Flagship Daily DIE WELT Stuns Germany: “Scientists Warn Of Ice Age”, Cites New Peer-Reviewed Russian Study

Mentioning the lethal “100-year, record-smashing” spring cold and snow spreading across Europe over the past month has for the most part been avoided like the plague by Germany’s mainstream media. The silence over the record cold and frost, which has killed thousands and cost billions, has been ear-ringing.

Yet some leading dailies are breaking ranks, and have begun to examine the phenomenon critically and openly.

For example veteran journalist Ulli Kulke at German flagship daily Die Welt today has stunned the rest of the German mainstream media with a piece titled Scientists warn of ice age.

German flagship daily reports that “scientists warning of ice age.” Logo: DIE WELT.

Kulke writes that recently a growing number of scientific publications have been appearing in leading journals, and that they have been challenging the simplistic “one dimensional CO2 explanation” for climate change and showing that even the unlikely “doubling of atmospheric CO2 concentration by 2050 would not have dramatic effects.”

Kulke writes:

Yet, papers with such content, even though they have passed the peer-review process, do not make any headlines. But they have been becoming much more frequent recently.”

Increasingly it seems more and more scientists are now seeing huge opportunity in overturning one of the most ballyhooed scientific hypotheses of modern time, funding be damned.

In the Die Welt piece, Kulke asks if the record cold and snow over much of the northern hemisphere “is just a coincidence“. The odds are increasing that it is not, and that it’s not for nothing that a growing number of scientists are becoming friendly to other explanations and that the body of evidence supporting a combination of explanations is taking shape quickly. Kulke writes that it is therefore no surprise that 2 Russian scientists have recently joined the ever more thunderous chorus of alternative explanations on what drives climate. He writes:

It’s probably no coincidence that ever louder scientific opinions warning of an imminent ice period are coming also from Russia. Vladimir Baschkin and Rauf Galiulin have recently recognized the ice age possibility in a study. Both biogeochemists – a discipline that also includes the study of the Earth’s atmosphere – have written a study for the Research Institute Vniigaz of the Gazprom concern, an address of course that cannot be said is free of lobbyists. However, their arguments are underpinned by findings that are gaining more and more acceptance from independent science: solar activity is weakening considerably – to an extent that was last seen several hundred years ago, the Little Ice Age, according to scientists.”

Kulke writes that not only is the CO2-science for explaining climate change one-dimensional, but that also only looking at changes in solar irradiance is completely inadequate. The sun’s fluctuating magnetic activity and its impact on the Earth’s atmosphere, direct and indirect, though not well understood, are proving to have a far greater influence on the Earth’s climate than many are willing to admit. This is all being backed up by leading research institutes such as CERN in Geneva and the Danish National Space Institute of Denmark.


PS: Searching for “Vladimir Baschkin and Rauf Galiulin” sadly may not yield any results. Try searching under “Wladimir Baschkin und Rauf Galiulin”.


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  1. That reminds me of an article by Abdussamatov

    “Habibullo Abdusamatov, a scientist from the Pulkovo Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences considers that the sharp drop in temperature will start on the Earth in 2014.“According to the scientist, our planet began to “get cold” in the 1990s. The new ice age will last at least two centuries, with its peak in 2055.”


  2. Kulke is even more specific:
    “Unter anderem am Kernforschungszentrum Cern in Genf und am staatlichen National Space Institute Dänemarks. Ansatzweise konnte man dort durch Versuchsreihen ein Bild davon gewinnen, wie der ionisierende Sonnenwind die Wolkenbildung und damit die Temperatur auf der Erde beeinflusst.”

    (…among others, CERN in Geneva and the National Space Institute of Denmark. There a picture is emerging of how ionising solar wind influences cloud formation and thus terrestrial temperatures.)

    That’s as clear a tip of the hat to Henrik Svensmark as anyone could want.

  3. I am still wondering why the controllers have shifted the focus NOW – German media are the best controlled – so they allow a peek into the mind of the controllers; as we have seen at Der Spiegel CO2AGW is also an allowed theme for Bojanowski now, which it wasn’t in the past, when “Spiegel-Mitarbeiter” wrote the usual agitprop about it.

    Maybe their toy project EU isn’t working out as well as planned – they always wanted it to be the starting point of the World-USSR. Now it all turns too ugly too fast…

    1. DirkH,
      I’d rather suspect Hubert Burda Media (Focus Magazine) and other editors are buying some shares on CO2-Market.

      1. There’s no difference between left and right media. They are controlled by the same people and work synchronously.

        Murdoch himself for instance is member of the CFR.

          1. Interesting. Didn’t know that Springer is active in Poland as well.

            ETS System: The market price of a product where supply is greater than demand drops to zero. In a free market, this discourages further production of the product. The ETS System is not a free market; the supply is politically fixed.

            So as long as they don’t change the supply the price will continue to drop. Do NOT bet on this though; as we know that the Eurocrats change rules on a whim.

          2. DirkH,
            Germany and Poland are more similar to each other than you think…
            I’ve discovered that some Polish editors are highly interested in ETS System as well as in CO2 -auctions. No wonder that they are alarmists. I suspect the same mechanism in Germany.

  4. While this looks like good news, it is in itself only based on the same form of bogus predictions made by the other side, ie all long term predictions within an open chaotic system are bogus. The media freedom is the key element, something almost absent worldwide, as I follow the latest studies nearly every day and some real crackers have come out this year alone, with no linkbacks to anyone major. Our Mail on Sunday have now reported the failed IPCC predictions for temperature, plus exposing the past fit was put in after the event, which is only explainable by fraud. But in the end we need never wait till after we’re dead (ie 2050-2100) as such rapid and extreme temperature rises need to happen full stop, with any stasis or reduction wiping out the entire theory within a reasonable period, given as 15 by most IPCC members. We’ve passed that point now, CO2 rises, the planet does not. Climate sensitivity, requiring oceans to evaporate while depositing the vapour in the upper atmosphere, has just been found absent by NASA’s own satellite, something confirming the absence of feedback and any potential amplification at all of any neglible effect of CO2 alone. Who reported this? Precisely no one. Anthony Watts laid it out in its totality within the day, and then nothing except a few bloggers.

    Having followed climate studies for over a decade, I think I know which are significant, and which (like BEST and the latest hockey stick) just rehash old data as if people will (and do) believe it if repeated often enough. We’ve seen solar, decadal and other natural causes raising repeated studies confirming over and over again they can easily explain the climate paths on their own, forming a picture which can pretty well do the scientific test, disproving the AGW theorem, yet the media alone keep this from the public. They may be lots of separate studies but many bloggers put them all together so the big picture can be seen, and if presented to a jury then it wouldn’t be hard to know who has the best case. I suspect the data is good enough already now, and only a matter of allowing it to become communicated to enough people before they realise what we do, the case is dropped. Tapping the natural tendency for humans to feel guilty for anything which happens around them (the major cause for requiring therapy) is a cheap and evil method of gaining money and power over them.

    1. No David in London, they are not at all the same. CAGW alarmism is based on bogus computer models, not anything that is observable or can be measured. These Russian guys are looking at something others have been screaming about for decades, yet which the CAGW alarmists flatly refused to look at: Things that can actually be measured, not predictions.

      1. One problem with Abdasamatow’s argument: He argues that the grand minimum of the sun leads to a small decline in TSI, causing a big cooling down. This would indicate a very high climate sensitivity; meaning that increased CO2 backradiation would also have to have a big effect; and we know now that that is not the case.

        I am much more on the Svensmark side – a relatively small increase in cloudiness caused by the grand minimum could explain all the cooling we observe.

  5. Have you seen this on Bishop Hill?

    “From correspondent Gras Albert:
    AMSU’s global temperature web page, if accurate, is showing an abrupt climate change event, Channel 5 (600mb, 14,000ft) is showing a 0.8degC drop in global average temperature in just 9 days. This is remarkable, not repeated anywhere in the satellite record, let alone in March which is typically a warming month.

    Similar, though not quite so severe drops are shown in Channel 6 (400mb, 25,000ft) and 7 (250mb, 36,000ft) indicating that it is troposphere deep, perhaps a Super Tropospherical Cooling event!”

      1. Of course he says it has failed. Thats exactly what they always say when confronted with anything that threatens their alarmist meme.

  6. I hope that spring comes soon for all of you in Germany in northern Europe, and wish you the best until it does.

    As far as the Bishop Hill blog goes, Dr. Roy Spencer noted in a WUWT post today* that AMSU’s channel 5 appears to be “out to lunch” and should not be considered reliable after mid-March 2013. The same drop is not shown by NOAA satellites 15 and 18. But still…

    * http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/03/25/hockey-stick-in-the-lower-troposphere-real-or-not/

    I have been “collecting” blogs since 2007 showing observations consistent with the onset of another possible LIA (I have several dozen now). The hard part for me is to not do exactly what the CAGW crowd is doing and predict catastrophic events. That said—all observations appear to be lining up consistent with another LIA.

    I saw some time back the prediction of the Russians for cooling to really start in ~2015. I guess we’ll find out soon, won’t we?

    My grandfather (1869–1959) told me (when I was a boy) of skating on the Hudson River in New York City when he was a boy. I don’t even want to think of a degree of cooling for that to happen again, for the sake of everyone who might be affected.

  7. I’m still waiting to see any connection between rising CO2 levels and the global mean temperature. As far as I’m concerned, the AGW theory has been completely falsified.

    In 13 years, we have seen no statistically significant increase in temperature, despite attempts by NOAA and NASA to tamper with the raw data through homogenization, interpolation and time-of-observations adjustments, which, of course, always produce rising temperatures.

  8. Politics vs Acurate Ideas for Science. Very good. Now to change what the scientist is looking at. We know they have looked at the ionized gas flowing out from the sun, They have analyized the “magnetic pathways leading to the earth from the sun and back”, now are they proposing the sun ions are our “cosmic rays” for the clouds. That the magnetic fields fluxuate, inducing the pathway changes that fluxuate in an area? or path to an area? or be traced to areas on earth, for more or less heat input? to our atmosphere? come on, next logical input?

  9. Could the lack of solar activity in the past few weeks be given any credence in the effect it may be having on driving the planet’s weather patterns that has allowed the cold fronts to basically reverse and descend into the southern portions of Northern Hemisphere instead of forcing a West to East warm spring front from developing?
    I am no scientist but has anyone looked into this?

    1. Quite a few scientists have indeed looked into this, and find that the relationship between solar activiy, cosmic ray fluxes, seeding of clouds and the saturation of the van Allen Belts is indeed relevant . Hendrik Svensmark of the Danish Space Institute at Copenhagen University has been very much in the front here

    1. That’s probably their way of avoiding having to say, sorry readers, we misled you for the past 20 years. In the next weeks they will silently drop that preposterous warming leads to cooling claim and only talk about cooling.

  10. IMO the AMO needs to go into stay in it’s negative phase before the Big Cool can begin. That should begin in the next couple years.

    1. Yeah, they prepared those studies after the La Nina winter 3 years ago. Obviously something had to be done to protect the core theory, as it was a very cold and snow rich winter in Germany, and the winter after that again.

      The hallmark of a resilient pseudoscience is to have enough protective hypotheses.

  11. Maybe Die Welt is just trying to cover all bases. Bottom line though is glbal warming is much more preferable than global cooling. Germany should reexamine its nuclear energy policy. With nuclear energy it can have adequate electricity for heating and cooling, ensuring the populace will be comfortable either way.

  12. 1. The PROBLEM: A 1945 decision to deceive left society vulnerable today

    _ a.) Big oil says we are running out of hydrocarbons for fuel:


    _ b.) AGW and CAGW promoters blindly believe CO2 causes global warming.

    _ c.) World leaders face reality: Global cooling more likely than warming:


    2. The SOLUTION: Reconnect with the reality abandoned in 1945.

    “In a nutshell, the core ethos of the Climate Change Movement is the fear and loathing of humankind. Fear and loathing of the destructive nature of human’s who must be subjugated to prevent them from destroying the earth using the forbidden knowledge of the Sun’s source of power . . . neutron repulsion. [1]”:

    [1] “Neutron repulsion,” The APEIRON Journal 19, 123-150 (2012)

  13. Quote

    PS: Searching for “Vladimir Baschkin and Rauf Galiulin” sadly may not yield any results. Try searching under “Wladimir Baschkin und Rauf Galiulin”.

    End quote

    So you haven’t even found the study yourself which Die Welt is concealing.


    Your article is nothing but first grader scribble.

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