16-Year Global Warming Pause, Scramble For An Explanation Among Spiegel’s Top 10 Science Stories of 2013!

Spiegel here presents the top 10 science stories of 2013.

Among them is the stop in global warming, which Spiegel describes as “the mysterious temperature development of the past years“. In the sub-heading Spiegel writes:

An unexpected development has been occupying the attention of climate scientists: The air appears not to have warmed up in the last 16 years. Obviously natural phenomena are covering the increasing impact of greenhouse gases.”

Here Spiegel appears to be very confused by the science, admitting that natural factors are running the show but at the same time illogically claiming that the impact of greenhouse gases is increasing! Spiegel then writes that skeptics should not be so sure that the warming has stopped, claiming that there’s “a variety of plausible explanations for the unexpected development“.

Spiegel then cites ocean cycles, weak solar activity, and both natural and manmade aerosols, which is amazing because except for aerosols, these are precisely the factors that skeptics have been claiming and alarmists dismissing from the get-go.

So whatever excuses or wordsmithing Spiegel tries to employ to save face from having been a grand believer of the AGW dogma since the very start, two things are clear: 1) the warming has definitely stopped, and 2) natural factors are really much more important than assumed and that the skeptics were right all along.

It’s time to completely revamp the models so that they start to resemble reality. It’s also time for the media to rethink their position on the issue rather than trying to hopelessly prop it up.


16 thoughts on “16-Year Global Warming Pause, Scramble For An Explanation Among Spiegel’s Top 10 Science Stories of 2013!”

  1. After that it is time to stop spending billions on a non existing problem (going green) and get on with the real facts of life.

  2. Here is a picture of a cover of “Dein Spiegel” from 3 years ago, where Der Spiegel attempted to sell the climate scare fairytale to small children;
    “Why it is so diffcult to save the world”, sporting a photoshopped polar.


    Nothing like telling the little ones that their world is perishing, a little trauma conditioning maybe; gotta gettem used to the photoshopped mock reporting while they’re impressionable, way to go, “journalists”.

  3. They are not spending time trying to solve the mystery. They are trying to think of an excuse that will allow their scam to continue.

  4. “. . . Obviously natural phenomena are covering the increasing impact of greenhouse gases.”

    Natural phenomena are at work. The rest smells like rotting carp (sp?).

    1. A real greenhouse works by stopping convective energy exchange. Now,we know with absolute certainty that the only way to achieve equilibrium again is by rising temperatures.

      Conversely, the greenhouse gas effect works by dampening the radiative cooling. And we DON’T KNOW AT ALL how the system will now achieve a new equilibrium – it might do so by increasing the temperature OR by increasing convection or evaporation…

  5. Here’s my prediction.

    You will all soon leave this forum, loose your house from a flood or a fire, see diabolical things, and cry about how you were tricked by all these people that told you how this climate change stuff was bullshit.

    Then you will expire, just like the rest of us. The Arctic has began outgassing it’s methane hydrate stores, so things ramp up really quickly now. But hey, the governments would totally be telling you right?

    1. Thanks for telling us, Chris. How did you find out? You’re in the Arctis? When did it start? How many are you up there, and do you need supplies? We’ll organize an air drop if needed, just tell us. Is your internet connection stable?

    2. lose, you goose.

      The methane hydrates ain’t performing as advertised. Another straw crumples and breaks. Wild extrapolation #99 bites the dust.

  6. Pierre;
    If natural variations are in charge now, they were always in charge. And always will be. The asymptotic logarithmic effect of CO2, amongst other facts, guarantees it.

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