Panic Time! IPCC Climate Scientist Serves Up Litany Of Excuses For Warming Stop…Advocates Upward Temp Adjustments!

The online Swiss here reports on a new study just appearing in the latest Nature Geoscience, authored by devout warmist climate scientist Reto Knutti of the Zurich ETH.

Knutti’s study and the article are in a panicked scramble to explain why there hasn’t been any warming in more than 15 years, insisting that global warming has only paused and eventually will resume with renewed vigor – at time yet to be determined time in the future.

The title of the piece is: “Climate Warming Takes a Break“.

The introduction reads:

Climate warming continues, but it’s taking a break. The reasons for that, among others, are the temporary weak solar irradiance and phenomena such as La Niña.”

The tone of the article is one of shaking a finger at the incorrigible, irresponsible and manipulative climate skeptics and advising readers to not stop being afraid and to never ever believe those skeptics.

Litany of excuses

Citing Prof Knutti’s ETH, writes that “multiple possible reasons have been systematically investigated for the first time.”

The all new litany of excuses they present includes:
* aerosols (of course)
* La Niña
* weaker solar radiation
* low sunspot number
* volcano eruptions
* inadequate, unreliable temperature measurement methodology!

That’s right, all the factors that they stupidly refused to adequately incorporate in their models, despite being told time and again by skeptics not to neglect them. Now they are FINALLY telling us there’s indeed a Mai Tai cocktail of natural reasons for the absence of warming.

Antsy warmists

Their panic is truly palpable, at least in Switzerland. Knutti and his fellow warmists are so antsy about rescuing their warming that he is now actively hinting at making up temperature data. The writes that according to Knutti, satellites “do not deliver any data on especially high upward spikes. As a result the average temperature has been under-stated.”

To me that is a clear statement advocating adjusting the data upwards. He talks about the lack of Arctic stations and hints at “filling in” where data do not exist…i.e. making them up. And speaking of the temporary cooling impacts, Knutti insists:

They don’t change anything when it comes to the longer term climate warming due to the greenhouse gas emissions.”

All sounds like a religion desperately clinging to doctrine.

How much longer must we wait?

So just how much longer are we supposed to wait before these “temporary, short-term”  climate factors go away? 2 years? 5 years? 20 years? A couple of generations?

Gradually, but with increasing acceleration, scientists in lots of other fields are beginning to see this type of sorrowful climate science as a monumental laughing stock.

They can adjust upwards and fill in all they want, but it is not going to keep the sea ice from setting new all-time record highs and frosts and snows from blanketing us in the wintertime, or in August. Eventually it’s all going to collapse and the only place global warming will continue existing will be at the nuthouse.


26 responses to “Panic Time! IPCC Climate Scientist Serves Up Litany Of Excuses For Warming Stop…Advocates Upward Temp Adjustments!”

  1. Joe Bastardi

    With the exception of the last one ( which is the most inane.. the data doesnt agree so its wrong.. for one and for two, is he saying that methods of measuring temps today are not more advanced than before, the very periods he is trying to base warming against. That instantly calls into doubt that period… typical nonsensical illogic) ALL OF THE FACTORS LISTED ARE NATURAL. which makes our point, its nature. These people dont even understand their reasons are the reasons we have been making, that is how out of touch they are.. Its like they live in a world that has nothing to do with reality. That it comes from academia speaks volumes on why we should not let these people push the rest of the world around. They wish to be paid for their ideas, right or wrong, not the PRODUCT that can be judged to be correct or incorrect. I read things like this and realize we are dealing with an ilk that has no grasp of reality and has never competed outside of research.. So by not doing, they are sheltered from the tests that make you actually realize whether you know something or not. I can live with that, except when they think they can push around and control people that actually have to deal with reality every day. What is frightening is the level of what is borderline lunacy this is, and the fact he does not even realize how irrational his statements are

    1. Brus51

      I was born in the early 50′s. I was there in the mid 60′s when all this climate change talk got started. Now when I look back all the dire predictions that where talked about then, but have not come to past. I just shake my head and laugh at all the fear mongering

      Like we are going to run out of oil, food and everything else by the mid 90′s, and life will change forever if we do not do something now to save the planet. So what happen we are still here?

      If you do not believe me do a Google search “climate prediction 1970.” and see if there are any differences between now and then?

  2. David Johnson

    Incredible. Any sane person reading that will think he is a complete idiot

    1. Anything is possible

      The clue is in his name, the “k” being silent.

  3. Kevin R. Lohse

    Apologies for having the temerity to question the estimable Mr. Bastardi, but can’t aerosols be produced by human action, c.f. the deposits of soot north of China as a result of industrial expansion. or fallout from the use of fire to clear jungles in Brazil and Indonesia which has recently been heavy enough to cause serious air pollution in Malaysia?
    Surely the admission that fluctuation of solar output can have an influence on the Earth’s temperature is a major recile from the dogma of the settled science consensus?

  4. Ric Werme

    > * inadequate, unreliable temperature measurement methodology!

    I don’t have much sympathy on this one. Anthony Watt’s Surface Stations project should have gotten climatologists’ attention across the world but outside of the US’s CRN and the quiet dropping of empirical data(*) from the most egregious sites Anthony et al found, I haven’t heard of any attempts to better quantify something that measures the catastrophic nature of climate change, or whatever its nature is.

    Know thine enemy – and if warming is the enemy, people should be measuring it better. Heck, if the temperature is about to decline for the next several decades, we should be measuring it better now anyway.

    (*): Apparently some of those stations live on as zombies and report data manufactured from data from other nearby stations. Madness, just to keep the data history continuous.

  5. Chuck L

    Oddly, he does not give “the climate models are lousy” as an excuse so once again a devout warmist s0-called scientist believes models output trumps actual data.

  6. Wlf15y

    “He talks about the lack of Arctic stations and hints at “filling in” where data do not exist…i.e. making them up. ”

    Maybe someone should tell Nutti they already do this.

  7. DirkH

    Well let’em adjust the temperatures up some more; that’s just the fodder for Steve Goddard.

    Steve Goddard all blink comparators

  8. Betapug

    “Pause” indicates that you have seen the future and already can demonstrate that the flatlined temperature absolutely, positively increases then rather than, say declining?

    So all the “natural factors” we were assured years ago had nothing to do with the phenomenon formerly known as “global warming” are being rehabilitated?

    Can’t see the future. Can’t remember the past.

  9. high treason

    The ever more tenuous excuses used to maintain the warmist line are exactly what you would e
    Expect from habitual liars. Lies to support lies to dupport more lies. They just makes up excuses as they go to delay the inevitable or perhaps succeed in destroying society. No tactic is overlooked. The emperor is wearing no clothes.

  10. Henning Nielsen

    “Eventually it’s all going to collapse and the only place global warming will continue existing will be at the nuthouse.”

    As they say in court: I rest my nutcase 🙂

  11. oebele bruinsma

    These shrill Knutti statements are in my opinion the best evidence of a natural cooling trend. To be caught with ” the pants going down” is, and I agree, not reputation faehig.

  12. Otter (ClimateOtter on Twitter)

    I thought THE SUN had no influence on climate?

  13. Pointman

    Amazing, it’s a long time since I’ve seen an alarmist in full stage one denial. He definitely is one of the slow ones.


  14. John Silver

    “Climate warming continues, but it’s taking a break.”

    Moving and stopped at the same time. The next step is to insist that temperature is increasing and decreasing at the same time.
    What a knuttjob.

  15. Hugh K

    “…..Advocates Upward Temp Adjustments!”

    Kind of late to the party are we Reto? NASA, NOAH/NCDC and USHCN have been ‘adjusting’ both land and ocean temps for decades (while lowering past temps). –

    And Reto shouldn’t overlook similar ‘adjustments’ to sea level and sea ice coverage –

    C’mon Reto, get up to speed or you might lose your funding from Big Green.

  16. MyersKL

    We are approaching the end of the Holocene Epoch, so at some point the so-called “warming” will stop all together. We should be grateful we are living in an interglacial period, and we should be grateful for the plant nutrient CO2, the source of life on earth. Our climate would be just fine at CO2 levels approaching 4,000 ppm (a level experienced during the geological past), and the increased CO2 would be boon to agricultural production.

    In the short term, based on the very weak SC24, it looks like we may be headed for a period of extended cooling, which would be made worse if there is a major volcanic eruption.

    Global warming should be the least of our worries.

  17. Mervyn

    If we go back to the 2007 IPCC report, that report was hailed as “the gold standard in climate science”… constantly referred to as “the settled science” backed by a scientific consensus. Yeh… right!

    Then why have the global warming alarmists not explained the reason the climate models failed to predict the flat global average temperature trend over almost the last 18 years, a period in which carbon dioxide levels have significantly risen?

    If the 2007 climate model scenarios were wrong, the IPCC conclusions also had to be wrong.

    People like Retto Knutti are flogging a dead horse.

    The dangerous man-made global warming hypothesis… I have never before witnessed an hypothesis (actually, it’s just a supposition) for which its supporters keep offering all sorts of evidence to back up their claim and excuses why their supposition is proving false.

    Yet all they need do is provide that one peer reviewed study that demonstrates human-induced carbon dioxide drives atmospheric temperature, and the results from ice core samples, that indicate temperature influences atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, are wrong.

    1. DirkH

      “If we go back to the 2007 IPCC report, that report was hailed as “the gold standard in climate science”… constantly referred to as “the settled science” backed by a scientific consensus. Yeh… right!”

      Hey, you can’t blame them for that. They have never produced anything better; so it’s the “Gold standard”. (BTW, isn’t Gold a barbarous relic that nobody needs anymore since we got the Fiat Dollar in 1971? And isn’t the Gold standard that terrible old-fashioned regime that doesn’t allow a nation to finance wars with the printing press – eh, I mean infrastructure investments, yeah that’s the word, sorry for the lapse.)

  18. Jeff Wood

    I first took a (sceptical layman’s) interest in this matter in about 2006. I recall that the Warmists were in full Denial mode about natural variation in climate and its forcings.

    Was it a Chinese philosopher who remarked that if you sit by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float downstream before your very eyes?

  19. John

    Don’t worry folks. No one here in Switz takes these climate liars seriously anymore. And any green scam they try to pass, we just vote it out with our referendum system.

    1. DirkH

      Very good to hear.

      Here in Germany, Deutsche Telekom’s internet portal regularly links to a Green propaganda portal called “feelgreen” (well it’s about feelings isn’t it) and even they now report about the mass death of bats caused by wind turbines:
      This will make green foot soldiers heads explode, until they resolve their dilemma by simply recognizing warmism for the lie that it is.

  20. Mervyn

    Based on past evidence of cooling, warming, cooling, warming cycles, it is inevitable that in several years from now warming will become evident.

    So, sooner or later these supporters of dangerous human-caused global warming alarm will get what they want – a warming trend.

    What they need to do is to explain to us what happened to their “gold standard in climate science”… claimed globally to be the settled science … incontrovertible and indisputable science. (Anyone still remember that 2007 IPCC 4th Assessment Report?)

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