Lima Conference Close To Collapse? German Enivironment Minister Already Departed Lima Yesterday…”Hangover Mood”

The Lima Climate Conference has been extended another day as countries are still unable to reach an agreement on how much to cut emissions and who has to pay how much. But there are mounting signs that the talks may have fallen apart.

This morning NTV German public television writes that German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks already left Lima Friday evening, even leaving an hour before the official end. The title of the NTV article: “Sobriety in Lima – Hangover mood at the climate conference.”

The NTV first reports on all the hope and optimism that had led up to the Conference, but that the realities of clashing national interests and responsibilities quickly dampened the mood as the conference wore on during the second week.

NTV writes:

In Lima it was already clear on Friday that important questions still could not be resolved. ‘The road to success in Paris remains remains long,’ German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks observed. The Treaty’s bindingness will first be decided in Paris in any case.”

Already it appears that negotiators in Lima may be headed only to a watered down document full of intents, declaring that the parties agree to try to agree in Paris next year.

Hendricks’s early departure

There are no details as to why the German Environment Minister left already on Friday with the business unfinished. NTV writes:

The German negotiation leadership is now in the hands of State Secretary Jochen Flasbarth. The environmental protection organization Greenpeace criticized the Minister’s departure. ‘I find it already remarkable that the German Environment Minister has departed early, after Germany had played a spirited and progressive role,’ said Stefan Krug, head of the political representative in Berlin. ‘At such moments, when the negotiations are so precarious, it is extremely important that ministers remain engaged with their colleagues behind the scenes in order to strive for a solution.'”

NTV also writes of disappointment by German socialist EU Parliamentarian Jo Leinen: “Unfortunately it looks like we will be going home with a document that will contain many vague and soft formulations.”

That may very well be the case. But don’t expect the coming UN press releases to say so. Expect them to declare a breakthrough and success.

UN Climate Circus no. 20.


16 responses to “Lima Conference Close To Collapse? German Enivironment Minister Already Departed Lima Yesterday…”Hangover Mood””

  1. Mike

    In the last post, someone described the events in Lima as though it was a sad event. I don’t see it that way. The longer the disagreement continues the more obvious it will be that the science behind this is junk. This means that there will be less burden on countries who are expected to foot the bill.

  2. DirkH

    My guess is that Hendricks enthusiastically suggested everyone half their CO2 emissions immediately and lost patience when she got no resonance. Heading for the local clubs.

  3. Ed Caryl

    Every year they have one of these meetings in some far off place. Every year it falls flat. What was that definition of insanity again? Oh yes…

    1. Mindert Eiting

      Einstein once said that the hallmark of stupidity is trying the same thing again and again hoping for another result.

  4. nzrobin

    I wonder if she is now beginning to understand the severely debilitating effect of environmentalist agendas on the German electricity supply.

    1. Stephen Richards

      No Chance !!

    2. DirkH

      SPD has a 50% women-quota. Such a quota would not be necessary if enough capable female persons applied for candidacies, so we can deduce that the quota has a similar effect to affirmative action, lowering the entry level for the females in this case, and it stands to reason that the average intellectual capability of the females in the top positions is therefore lower than the average capability of the males in the organisation.

      1. Colorado Wellington

        Math! They were promised there would be no math.

        1. DirkH

          I do not want to awaken the impression that members of the SPD could follow my argument. I have talked to members, and their common denominator is a want for my money to pay for their wishes (which they declare as wishes of the public) that can be likened to the behaviour of a one year old.

  5. Stephen Richards

    Come Paris 2015, Segolene and Hollande will be desperate to show what good europeans they are. We can only hope that the Brits have had the good sense to vote UKIP into power by then otherwise Cam/Minibrain/Clegg/SNP will all push for massive CO² cuts. They all want to be the head lemming.

    1. DirkH

      Stephen Richards
      13. Dezember 2014 at 20:43 | Permalink | Reply
      “Come Paris 2015, Segolene and Hollande will be desperate to show what good europeans they are.”

      Is that an election? They’re both socialists right? I’ll tell you what they’ll do, talk tough on immigration and law and order, in hopes to steal some wind out of FN while the media invents scandals to destroy FN.

      After the election they’ll open the floodgates of immigration more and maybe also continue to destroy France’s economy of course. If they’ll get elected. I don’t rule out that they win as the media manipulation, possibly massive vote falsification and the entire bag of REALLY dirty tricks will be brought to bear. That includes mysterious cases of very rare cases of cancer.

  6. Edward.

    Stop press!…..there’s NO limitation on useless emissions @lima.UNintergovernmental-fraud.

    #we’re loving it!

    They’re arguing over whose paying the bar bill, Hendricks is going home because she says – “it’s always the same idiots who foot the bill!”

    All – thanks to concerned parties and delegates on their holidays ….um in conference means that – hot air on the rise and CO2 emissions are WAY up though.

    1. DirkH

      “Hendricks is going home because she says – “it’s always the same idiots who foot the bill!””

      She is in the SPD and has never been known to have any remorse about tax money wastage.

      She might theoretically have expressed such ideas, but it is not part of recorded history.

  7. DirkH

    Long German article about the attempts of the Swedish Red-Green government to destroy Sweden’s energy sector (by replacing nuclear power with SOMETHING given that something does not make the globe melt down through reflected infrared rays, probably wind + solar); and the attemps of that government and of Greenpeace Sweden to destroy the remaining German energy sector (by trying to shut down lignite mining in East Germany)

    The article does mention that the current crazies in Stockholm will be replaced by other crazies in an election in March 2015.

  8. Henning Nielsen

    Lima, the Lame Lama.

  9. John F. Hultquist

    These UN things are hard to understand. How many people, time, money are involved? Did folks really gather and argue language (What’s the meaning of ‘is’ or some such?) How many hours did each person actually do anything such as speak to a group, write a page of text for others to review? Or did they go have some fun (insert some ideas here), see the sights, eat – following a list such as this:
    What are we to think of this mess?

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