NCEP: February 0.10°C Below Normal. Meteorologist Joe Bastardi Astounded By Climatologists “Making Up Excuses”

Joe Bastardi’s and Weatherbell Analytics’ latest Saturday Summary brings us some interesting climate and weather details, along with some well-deserved harsh words for the desperate global warming alarmists as they get nuttier and nuttier as the cold gets more intense.

Joe says, “It’s incredible watching these people making up excuses. […] It’s astounding how I’m hearing these things. […] Just shows you what they don’t know.”

Here are a couple of the highlights. Most of the global land-masses for February are colder than normal (see 1:40 mark). February 2014 global temperature measured by NCEP is 0.10 °C below normal:

Temp_Feb 2014

At the 3:59 mark, Ryan Maue’s chart from NCEP shows that global temperatures have been dropping over the last 5 years:

Temp NCEP Feb 2014

Joe Bastardi: “Unmistakable trend, down with the temperatures.”

As far as March goes for the USA, it looks like the deep freeze is set to continue and could be the coldest in over 50 years.

By now we suspect the global warmist alarmists have pretty much written off this winter and surely now have their eyes set on the coming spring…tornado season.

See Weatherbell’s Saturday Summary here. I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

One response to “NCEP: February 0.10°C Below Normal. Meteorologist Joe Bastardi Astounded By Climatologists “Making Up Excuses””

  1. BobW in NC

    Joe Bastardi says, “…Just shows you what they don’t know.”

    I disagree. Either 1) they are willfully engaging a total and absolute “hear no evil, see no evil” form of denial or 2) they are purposefully holding on to the AGW scam in an attempt to maintain their putative control and power.

    Remember: “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

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