“Berlin Freezes In 100-Year Winter”…”Record Snow” Blankets Germany, Bitter Cold Grips Europe

UPDATE: “This March could be the coldest of the last 100 years,” says meteorologist Dominik Jung – See here!

Europe’s bitter cold winter refuses to let up!

For some areas we are now hearing that it is being called the “100-year winter“!

Europe end of March 2013

Temperature forecast anomaly for the next 7 days. Source: http://wxmaps.org/html.

For example, Berlin’s online daily Tagesspiegel writes today:

Berlin freezes in 100-year winter.
Lots of snow and bitter cold until the end of March – Berlin hasn’t seen this in more than 100 years.”

Forget the tall tales spread by Mojib Latif. We haven’t forgotten what real winters are. We just haven’t seen anything like this since measurements began in 1895!

The Tagsspeigel writes:

‘There has never been anything like this in Berlin in the last third of March since snow measurements began in 1895,’ says weather expert Friedemann Schenk of the Meteorological Institute for the Freien Universität (FU).”

The English-language The Local here reports that Germans should not expect spring to arrive anytime soon, as the German Weather Service (DWD) warns that “the record-breaking wintry weather will continue until Easter“.

This weekend will be especially cold. T-online news site writes:

In the east, temperature readings will drop dramatically – many readings will be -10°C, as low as -13°C in some spots. ‘Some cold records for end of March will fall,” prophesies Ruhnau.”

Germany’s RBB forecasts temperatures down to -15°C! The extreme cold overall will make this March in Central Europe the coldest and snowiest in over 40 years – at least.

The Local adds:

Record-breaking levels of snow fell in other areas of the northeast – namely in Laage, Mecklenburg Western-Pomerania, where a blanket of 27 centimetres of snow smashed the region’s previous 2005 record for the time of year by six centimetres. ‘For March 20th, the amounts are impressively high,’ said Simon Tripper, a meteorologist from the DWD, on Wednesday afternoon. “


19 thoughts on ““Berlin Freezes In 100-Year Winter”…”Record Snow” Blankets Germany, Bitter Cold Grips Europe”

    1. We are ruled by lying scumbags. (And no, I don’t think the socialists would be any better; except for collapsing the system faster)

  1. Here in Metro Manila Pierre, March is supposed to be mostly cloudless and hence, hot. But it rained hard today, many streets were flooded; it also rained early this month. From the NH to the tropics, snowy-rainy season is extended.

  2. There’s currently a strong North South divide in Germany; I travel between Frankfurt and Braunschweig. The Kassel mountains demarkate a border, south of which there is no snow in low lying areas, north of which there is snow everywhere in low lying areas. The mountains themselves are snow covered (colder due to the lapse rate).

    The North reaches a max temperature of 0 C; Frankfurt and area around it nearly 10 C.

    So down there Spring is starting.

  3. DER TAGESSPIEGEL (22/03/13- Andreas Oswald) assumes that the NAO has cut of Germany from the Gulf Current (1), the BBC that it is the Jet-Stream (2) and Klimalounge links it to too low sea ice cover in the Barents Sea (3). That the North- and Baltic Sea may have contributed has not been raised by anyone, but at (4)
    2__ http://climaterealists.com/index.php?id=11308
    4__in EN: http://www.ocean-climate-law.com/13/Arch/10_3.html
    4__in DE: http://seatraining.net/e/10_4.html

  4. We are officially in Spring in the NH and in the UK they are probably on course for the coldest March in 50 years. And they have about 1 days worth of gas reserves left.

    On the 15th March it was reported that some birds that migrated into Germany decided to leavedecided to leave due to the relentless cold.

    Now, where are thos milder winters due to co2 and global warming? These liars will never let go.

    1. “Without ‘background warming’ it would have been much worse”

      Yes indeed, it would have been around 0.5 degrees colder.

  5. Here is Sweden (south) we had -20 deg C last night.
    No more snow though, and no sign of spring, but nice warm sunshine today.

  6. Hello.

    I’m from Sweden and I say f— this f—— weather.

    I never want to see a single snowflake ever again.

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