Meteorologist Dr. Wolfgang Thüne Calls Potsdam Institute’s Science “Pure Voodoo Magic For Spreading Fear Among The Public”

Dr. Wolfgand Thüne

As the science of the warmists gets exposed as woefully inadequate, slipshod and flawed, all they can do now is give each other awards in pompous ceremonies in an effort to generate a (fake) sense of achievement and contribution. They’ve been reduced to a pretend world.

One example is the Technical University of Berlin recently awarding Prof. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber an honorary doctorate. Schellnhuber is Director of the infamously über-alarmist Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) and is chairman of the WBGU Advisory Council.

Last year Schellnhuber and his WBGU published a “masterplan” calling for the dilution of democracy worldwide and forcing societies to take up a highly restricted “sustainable path” that would keep the planet from reaching his nine mathematically concocted “dangerous tipping points”. In it he advocates indoctrination and “changes in awareness”.

Schellnhuber even once publicly stated that 1 billion people would be the ideal human population for the planet, which would be like eliminating all the world’s people except China and letting them have it all to themselves.

Schellnhuber, however, having clearly drifted from science to radical policy formulation and advising, is coming under increasing fire from number of scientists and critics.

For example, Dr. Wolfgang Thüne, a retired German meteorologist and member of the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) commented yesterday on Schellnhuber’s honorary doctorate:

That Professor Dr. Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber, the inventer of the “tipping elements”, is now being celebrated and awarded an honorary doctorate is amazing. But what’s even more amazing is that he received this from the TU Berlin for his ‘outstanding scientific achievements in the fields of climate impact research and policy counselling’. Did the TU Berlin, in its addiction to political attention, even stop to consider just how much it is damaging its excellent reputation among the professional world?

The climate science by Schellnhuber & Co. is pure voodoo-magic spreading fear among the public and reaching big time into the pockets of taxpayers.

The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) is senselessly wasting the money of taxpayers. ‘Climate protection’ is a scientific swindle because the weather is not something that can be protected.”

Thüne even demands that the PIK be shut down immediately.

That would be a small but effective step in preventing the national debt from getting out of control.“

Dr. Wolfgang Thüne is a certified meteorologist, who for years was a meteorology expert for ZDF television, and has written about the falsifiications and fraud surrounding the UN IPCC. He is the author of numerous books. His latest work is: “Prophets in the Struggle for the Climate Throne. How primal fear is used in the struggle for money and power.”

The latest German skeptic book exposes junk climate science and shady climate politics.


8 responses to “Meteorologist Dr. Wolfgang Thüne Calls Potsdam Institute’s Science “Pure Voodoo Magic For Spreading Fear Among The Public””

  1. thebiggreenlie

    People like Prof. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber would have been much more successful if he had gone to work back in the 1930’s for that wee little man who I won’t even name out of reverence for all freedom loving people in Germany!
    He is a shameful individual who is calling for the elimination of billions of humans.
    This 21st century planet has no place for these type of individuals!

    1. DirkH

      You know, I was talking to a friend the other day.

      And that friend happened to be a warmist.

      So I said, “Listen, you can reduce your meat consumption all you want, stop driving a car, squander your money on an electric noddy-car; thank you, I’ll have nothing of that, I’ll just let you fry in your anxiety and continue with my life.”

      And he smiled and said nothing.

      Because, you know , he never intended to reduce HIS consumption. In fact, he owns three cars and one plane and has a voracious appetite, and a taste for expensive meat.

      He wants laws that force people like me to reduce mine.

      1. Mindert Eiting

        It’s the same with my green friends. They are nice people but travel in airplanes two or three times a year from here to Indonesia. They have no idea that this consumes the energy of decades fuelling their house holds. People can manage to have completely isolated systems of thought and behaviour.

  2. John Marshall

    The perpetuation of this fraud is so that governments can introduce laws to regulate and control their populations. It is all about power, more for them, less for us. Most politicians would not recognize a piece of science if it bit them on the bum neither do any of them understand the various arguments but always bow to the ‘authority’ of the IPCC.

  3. Mervyn

    “‘Climate protection’ is a scientific swindle because the weather is not something that can be protected.” – Meteorologist Dr. Wolfgang Thüne.

    Congratulations… the best ever quote in relation to the catastrophic man-made global warming con!

  4. Gator

    Al Gore has six honorary doctorates, and a Nobel Prize, yet flunked out of divinity school and received a ‘D’ in Natutal Sciences at Harvard. And how does a white man get into Harvard with a ‘C’ average?

    “Hey dad!”

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