EU Parliamentarian Calls Germany’s Energy Policy “Senseless…Will Cost €2.3 Trillion To Reduce Temperature 0.003°C”

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) provides a statement on the senselessness of renewable energy in Germany and features a video by skeptic EU Parliamentarian Herbert Reul (Germany).

EU Parliamentarian Herbert Reul of Germany’s conservative CDU Party has produced a video about energy policy in Germany and put it up at Youtube and the Internet. His primary message: The isolated energy policy of the German government will cost Germans €2.3 trillion €. In numbers that’s €2,300,000,000,000. And for what? To brake a computer-simulated increase in global temperature a whole 0.003 °C. It is claimed that it serves to ‘protect the climate’.

That some German Parliamentarians are finally beginning to address the failed and destructive German energy policy is very welcome. However, they’re are few in number. We suppose that there is a lack of courage and knowledge among them to articulate themselves to the mainstream ideologues of the eco-industrial complex. Perhaps a video is the right approach to take for now.

As European Parliamentarian Holger Krahmer reported at the Climate Conference of the Free Democrat Party (FDP) of Saxony on 30 June 2012, the European Parliament recently took up the the proposals of the Commission and ratified the so-called Energy Efficiency Directivese (also see here). In it there’s very little about energy efficiency, but much more about rationing energy. The directives obligate member countries to make sure that energy providers sell their customers 1.5% less energy every year. Thus energy shall be – with no need to do so – rationed.

That’s a scandal of the first order and a socialistic assault on the free market economy that will have far-reaching repercussions. Even “if all of Germany switched off all its power overnight, hardly anyone would notice globally, said Krahmer. And Professor Bodo Sturm of the HTWK Leipzig confirmed in his presentation at this conference: ‘Germany’s total share of global emissions of greenhouse gases is less than 3%. That alone shows how senseless many mini-actions for reducing CO2 are in Germany, for example the symbolic turning off of lights for one hour.'”

by Michael Limburg
European Institute for Climate and Energy

And here’s the video of Parliamentarian Herbert Reul:

The main points:

0:25: Energy policy in Germany is driven solely by climate – cost has been thrown overboard.

0.50: Go-it-alone policy would be irresponsible. A large consulting company concluded: “Going-it-alone will cost Germany €2,300,000,000,000.00 (2.3 trillion euros).

1.30: Wind energy costs an enormous sum of money and its supply is unreliable. The massive infrastructure for delivering it to markets just isn’t there.

2.20: Just the solar systems installed through 2010 are going to cost Germans 80 – 100 billion euros.

3.00: Renewable energies need generation systems, transmission infrastructure and back-up systems. It’s going to be extremely expensive, so expensive that a significant part of the citizenry is not going to be able to afford it and industry is going to leave.

4.00: It’s going to cost hundreds of thousands of jobs. People claim that renewable energies will create 300,000 jobs, but it’s also going to cost billions and over a million traditional jobs.

4.50: Renewable energies are a major assault on the environment and wildlife.

5.20: The supply of fossil fuels is vastly larger than what we once believed. Coal for 300 years…America shale gas is revolutionizing the energy market. Spreading fear that energy is running out is pure nonsense.

6.00: The solution is a mix of energy sources. Energy politics must be honest and informed.

Unfortunately Herbert Reul is only one of very few within the German conservative CDU party. But he at least represents a start.


8 responses to “EU Parliamentarian Calls Germany’s Energy Policy “Senseless…Will Cost €2.3 Trillion To Reduce Temperature 0.003°C””

  1. DirkH

    All is not well in the kingdom of the seven green parties. After extra taxes from the nuclear sector did not materialize, it was decided that sustainability largess pork projects would be financed with the profits from selling CO2 certificates. The implosion of the Eurozone economies and the collapsing price of the certificates now make the Green CDU frantically search for new thievish plots.

    The EU parliament, a collusion of Green parties from various EU countries, suggests to seriously reduce the number of certificates to make the scheme profitable again. Eurocalypse Now!

  2. DirkH

    Great video; very nice to hear that not all CDU pols are crazy. I sent him a support e-mail, his Euro parliament e-mail address is here:

    Here’s an interview with Robert Zubrin, author of the book Merchants Of Despair.
    He describes how the modern alarmism is connected to the old population control movement.

    1. GregO

      Yes, the video was well done and Herbert Reul is taking a good tack for a politician – if you want to save the world by eliminating conventional energy sources and replacing with wind and solar it is going to hurt your pocketbook and employment prospects. Many people will be financially destroyed.

      Oh, and after all that, you will have saved no one.

      If German people really want to cut CO2 – frak that gas and go nuclear. United States has been cutting CO2 simply by substituing gas for coal for energy production. Our current government has not helped at all as practically all frakking has been done on private land – we can still do that here!

  3. Mindert Eiting

    “Unfortunately Herbert Reul is only one of very few within the German conservative CDU party”. I doubt it because it is difficult to believe that he has gone wild. This may be the new party line.

  4. Pascvaks

    Nothing makes more sense to some people than driving full speed around a turn, down a hill, off a cliff, and into a sleepy little village if they’re going to be blamed for failing to achieve what they set out to achieve. I guess they think it’s better they go down in history for the ‘Greatness’ of their final moment, and not for the pathetic sum of their life’s work. It does seem to crop up in Germany more often than anywhere else. Wasn’t there a chap in Berlin some years ago; took the whole country with him? Must be something in the water. I can vouch for the beer and wine, it has to be the water.

    1. DirkH
  5. CDU Europarlementariër Herbert Reul wordt reëel

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