Climate-Science Boatpeople, In Search Of Global Warming Signs, Trapped In Thousands Of Kilometers Of Sea Ice!

The metaphor just couldn’t be more fitting: desperate true believers of global warming/accelerating polar ice melt now find themselves trapped by thousands of square kilometers of summertime sea ice that wasn’t supposed to be there.

No picture could better symbolize and communicate the intellectual bankruptcy and disillusionment of a faithful group who refuse to believe they have been led astray. This has to be deeply embarrassing, if not outright humiliating.

It’s reported here that many of the climate science boatpeople are actually from renowned media outlets, like The Guardian, who we can safely assume were onboard hoping to capture dramatic images of vast areas of open sea water, or of calving ice sheets with hundreds of tons of ice breaking off and plunging into the sea hourly. And with a little luck, maybe even some photos of a couple of drowned penguins.

Nowadays true believers find themselves journeying to the extreme corners of the globe in a desperate search for signs of the coming climate catastrophe. Signs are getting tougher to come by.

Indeed in Antarctica what they found was a reality that was precisely the exact opposite of what they had expected or had hoped for: no open sea seas – just thousands and thousands of square kilometers of sea ice, which ironically turned on them.

“Post-hoc rationalizations of model failures”

To save face they are changing their story and concocting new rationalizations. Perhaps all the unexpected ice is in fact a sign of warming after all!  This, for example, is what senior science writer for Comedy Climate Central Andrew Freedman is now claiming at Twitter, much to the rich entertainment of skeptics:


You see, Freedman explains, it’s all in connection with “ozone depletion” and it all comes “with human fingerprints“.

And when pressed on why warming is causing less ice in the Arctic but more in the Antarctic, climate science boat-person Freedman tweets: “…key to remember is the geographical circumstances are totally different.”

Freedmann gets so deep into it that Bishop Hill eventually calls his claims “handwaving post-hoc rationalisations of model failures.” Another reader writes he thinks Freedman “is making it up as he goes along“. Anthony Watts tweets near the end: “Andrew Freedman is falling for the same ‘anything consistent with AGW’ silly logic fail that Laden did.”

Obviously the climate boatpeople are desperate and have nothing else left to lose.

UPDATE: See latest video here:


24 thoughts on “Climate-Science Boatpeople, In Search Of Global Warming Signs, Trapped In Thousands Of Kilometers Of Sea Ice!”

    1. Even worse, why do they go there in the first place? To check whether the satellites are right, and there’s ice? To make photos of the ice and write about it? Or just to feel important, after some politicians have allowed them access to a ton of taxpayer money to waste? What family connections do the warmists on board have that enabled this corruption? Nobody pays ME to travel round the world to come back and say, yep, the ice is still there, and it’s consistent with consensus science.

  1. Having loads of fun with Other People’s Money, a week ago:

    “It’s great to be here!”
    “Hanging out in Commonwealth Bay…with an orca! ”
    “We set up on sea ice to broadcast our first Hangout on Air from Antarctica. And what a Hangout! During our time on air we had Adelie penguins curiously watching by, a solitary emperor penguin who came to check us out and then against all odds an Orca (popularly known as a killer whale) patrolled the sea ice edge next to us while we were broadcasting. An amazing day! Hope you enjoy the footage.”

    1. Near the end I couldn’t help notice the expert saying they expect the penguin numbers at this cape to be “waaaaaay down” because “it’s been isolated by this huge extensive area of ice for the last 2 or 3 years.”

    1. They certainly won’t find any poley bears in Antarctica.

      Did you know that the Antarctic continent (not counting the sea ice) is one and a half times larger than the Lower 48 or the continent of Australia?

  2. I wonder who is paying for the ice breakers to come and rescue them! They should be made to pay or made to wait it out till the ice clears

    1. I think that there are possibly salvage rights for any vessel that’s “doomed” and is salvaged by other parties coming to the rescue.

      In practice, there are “negotiations” between the parties subsequent to the recovery, as to the costs of the rescue operation.

  3. So some warmest cult members are out for a cruise looking for signs of man caused global warming around the antarctic are now stranded in their ice bound ship and still don’t get it! Too funny.
    Never mind radar, satellite data and all kinds of other instrumentation and the fact the boat is supposedly full of climate scientists, old mother nature has them by the short hairs and they can’t seem to grasp how stupid they look.

    1. They’re probably all onboard ths ship singing/chanting.

      “it’s only an illusion…It’s only illusion…. There’s no sea ice… There must be something else wrong with the ship….Our Climate Models are always right.” :-)

  4. They have been “making it up” all along. Why shouldn’t they continue to make it up. Their stories will only get more far fetched. When they get so ridiculous that even their supporters start laughing, they will switch to global cooling with even more stories.

  5. Since the ship is stuck only 1500 nautical miles south of Tasmania its been in the news very often here, with media crosses to the Aussies on the ship.

    I have been watching with much amusement since global warming is never mentioned in the news reports and the ‘science’ they are doing, to show global warming’s apparently ghastly effects on everything, is also never mentioned.

    The only sideways acknowledgement is that the voyage is in honour of Douglas Mawson, the Australian Antactic explorer of 100 years ago. A couple times the interviewees have slipped up by mentioning how Mawson didn’t have these problems with pack ice in high summer back in 1913. Fancy that!

  6. Maybe this was just a test run for the sequestration of our journalist talent, and there isn’t really a Chinese ship coming. In that case I hope they let a lot of German journalist talent participate in the next Global Warming joyride to the pack ice.

  7. Not to forget that it’s currently high summer in the southern hemisphere … And they’re trapped in ice

  8. At 21:30 Eastern Australian time 28th December, Chinese Icebreaker can’t do the hard yards or break through over a metre of pack ice.
    The Chinese rescue is off at the moment. An Australian icebreaker is on it’s way.
    If the Australian icebreaker fails then it’s abandon ship via helicopter from the Chinese and Australian ship.

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