Germany’s Green Party Apologizes For “Massive Sexual Abuse Of Children”, Advocacy of Pedophilia …”Up To 1000 Victims”!

The title may sound stunning, and unbelievable, but it’s true.

It’s also appearing in the main media elsewhere.

Berlin’s leftist daily Online Tagesspiegel here reports comprehensively on the German Green Party’s troubled past involving it’s earlier advocacy of pedophilia and practice by some of its former leading members, see background here, here, here and here.

Green Party Chairwoman Bettina Jarasch has just publicly apologized for what she calls an “institutional failure,” Tagesspiegel writes, as a commission report on the matter has been presented. 

On behalf of the Berlin Greens, we ask for foregiveness,” said Jarasch.

The Tagesspiegel adds:

In the Berlin state association of the Alternativen Liste, the forerunner organization of the Green Party, there was massive sexual abuse of children.”

The Greens’ advocacy of pedophilia rights was part of the party’s platform in the 1980s and early 1990s as it pushed neo-liberal ideas like “free and open relationships”. It still remains unclear as to why the Germany’s top environmental party took so long to issue an apology.

1000 child victims of sexual abuse

The number of victims is not known. However one Green Party Berlin parliamentarian and author of the report, Thomas Birk, in March mentioned “up to 1000 victims”, though he said the figure was “speculative”. The report itself gives releases no figure.

Current Green party official Daniel Wesener said that there were at least two repeat offenders who were tolerated within the party, one was convicted in 13 cases.

Currently the child sex abuse within the Green party is now under investigation by a special commission. The Green Party leaders pledge their full cooperation and to provide compensation to victims who step forward.

According to the Tagesspiegel, the investigation shed light into an “abuse network” within the forerunner of the Green party, Alternativen Liste, which included at least three leading figures who set up a “youth center” in Kreuzberg recreational center.

According to witnesses, they abused numerous youths who had been recruited at elementary schools.”

Today Green Party officials insist that the abuse, however, did not take place within the party structure itself.

Though some media outlets such as the Tagesspiegel reported on the story, much of the German media has been pretty mute on the topic.

25 responses to “Germany’s Green Party Apologizes For “Massive Sexual Abuse Of Children”, Advocacy of Pedophilia …”Up To 1000 Victims”!”

  1. DirkH

    “The Greens’ advocacy of pedophilia rights was part of the party’s platform in the 1980s and early 1990s as it pushed neo-liberal ideas like “free and open relationships”. ”

    Neo-Liberal in Europe means Neoclassical Liberal; new embracing of Adam Smith, Milton Friedman.

    What you mean is not neoliberal; (The American liberals don’t need a neo since they’re Progressive Socialists since 1890 and only regularly change the name); it is, well, neo-antroposophic / neo-esoteric in the Steiner / Blavatsky sense. Hippies as reincarnated Wandervogel. The Age Of Aquarius as the post-Christian age. Sexual liberation after Wilhelm Reich / Herbert Marcuse.

    1. just a thought

      While I see one of my comments below (waiting for moderation), my other comment doesn’t appear at all. I’ll wait a while, though, because in the past they sometimes do appear. It may be lost in some holding zone. If not, I’ll re-post.

  2. DirkH

    …My enumeration (which is still in moderation) isn’t complete without Alister Crowley and what’s his name, McKinsey. Colorful biographies.

    1. just a thought


      Have you ever seen the 4 part documentary series “The Occult History Of The Third Reich”? (Not real occult, but their fantasies based of what it was and how it would make them supermen.)

      Here’s one episode…
      It’s got a lot of what you mention in it, except for the progressives, which are well covered by John Ray, here…

      1. DirkH

        Thanks for the link. I watched The Black Sun but not this one.

        70% of Wandervogel joined NSDAP, far higher than in the general populace, as NSDAP was the first party promising environmental protection, and indeed declared the first Nature Reserve of Europe.

        There’s a Blavatsky-Hitler connection of course as well as a Blavatsky-Antroposophism connection… the idea of the Arian Race comes from Blavatsky I think.

        Well. Gotta watch your link now…

  3. DICK R

    There was no such apology from Labour when some of their senior figures were found to be advocates of paedophilia or when they helped to organise the child abuse in Rotherham in return for the postal vote of the muslims.

  4. DirkH

    These links I collected in JUL13
    PI about pedophilia at the Greens
    A comment in MSM, “conservative” Welt:
    Daniel Cohn Bendit (Green MEP) about his personal experiences with the erotic of 5 year old girls, in French TV. All the old SOB’s go O lala.

  5. DirkH

    Little bit of fodder from the Warmunists.
    Highlights: They have a new metric for land ice loss, volumes of the Empire state building.
    And, Big Danger for Mankind: Max extent of arctic sea ice smaller than ever. (Well we survive the late summer MINIMUM without a hitch – why is a small MAXIMUM extent then dangerous? NASA trying to pulverize whatever is left of its credibility, successfully)

    1. just a thought

      Their “smaller than ever max extent” is a baldfaced lie (color me surprised, not), as can be seen here
      This year is tracking 2011 almost exactly. Maybe “smaller than ever” if by “ever” you mean the last 3 years?

  6. DirkH

    Berlin Greens admit complete failure in the pedophilia affair, article comes with photo from the 80ies of the “Indianerkommune” Uncles,,1472596,30750282.html?google_editors_picks=true
    the major proponents of pedophilia at the Greens.

  7. John F. Hultquist

    Germany’s Greens are beyond my pay grade for comment purposes. I’ll go off-topic on something DirkH reported at 10:32:

    They have a new metric for land ice loss, volumes of the Empire state building.

    I never understand these things. How can anyone relate to a large structure of odd shape? How many have seen it – and not just a picture? Walked around it? Walked up the stairs?
    School books explain that X number of tons of topsoil are lost per unit area (hectare, acre) of crop land per year. The young reader has no idea about a ton or a hectare. Communication is nil. Same here with the building.

  8. German Greens apologise for their paedophiles and abuse of over 1000 children | The k2p blog

    […] Pierre L. Gosselin has the story: […]

  9. Mick J

    The partner of the UK Green party leader Natalie Bennett may interest.

  10. David Appell

    We’re facing admissions of sexual abuse here in the US, from evangelical Christians:

  11. Manfred

    One idly wonders whether this particular eco-paedophilic apologia is a preparation of sorts for the grand apology when the noose of economic and scientific reality finally suspend them from the gallows of public and political opinion.

  12. m e wood

    The link to Dr Bronowski is dead because of BBC copyright issues.
    I’m a Christian myself so I’ll keep off this site in future.

  13. yonason

    “The title may sound stunning, and unbelievable, but it’s true.”

    Yes, truly “stunning, and unbelievable,” that a Lefty would acknowledge wrongdoing, let alone apologize for it.

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