committee” we shall determine the best schedule of timings, so that the “non-exectuve remunerations committee” can decide which funds to first apply for and from which governmental, and non-governmental organisations to solicit. Then and only then will we be in a position to consider this proposal….. err what was the question again?

  21. And how many miles of travelling are saved each year via “Working from Home”?
    How many face to face meetings are now carried out via Video Conferencing?
    How many letters are no longer delivered, as you can do your banking online and receive bills by email.
    How much better are we informed about every aspect of our lives. Checking on Street View so that we can drive straight there without ever being lost.

    All enabled by what exactly?

    The Internet – possibly the most “Green” invention yet.

    If you would like another great use for the Internet. Check out http://www.worldcommunitygrid.org and find out just how useful this dreadful thing, the Internet, can be.


    1. Good examples.
      And how much energy and trees get saved by the MSM not producing newspapers because the news can now be read in the internet? It just goes to show how far these idiots can think.

      1. For the average German, informed by quality MSM, Street View is a Tool of Evil, a horrid invasion of privacy, the Yankee version (so doubleplus ungood) of Big Brother, second only to fast food chains, or GM food, or atomic power, or shale gas: take your pick…Luckily, quite a number of German communities woke up in time to ban it. (They did not manage to ban talking a walk in a neighborhood that’s Not Yours and taking a look around; one suspects that some citizens with, hmm, devout leanings are working on that.)

        And just a question for the Strunzian specialists: does “aimless googling”, i.e. increased packet traffic on the Internets, even increase electricity consumption? After all, the lines have to be up and running; more data packets mean just more information imprinted, as it were, on a carrier wave that must be put on the wires. Most of the power consumed by your PC, anyway, is used for the cooling, the monitor, the disk drive, and the CPU running idly…

      2. What about lost jobs and impoverished communities in forestry, and in the paper industries? You see it’s not so simple, this macro-economics.

        1. See theory of free market as creative destroyer; replacement of jobs with better jobs that create a higher value per unit of consumed raw material, see Julian Simon, Hayek, Schumpeter. All of this has been known for decades but unknown to people like Obama who keep propping up failing industries. Or Hollande, or the Greek with their largely state-owned economy…

    2. Normal dematerialization of the economy as suggested by Julian Simon in The Ultimate Resource.

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