German Green Energy Catastrophe Confirmed! Spiegel: “Energy Poverty: How Electricity Became a Luxury Good”

Germany’s energy feed-in act is one that has been touted as a model and that the whole world should adopt. Spiegel now writes that it has de facto made energy a luxury for the rich.

THIS IS A MUST READ if you live in a country that wants to mandate renewable energies.

Consumer advocates and aid organizations say the breaking point has already been reached. Today, more than 300,000 households a year are seeing their power shut off because of unpaid bills. Caritas and other charity groups call it “energy poverty.”

Lawmakers, on the other hand, have largely ignored the phenomenon. In the concluding legislative period, the government and opposition argued passionately over a €5 increase in payments to the long-term unemployed. But no one paid much attention…

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7 responses to “German Green Energy Catastrophe Confirmed! Spiegel: “Energy Poverty: How Electricity Became a Luxury Good””

  1. mwhite

    BBC radio 5live is just about to end it’s energy day

    “A day of output dedicated to the energy debate with a studio powered by renewable energy.”

    BBC still pushing for the German option

    1. mwhite

      Thursday 05 September 2013

      A round-up of the day’s top news and sport with Anna Foster and Peter Allen. Plus a special debate about Britain’s energy gap as part of 5 live’s Energy Day.

      Text: 85058 (charged at your standard message rate).

      About 2hrs and 40 minutes into the show first an interview with a German minister on how well you are doing.

  2. Mike

    The BBC just had this very subject on their discussion forum, but just happend purely be chance of course, to close the thread as this warmist rubbish was posted:-

    “There are many separate lines of evidence that support the increasing certainty (now over 95%) that the 50% increase in CO2 since 1800 due to our activities is warming the planet: each decade has been warmer than the previous decades; arctic ice is thinning & reducing in extent; most glaciers are in retreat; wildlife is migrating outside its normal ranges. Cherry picking data doesn’t change that.”

    The result is that that particular piece of misinformed clap trap (LIE) will remain as the top post for all to see, for a good few days yet, unable to be challenged.

    BBC, one of the worst pedlers of the CAWG scam! And to think I didn’t used to believe it was a conspiricy.

  3. Edward.

    Yet……………………….Germany will vote for more of the same. Angela Merkel will win the forthcoming German election. Merkel will then, reinforce green policy, she will reinforce EU political integration, she will enforce the economic disaster that is the ‘club Med’ and in so doing Merkel will increase the likelihood of an economic meltdown as the zero brings about economic Armageddon.

    More Merkel = equals more EU integration.

    Vote for that, vote for Merkel – Germany and northern Europe continuing to subsidise the ‘south’ or [if northern Europe refuses to pay up] another banking crisis which will make the 2007-8 seem like a picnic in the Tiergarten.

    1. DirkH

      “More Merkel = equals more EU integration.”

      What we call the Bloc parties here; we can vote for Merkel or we can vote for the leftist parties; they are ALL for more Eurocracy. Including the Pirate Party, which are the chidlren (literally and biologically) of the Greens.

      There’s only one wildcard and that’s the AfD; the media and the demographers try to smear them as right wing extremists which is in Germany the PC way of saying Natsi. Demographers try their best to estimate them down to below 5%; to discourage voters (under 5% and you don’t get into the Bundestag).

      AfD is our best hope to get a UKIP style party. Can they save anything? Maybe it’s too late for Europe. Then again; don’t underestimate the power of millions of people.

  4. Oswald Thake

    Yes, I read the Spiegel article via a link from Bishop Hill. (N.T.Z. is always my third daily climate blog after GreenieWatch and the good Bishop.)
    There’s hope for us all if even your romantic, nature-loving countrymen are seeing the light at last!

  5. Obamaclimate | CACA

    […] Yesterday I wrote 2 posts on the renewable energies folly in Germany, see here and here. […]

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