Leading German Daily: “Apocalypse Will Not Take Place”…Richard Tol: “97% Consensus Does Not Exist”!

Tol_FAZThe German media are giving time and space to skeptical voices.

The latest is a report appearing in Germany’s print high-profile national daily the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) which features climate economist Richard Tol titled: “The apocalypse won’t take place“.

Image above, right: FAZ

The subheading reads: “Climate economist Richard Tol sees the consequences of global warming as manageable – he has become a “figure of hate for green activists

The FAZ describes the controversial 44-year old Dutch scientist and outspoken IPCC critic as someone who in the early days was “quite green”, comes from a modest background, but who developed to become one of the world’s leading authorities in his field. The FAZ:

Tol is one of the most productive and most respected researchers in his field. He is (co)author of more than 250 papers in renowned journals and according to the Ideas-Repec databank, among the top 100 scientists worldwide.”

The FAZ reports on how Tol believes the IPCC has gone overboard with hysterical scenarios for the future and as a result had his name removed from the IPCC’s final report.

On claims that 97% of climate scientists are in agreement, the FAZ writes:

Such a consensus does not exist, he explains. ‘Climate science is very bitter and politicized.’ He sees the unpleasant tendency of scientists getting more attention by issuing ever more drastic warnings.”

According to the FAZ, Tol is confident that humans can overcome the challenges posed by climate change through their uncanny ability to adapt by applying their ingenuity. His come country of Holland is cited as an example with the construction of dikes to hold back the seas. Another example he cites is the huge gain in agricultural yields over the past decades that will provide ample supplies of food in a warmer world.

Overall Tol believes “the European Union is on the wrong path” with its climate policy of costly subsidies for the feed-in of green energies, which has scarcely has an impact on climate.

It should all be discarded and the ten thousand climate bureaucrats should look for new jobs. We need a policy change”

In the FAZ article, Tol is in favour of a carbon tax because in his view it is “the only effective measure.”

Richard Tol is Professor of the Economics of Climate Change at the Institute for Environmental Studies & Department of Spatial Economics, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam; Research Fellow at the Tinbergen Institute, Amsterdam; Research Network Fellow at the CESifo, Munich, Germany; and Co-Editor of Energy Economics


14 responses to “Leading German Daily: “Apocalypse Will Not Take Place”…Richard Tol: “9714 Consensus Does Not Exist”!”

  1. A C Osborn

    Pity he didn’t mention that it will be 10 times harder if it is cooling by 2.0 degrees rather than warming by 2.0 degrees.

    1. AJ Virgo

      Our Phlogistian in residence Barrack Obama will save us !

  2. Stephen Richards

    Adapting to cold is very expensive, requires huge amouts of energy, large contruction project for farmers and no global warming personel.

  3. TimiBoy

    IF CO2 were responsible for the recent warming, we SHOULD keep it going. It’s not warm enough yet.

  4. j. D. Swallow

    Pravda on cap and trade
    “That brings us to Cap and Trade. Never in the history of humanity has a more idiotic plan been put forward and sold with bigger lies. Energy is the key stone to any and every economy, be it man power, animal power, wood or coal or nuclear. How else does one power industry that makes human life better (unless of course its making the bombs that end that human life, but that’s a different topic). Never in history, with the exception of the Japanese self imposed isolation in the 1600s, did a government actively force its people away from economic activity and industry.”

  5. Henning Nielsen

    Is the FAZ article behind a paywall? The link only goes to a Wiki page about the newspaper.

    1. DirkH

      Only in the print edition.
      Here’s an older article by FAZ mentioning Tol – March 2014.

      1. Henning Nielsen

        OK, I see. Thanks.

  6. AJ Virgo

    %97 of Climate Models failed as temperatures plateaued and about the same time a pronouncement of %97 consensus on warming in scientific papers appears……coincidence ?

  7. E. Martin

    V. Gd report. Would it be possible for you to give us the FAZ date so we cn cite it when writing to our local newspapers and (warmist) politicians. Thnk you v. much.

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