Supersized “XXL Winter…In Complete Contradiction To Climate Prognoses!” Reports Germany’s No. 1 Daily!

Europe end of March 2013
Again, forget all the tall tales from IPCC scientist Mojib Latif and Met Office meteorologist David Viner. (Latif has been on the radio trying to convince listeners that the record cold March “is normal”. What a joke.)

Just a couple hours ago, Germany’s leading daily, Bild, which has a circulation in the millions, writes online here that German meteorologist Dominik Jung of presents the records for this “seemingly eternally long winter”.

But first, Bild tells its millions of readers in the article (my emphasis):

With regards to the period 1981 to 2010, it was the fifth winter in a row that has been colder than normal, which is in complete contradiction to the climate prognoses of 13 years ago. Back then winters with snow and ice in Germany were viewed as an obsolete model.”

There it is – Germany’s number 1 media outlet tells millions that the climate models are crap! Now some of the records Bild reports on:

March in Germany will enter the record books as the coldest in 100 years…4°C colder than normal!

– At 28 cm, Hamburg saw the most snow in March since measurements began!

– Dresden saw the lowest temperature for this time of the year since 1917!

– Potsdam, the home of the warming-obsessed PIK, saw the lowest reading for this time of the year since measurements began in 1899!

– Berlin’s high temperature of -3°C was the lowest high for this time of the year in 150 years!

– The first snow fell in the flatlands already on October 26, 2012. For many regions, it was the earliest snowfall on record!

– Nature right now is 4 weeks behind schedule!

– In early March in Northern India an unusual cold spell in the state of Uttar Pradesh led to at least 100 people freezing to death!

Record snow fell in Moscow – 80 cm!

– In Great Britain, thousands lost power in the relentless cold.

– Kiev, Ukraine saw the most severe snowfall in more than 100 years!

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26 thoughts on “Supersized “XXL Winter…In Complete Contradiction To Climate Prognoses!” Reports Germany’s No. 1 Daily!”

  1. And the trolls will tell you it’s all driven by the abnormal level of ice at the Pole, yet there is more there than there was last year, and the coverage is close to normal (in the satellite record) so THAT can’t be it!

    1. [-snip]? You know they called us deniers. I said a few years ago that soon we will know who the real deniers are. I find it amazing that they pretend in the face of massive cold going against their earlier milder predictions. Now they pretend that ‘earlier models’ forecasted their lies. Amazing!!!

      Sooner or later they are going to have to wave the white flag. We Davids have almost defeated the monster lies.

        1. Here it is in the peer reviewed literature. These Warmists have covered all their bases. :)
          “Will greenhouse warming lead to Northern Hemisphere ice-sheet growth?

          The age and distribution of glacial sediments, coupled with marine and terrestrial proxy records of climate, support arguments that initial ice-sheet growth at the beginning of the last glacial cycle occurred at high northern latitudes (65–80° N) under climate conditions rather similar to present. In particular, the conditions most favourable for glacier inception are warm high-latitude oceans, low terrestrial summer temperature and elevated winter temperature. We find that the geological data support the idea that greenhouse warming, which is expected to be most pronounced in the Arctic and in the winter months, coupled with decreasing summer insolation7 may lead to more snow deposition than melting at high northern latitudes8 and thus to ice-sheet growth.”

  2. Within about a week Spencer will give us the satellite data for March. Probably, it will be a drop compared with February. Pierre, the climate bet is about three year old. How are the prospects for the coolers and warmers?

    1. It’s 2 years ago. I haven’t checked it, but I feel pretty good about it. I haven’t heard a peep from Mr Honeycutt, who by now is probably hoping we’ve forgotten about it.
      2011 was cooler, 2012 was a bit cooler, or maybe about even, and my feeling for this year is that it too will be cooler. I really don’t see any warming coming up. Of course there will be one or two El Nino years. Nothing of the sort in sight so far, though. Like the gambler says: “There’ll be time enough for counting when the dealing’s done.”

  3. Nah. ‘Tis n’t cold, not really, it just feels that way. Just ask The Eggsperts:

    “Der Winter in Deutschland war gar nicht besonders kalt, um Weihnachten herum hatten wir sogar extrem hohe Temperaturen”, sagt Prof. Stefan Rahmstorf vom Potsdam-Institut für Klimafolgenforschung (Pik). “Wenn man alle drei Wintermonate mittelt, dann sind die Temperaturen in den vergangen Jahrzehnten jedenfalls nicht gesunken, sondern klar gestiegen.”

    (“Winter in Germany was not especially cold; around Christmas we even had extremely high temperatures … If you taake the average of all three winter months, temperatures in the last decades have not sunk at all, but have clearly risen.”)

    At least you cannot accuse Rahmstorf of lacking chuzpah.

  4. There is similar “damage control” from our local “scientists” (representatives of my country at IPCC). “Arctic ice loss causes invasions of Arctic air”, “it was colder before”, “it is normal but people do not remember what real winters were like” etc. They are increasingly for laugh for public.

  5. I don’t know what the problems is. Look here:-

    Our Met office – which falls under the ambit of the military – is forecasting a barbecue Spring, when it comes, later, not just now. So it is just possible that if you criticize the Met Office too much they can hit you with Official Secrets Act and try you for treason.

    At least Louis Gray, a super-duper Greenie, is not lacing her article with the meme: global warming causes cooling this time.

    We have one person dying due to cold every 5 minutes here in the UK, according to this article. I am sure that the death rate in Germany also increased due to the cold weather this winter and it won’t be long before your journalists do some proper investigative reporting.

    Hard numbers is the only thing that will sway public opinion, so sad but true.

    1. I don’t wish to sound too morbid but the total winter fatalities won’t be known until the last snows melt.

      “Missing” people show up in ditches and other places where they sought refuge from the wind-chill.

  6. They can’t let go of their doctrine that easily. There is too much money to be made in “alternative energy” and carbon taxes. If there were money to be made in “globull cooling” it would be all over the media about how cow flatulence will cause us to freeze to death.

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