LOL! DIE WELT (September 2010): “By 2030 Spring Will Begin Already At The End Of January”!

The record cold that is still gripping Germany even set a record low at the warming-obsessed Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research this weekend. At yahoo today they write (my emphasis):

Last weekend the lowest temperatures in more than 100 years were recorded in many parts of the country for this time of the year. For example in Dresden the record of 1917 was broken, in Potsdam the record set in 1899 was broken. In northeastern Germany Sunday morning temperatures between -15°C and -20°C were widespread. […] ‘What we are now experiencing is a 100-year cold for the month of March,’ says meteorologist Dominik Jung of the weather portal”

Germany has just seen its 5th consecutive colder-than-normal winter in a row (a record). Now Europeans are wondering if they’ll even see spring in April this year, let alone January.

It is a good time to ask ourselves just what were some of Germany’s leading “climate scientists” projecting in “peer-reviewed papers” using their super-computers and “sophisticated, fine tuned climate models” just a couple of years ago. Where were the world’s leading scientists saying we were headed just a few years ago?

To answer that, we remind readers of one spectacularly false projection made by scientists and media just 2 and half years ago, a time when they insisted we believe “the science is settled” and anyone who dared to doubt was just a “flat-earther…a denier”.

On September 30, 2010, German conservative flagship daily Die Welt here carried the visionary headline:

“By 2030 spring will begin already at the end of January

Scientists in Gießen have been simulating climate change in a time lapse in an experiment: Their findings are worrisome.”

In DIE WELT’s report, they wrote about how scientists of the Plant Ecology Institute at the University of Giessen were claiming that soil did not absorb CO2 as expected, and would emit even more of the powerful greenhouse gas nitrous oxide into the atmosphere than previously expected, thus accelerating global warming. These were the worrisome results of plant studies they had just conducted.

Institute Director Christoph Müller agreed that climate change was a natural process, but that the rate at how fast it was progressing was “unusual“.

DIE WELT added:

In 100 years the global temperature has risen an average of 0.7°C. What took thousands of years is now happening in 200 years. “Entire vegetation zones are going to shift. […] So that things do not get even hotter, something has to change”, demands Müller.

Miller then suggested a radical change in our lifestyle and on how we use energy.

I wonder in which direction Müller’s plant zones are shifting today? We do know that lots of migratory birds have turned back around and headed back south again.


7 responses to “LOL! DIE WELT (September 2010): “By 2030 Spring Will Begin Already At The End Of January”!”

  1. Loodt Pretorius

    Hi Pierre, at times I am happy to be living in the UK. Today is one of those days. I live in the South near Cambridge and the snow of last week is still around as it is too cold to melt. So that cold weather that you have been experiencing reached down to us as well.

    But, the main reason I am happy to be living here in the UK is that some of our press is not so obedient and the lapdogs of the establishment. The are already calling for heads to roll, openly calling the met office chaps fools, and taking the Mickey out of the official press releases. Just the headline of the Daily Telegraph today dripped with such sarcasm : Heard the one about the heatwave? Met office says its on its way…

    And things to feel good about: – Our first nuclear power-station in decades have been approved, Fracking tax breaks have been announced, and we are all set to import gas from the USA.

  2. DirkH

    “In 100 years the global temperature has risen an average of 0.7°C. What took thousands of years is now happening in 200 years.”

    WHAT? Well ok it’s Die Welt, an obedient member of the German synchronized media bloc; pretending to serve the conservative side.

  3. Asmilwho

    And today in the same newspaper:

    “Wissenschaftler warnen vor Eiszeit”

    What a difference two-and-a-bit years make.

    1. Casper

      I wonder what kind of tax will be introduced by European Commission to save the planet…

      1. Bernd Felsche

        As a precaution, split your bank accounts.

        Before the ECB knee-cappers get to them.

  4. Paddy

    So long as our planet maintains its same axis spring cannot begin in January.

  5. J Martin

    Spring at the end of January ? They are completely potty.

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