“Dead Aim” Joe Manchin Keeps His Promises…Obama Steps Into The Battle We’ve All Been Waiting For

You can always find some good politicians in the opposition parties. For example, Germany’s socialist SPD party, which is no favorite of mine, has had a few good pragmatic politicians who understood their duty of serving the people and not themselves. I liked some of them.

Manchin dead aim

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin keeps his promise, takes dead aim at Obama’s energy war on America’s backbone blue collar workers. Photo credit: Youtube.

In the US, the Democrats have Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who is now speaking up strongly against Obama’s flat-earth-science-based energy policies, which in the end are nothing more than pure pandering to fringe environmentalists. It’s pure stupidity to think that the fate of the planet hinges on a few dozen US coal power plants. China is putting 50 on line each year.

In 2010, I remember doing a piece on Manchin here, where I expressed tones of skepticism. But two and half years later, I’ve seen enough. In my mind Manchin is a politician who keeps his word (at least on energy). He’s got my support. In 2010:

“I’ll take on Washington, and this administration to get the federal government off our backs and out of our pockets. I’ll cut federal spending and I’ll repeal the bad parts of Obamacare. I sued the EPA, and I’ll take dead aim at cap and trade.”

Cap and trade was shot down, and today once again Manchin is stepping up to the front and taking aim at the next job-killer, phony planet-rescue plan.

Manchin will be a key player in the coming defeat of Obama’s announced energy plan. Though many of us were riled up by Obama’s provocative declaration of war on American energy from earlier this week, it is the battle we’ve all been waiting for. Obama’s energy plan was written by a group of fringe environmentalists who refuse to take all societal interests and factors into account. Once the case gets laid out in the coming public discussion, Obama’s energy-inflation plan will be resoundingly rejected. Democrats simply cannot afford to alienate powerhouse states of America’s industrial heartland.

That is not to say that some old coal plants should not be shuttered – they should be. These need to be replaced by new modern plants, or by cleaner-burning, reliable natural gas plants fired with gas gained from fracking. Whatever energy mix arises, it’s important that energy remains cheap, clean and reliable. With today’s innovative technology coal, gas, and oil fit the bill on every front.

Wind and solar energy, on the other hand, are energies that were used back in the Dark Ages, the year 1200.

Read more here: www.climatedepot.com/ and judithcurry.com/an-energy-model-from-the-12th-century/.


3 responses to ““Dead Aim” Joe Manchin Keeps His Promises…Obama Steps Into The Battle We’ve All Been Waiting For”

  1. oeman50

    I have met Joe Manchin a couple of times, and shook his hand. When it comes to the support of coal and his state of West Virginia, he is true to his word. I have seen more than one Democrat politician get swallowed up in the national agenda, but when it comes to coal, Joe acts in the interests of his constituents.

  2. Layne

    America’s dirtiest coal plant is like an operating room compared to those of China.

    We should be taking None of them offline unless NG becomes a cheaper alternative.

  3. Jerry Holden

    In March 2011 Chu said that federal regulators should not delay approving construction licenses for planned U.S. nuclear power plants because of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster . “I think those things can proceed,” Chu told reporters on Capitol Hill, referring to construction license applications pending at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission .

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