Data From Leading IPCC Scientists Show Global Temps Have DROPPED Unprecendented 1°C Since 1990!

If you ask renowned IPCC scientists what the mean global temperature is today, they tell you it’s 14.5°C.

And if you ask them what it was 20 years ago, you would expect the answer to be about 14°C. Surprisingly, their literature from 20 years ago tell us unanimously that in 1990 the global temperature was 15.5°C, one degree Celsius more than today. Look at their own charts below!

The charts that follow are from a compliation made by Rainer Hoffmann of


1991: Here is a German government chart, based on Schönwiese. Global temperature in 1991: 15.5°C

1988: Der Spiegel reported a global mean temperature of 15.5°C:

1992: Christian-Dietrich Schönwiese in his book Klima Im Wandel on pages 72 and 73: Global temperature computed from satellite measurements was 15.5°C.


Rainer Hoffmann presents other sources from the early 1990s confirming the 15.5°C mean global temperature 20 years ago. Back then 15.5°C appeared to be the consensus among the scientific community.


Now 20 years later in 2012. The IPCC scientists are telling us that the current mean global temperature is 14.5°C. One degree celsius less. Why the downgrade?

In 2012 IPCC honchos Hans-Joachim Schellhuber and Stefan Rahmstorf in their recent 7th edition book Der Klimawandel (see the next chart below) cite Hadley, saying today the global average temperature is 14.5°C. That’s a whole degree less!

Mojib Latif on March, 20, 2012 at his presentation in Hamburg confirmed the current global mean temperature of 14.5°C.

The IPCC’s 4th Assessment report of 2007 also used the 14.5° figure for the mean global temperature.


At that rate of colling, 15.5° in 1990 to 14.5° in 2010, we’ll be deep into an ice age by the end of the century.

How can we be having global warming when the temperature went from 15.5°C in the early 1990s to only 14.5°C today? Are climate scientists just throwing out numbers?

How much are 14.5 – 15.5? The answer is -1.0. But the IPCC is telling us it’s +0.5.

These numbers prove that there’s something arbitrary, fishy and fraudulent about the climate data being fed to the public today. It means nobody really has a clue what the global temperature really is.

More on this here.


24 responses to “Data From Leading IPCC Scientists Show Global Temps Have DROPPED Unprecendented 1°C Since 1990!”

  1. Walter Schneider

    Good article, but you may wish to fix a coupe of typos:

    “The charts that follow are from a compliation made by Rainer Hoffmann of” (“compliation” should be “compilation”)

    “At that rate of colling, 15.5° in 1990 to 14.5° in 2010,…” (“colling” should be “cooling”)

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    […] How much are 14.5 – 15.5? The answer is -1.0. But the IPCC is telling us it’s +0.5. […]

  3. Ed Caryl

    They have never known the average temperature of the earth. Notice that they have cooled those past periods by 0.5 degrees. That’s why they use anomalies. This lets them hide all the adjustments, and supposedly, they can measure temperature differences more accurately. This in the face of UWI, land use changes, road and parking lot paving, air conditioner installation, etc, etc. if you believe all that, I have beach-front land in New Mexico for sale.

  4. DirkH

    Everything but satellites must suffer total quality loss through massive violation of the Nyquist / Shannon theorem when it comes to determine a real average temperature.

    Satellites have other issues: Reliance on a single sensor per satellite, possible problems during switchover periods to another satellite, reliance on a tomography algorithm to try to determine temperatures of specific atmospheric heights (Making assumptions in the algorithm itself), no ability to detect real surface temperature.

    I trust the satellites more but the issues must be considered.

  5. lemiere jacques

    just ask someone how he calculates this global temperature…you will have no response. how they deal with altitude for instance?
    In fact it is meaningless, what they do is: first ,they assume that the warming signal is the same everywhere….( even when you can’t see it!) then ,you average the temperature way you want …as long you can pretend tracking anomaly.
    there should not be an absolute vertical axis with temperature but anomaly .

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  7. Nonoy Oplas

    Great job Pierre, I like this.

  8. Benjamin Franz

    Or not.

    1. DirkH

      That just adds to the confusion. Do I hear a 14 ? Or maybe a 16 ? Anybody?
      Who cares? The warmists surely don’t. The only number they’re interested in is the one on their bank account.

    2. Stan B

      SCALED and ALIGNED using 1990….however, they don’t tell you which lines were scaled, and which were aligned…..

      1. Benjamin Franz

        I scaled the 1990 IPCC graph so that the -0.4C to +0.4C vertical range was the same number of pixels tall as the 2007 IPCC graph -0.4C to +0.4C vertical range and so that the decades were the same number of pixels wide (which, to be specific, involved scaling the 1990 image by 0.712 vertically and 0.762 horizontally from my original screenshot). I then aligned the two images so that the data point for year 1989/1990 for both were vertically and horizontally matched for both images.

        That’s all I did.

        1. DirkH


        2. DirkH

          What’s “-0.4 C”? an absolute temperature?

          Did you notice that this post talks about the absolute average temperature AS STATED BY WARMIST SCIENTISTS, not about some imaginary “anomalies”?

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  10. chuck in st paul

    If you notice the recent charts show 1990 at about 14.1C instead of the 15.5C done in 1990. That’s actually a 1.4C change, not a 1C change.

    Anyone know who stole the heat?

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  12. Tim

    Maybe chemtrails have taken the heat.

    Spray chemtrails year after year that prevents the sun’s heat to reach the ground cools probably the planet.

    1. DirkH

      Tim, we are not talking about a real effect. We are talking about the imaginary construct “global average surface temperatures”; it is a made-up number, invented on the spot by the IPCC and by warmist scientists in TV shows or in their books.

      (Well, as chemtrails are imaginary as well, maybe they can affect the imaginary number. But that goes into Pratchett territory.)

  13. Jeff Green

    combined mean surface temperature 1901 to 2000 is 15.8*C for July

    •The combined average temperature over global land and ocean surfaces for July was the fourth highest on record for July, at 61.52°F (16.42°C) or 1.12°F (0.62°C) above the 20th century average. The margin of error associated with this temperature is ±0.16°F (0.09°C).


    It appears that NOAA has it straight. That would be odd for a scientific organization to not get their numbers correct.

  14. Jeff Green

    The values in the table above are anomalies from the 1901–2000 global mean of 13.9°C.[49] For instance, the +0.55°C anomaly in 2007 added to the 1901–2000 mean of 13.9°C gives a global average temperature of 14.45 °C (58.00 °F) for 2007.[50]

    The coolest year in the record was 1911.[46]


    If the global mean for the twentieth century was 13.9*C, then all the temperatures above show warming based on the twentieth century mean.

  15. Davy Stevenson

    Many station sitings have changed since they were sited, so wide inacuracies are behold, satelite data is defunct as are badly sighted land based sites.
    The only readings that should be used are manually calibrated sites that have an isolation and managed setting period.

    Back to basics not bullshit and we will get the result we need.

    For the AGW crazies, maybe not driving your car might help prevent their catylictic converters from producing the carbon tax gas.

    Its ok to pay to pollute and be paid to procrastinate poison, unlike the plant freindly gas that has never killed anyone to date by breathing it out.
    Furthermore, when the Norse set sail for Iceland in 800 Ad, and happened upon the island they called Greenland and stayed there for 450 years as cathedral type farmers with dairy herds, lets hope it warms up again to make this possible and they can sail unabated through an open NWP to their sister colonies in Northern America.

    Ice cold core data facts or fiction.

  16. Davy Stevenson
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  18. Rainer Hoffmann (@solarkritik)

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