Another Blow To Germany’s Solar Industry: “Center For Solar Excellence” Bankrupt After Less Than 3 Years!

MDR television and radio here report of another solar energy catastrophe in Germany. Hat tip: Holger Thuss via Facebook.

It was a high tech center opened amid much media fanfare and ceremony back in April 2010, as the video below shows.

Fanfare and ceremony surrounded the opening of the now bankrupt “Center For Excellence” back in April 2010.

Numerous leading politicians, including national Research Minister Annette Schavan, were in attendance, and they all praised the “Center for Training and Excellence in the High Tech and Solar Industries” in Erfurt.

At the time, it was one of the latest prestige objects symbolizing the country’s ambition to become a global leader, and thus an example to the world, in renewable energy and environmental responsibility.

The facility was built at a cost of 10 million euros, 8 million of which came from the taxpayers. Today it stands bankrupt and empty. Insolvency liquidator Romy Metzger told German public television:

I no longer expect the assets will find a user for the way it was used formerly.”

German television adds that the building and inventory most likely will be separated. It simple laugauge: the project flopped. And now, according to MDR, an auction of the assets is no longer being ruled out. No interested investor could be found for the object as it was earlier.

The “center for excellence” included laboratories and clean rooms. Originally it was supposed to educate 2500 people every year for Germany’s planned mighty solar industry.

But over the last two years, almost every single one of Germany’s solar module and equipment manufacturers, most heavily subsidised by taxpayers, has closed in a wave of insolvencies not seen since East German industry collapsed in the wake of the fall of the Berlin Wall. It’s deja vu.

Germany’s entire solar industry has been transformed into a vast wasteland of false hopes and dashed dreams. MDR writes:

Demand never materialized and the solar expertise centre declared insolvency in June 2011.”


8 thoughts on “Another Blow To Germany’s Solar Industry: “Center For Solar Excellence” Bankrupt After Less Than 3 Years!”

  1. Having written so many articles about Germany’s solar industry folly, a book could easily be written about it and thus be required reading for other countries preparing to embark on the same path.

    1. PV cell production is energy intensive.

      Electricity in China costs a quarter of what it costs in Germany.

      It is not so that China subsidizes the electricity but Germany adds taxes and fees that make up 70% of the end price. (Of course you could argue that not stealing as much money as your posterchild warmist welfare state is a subsidy; but I would count that as an Orwellian abuse of language)

      It was always the intent of warmism to de-industrialize every area where they gain control. And it is working like a charm. Too bad they don’t have control in China. Maybe China pays them.

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