Spiegel Reports: “Leading Scientist Leaves IPCC …Dispute Surrounding UN Climate Panel Escalates”

The German online Spiegel here has a piece by science journalist Axel Bojanowski about Richard Tol quitting the IPCC in protest: “Alleged panic-making: Leading scientist leaves the head of the IPCC. The dispute surrounding the UN IPCC escalates.”

Spiegel writes how Tol complains that the IPCC has “wiped away decisive formulations” from the final version and that the language of the report has been written by the “horsemen of the Apocalypse“.

Spiegel writes:

A ‘stupid statement’ in the report is the claim that people in war areas are especially vulnerable to climate change.”

Tol thinks that the people in Syria “are far more afraid of chemical weapons“.

Spiegel adds that Bob Ward of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change aimed criticism at Tol” resignation, claiming his criticism came too late. Tol rejects Ward’s assertion: “Material was not submitted too late, rather it was moved from one chapter to another.”

Spiegel then writes that Ward subscribes to the more pessimistic view when it comes to the economic impacts that climate change may have, a view that Tol outright dismisses.

SPIEGEL ONLINE claims to have a draft of the “secret report” and writes that in it assumptions have been “significantly corrected downwards” and that the IPCC expects an economic loss that is only “a tenth of that claimed by the Stern Report“.

Although Spiegel does not take a side in the article, Bojanowski’s report shows just how discordant, contentious and disharmonious the IPCC has become.


6 responses to “Spiegel Reports: “Leading Scientist Leaves IPCC …Dispute Surrounding UN Climate Panel Escalates””

  1. blf

    Ward is of course not a scientist of any kind, nor does he have a post grad degree. He is a PR guy. And Global whatevering is a PR exercise.

  2. DirkH

    Well, good for Tol. “Tol’s No Tool!” Write that on the campaign posters.

    Merkel announces she wants a review of Europe’s energy infrastructure, using the Russia/Ukraine affair as the pretense.

    This might result in a short term negative outlook for warmism.

  3. ArndB

    „Protest against climate-mongering“ titles Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung today (28.March, p.21) a longer article about IPCC-Report and Richard Tol’s resignation, written by Philip Plickert; online:

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