Fools Exposed, Climate Science Humiliated …2008 Predictions For 2015 Totally Wrong!

What follows is something that should make anyone who makes dramatic predictions that ends up being totally wrong blush with embarrassment, and feel like a real fool.

By Sebastian Lüning and Fritz Vahrenholt, Die kalte Sonne
[Translated by P Gosselin]

In 2008 US broadcaster ABC News had a show on the climate danger. The most important news at the time: Already in just seven years, 2015, the climate will have gone crazy and climate catastrophes would be piling up.

All wrong, as we now know today.

This debacle aside, also today such clips continue to be produced. And when the predicted year arrives, everyone will have forgotten the crazy stories and predictions.


Milk $13 a gallon?
Gas $9 a gallon?
How much longer are we going to listen to these nuts?

Also watch the following:

And yet another spectacular fail here.

11 responses to “Fools Exposed, Climate Science Humiliated …2008 Predictions For 2015 Totally Wrong!”

  1. Mike Heath

    It is great!
    This stuff will not be funny for those who still believe in it, and the sense of mockery must hurt and go deep, but for those who are a bit familiar with this and who left the doom and gloom behind some years ago, it is a tragic comedy. It makes me think of Monty Python and equating the ministry of silly walks with the British DECC or EPA in the USA.

    It is great to watch some of the old comedies, especially the classics. They are still funny after all these years, but not as funny as they were when first aired. It is the same with this climate bananarama, it is funny, but it feels like an old joke now.

    Not so for the doomsayers, they think their parrot is still alive and well. When they took it back to the shop it was only to show the shopkeeper how happy the parrot was in its new home. They had no idea it was dead when they bough it. The fact that it never drank water or ate any seeds didn’t seem to matter.

    1. Robin Pittwood

      Mike, funny you should mention Monty Python. Look up his Village Idiot and watch it again, and listen carefully to the part where the idiots are dancing proclaiming their degrees in idiocy. You may not believe this, but Python explains that they get these degrees from the University of East Anglia.

      1. Mike

        I looked it up on youtube and it is as you say.

        It is almost too close to the truth with the educated idiots. In essence, if there is money in it then it is worth doing. A great scam with a logical justification.

  2. DirkH

    Well, since 2008 I guess we all expected 12$ milk and 9$ gallon of gasoline as the Fed quadrupled the money supply; and the fact that the USD has recently risen seems perplexing; but I think this is a short-covering crack up boom or short squeeze (as credits taken in Dollars are covered)… The Papiermark also went through years of uncanny stability as it was printed in ever growing amounts – before going into hyperinflation rather quickly. The masses notice slowly until they notice very fast, confidence collapses and poof.

    The only question I would have, why did they expect GLOBAL WARMING to wreck the currency within 7 years? What kind of SPECIAL idiots are they?

  3. Pops

    Charles Onians and Dr Viner will be along shortly with a firm rebuttal to this post… they are experts in the field of climate predictions, I believe.

  4. mwhite

    Thought you might want to keep up with this

    “The solar-powered vehicle overheated its electrical storage units during the historic, five-day crossing from Japan.”

  5. David Appell
    1. DirkH

      That’s a Tu Quoque argument. It doesn’t refute the original argument.

      Rather, you only bring the Tu Quoque because you ACCEPT the original argument – because otherwise you would argue AGAINST it.

      So a tu quoque CONFIRMS the original argument.

    2. AndyG55

      First link..
      “So I see no significant warming for 20 years at least [2030 earliest].”
      Check so far.

      Second link..
      “predicted temperature decline of 0.9º C over the whole of Solar Cycle 24 to be achieved, the decline from mid-2013 will be 1.2º C on average over the then remaining twelve and a half years of the cycle”
      We are nowhere near the end of cycle 24. .. doh !!

      Third link..
      “The peak is broad with only a little cooling to date but this will likely accelerate from 2015 or 2016 ”
      Again , you seem to be putting this forwards a s fail.. maybe you should check the dates.

      The other link is nothing to do with climate…

      The last link ?? Tells us it hasn’t warmed this century, and the climate con is costing the world billions in wasted dollars. Yes…WE KNOW THAT. !!

      So yet again, you prove to everyone that you are purely here to show just how moronically stupid you are.
      And you are succeeding !

    3. Otter (ClimateOtter on Twitter)

      Seems to me the dates for all those events HAS TO BE BEHIND US for them to be proven wrong, dontcha think?

      Wait, you DON’T think.

  6. TedM

    How I love to remind alarmists of the 50,000,000 climate change refugees that we were going to have by 2010. Even with maps of where they would be from.

    Not to forget snow being a thing of the past and sea level rises that should be letting me cast a fishing line out the back door of my coast hut.
    Unfortunately I still have to walk 5km to the ocean to throw a line in.

    I’m just glad that the frost valve on my solar hot water system has been working, but damn having to use that electric booster.

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