Cold Realities Of The DWD German Weather Service’s Warmed Up Press Releases

Germany’s DWD National Weather Service has developed a nasty habit of putting out warmed up press releases for announcing monthly mean data, and then later very quietly revising the data downwards.

Result: the public believes that warming is happening when in fact there really isn’t any.

German skeptic site wobleibtdieglobaleerwaermung (whereistheglobalwarming) writes a post titled: “What’s wrong with the DWD? Once again a downward correction. June 2015 was 0.2° Celsius colder than reported in the press releases“.

It describes how the June 2015 mean temperature for Germany was overstated by 0.2°C in its press release. It adds:

Also in the two earlier months of May and April, and the entire spring of 2015, the press releases reported a mean temperature that was elevated 0.2°C. DWD correction: May and spring 2015 were 0.2°C less ‘warm’ than announced in the press releases – spring 2015 now 1.4°C colder than a year earlier.

The overly hasty DWD press release announcing the June 2015 data states:

” …The first month of the summer with a nationwide mean temperature of 16.0 °C was 0.6°C above the international valid reference period of 1961 to 1990. Using the 1981 to 2010 reference period the deviation was still 0.3°C…”

Here the wobleibtdieerderwaermung site also points out yet another sloppy error made by the DWD: the difference between the two reference periods for June is in fact 0.4°C, and not 0.3°C, citing a 2014 DWD press release here.

So, did the DWD issue a correction to inform the public of the true June 2015 result, that it was in fact cooler then they had claimed earlier? The wobleibtdieerderwaermung writes:

At the DWD homepage one finds at a well hidden location, after a total of seven (7) clicks, the value of 15.8 °C for June in Germany – all the way down, to the right.”

In other words, the DWD made sure to bury the real results, to keep them as much out of sight from the public as they could.

wobleibtdieerderwaermung suggests that the DWD ought to issue a new press release with the following content so that the public can be properly informed:

The first month of the summer with a nationwide mean temperature of 15.8 °C was 0.4°C above the international vaild reference period of 1961 to 1990. Using the 1981 to 2010 reference period the deviation was only 0.0°C, and thus was exactly the mean for the WMO reference period…a climate warming in Germany’s June 2015 is thus not detectable over the last 35 years.”

So what’s compelling the DWD to engage in the habitual deceptive behavior? wobleibtdieerderwaermung speculates that all this probably has nothing to do with error and has more to do with “political intentions”.

Yet another government institution that we can no longer believe. Little wonder trust in government is near an all-time low.

12 responses to “Cold Realities Of The DWD German Weather Service’s Warmed Up Press Releases”

  1. DirkH

    Interesting. It looks the lying is infectious. I’ve been holding for a while that at this point, the entire organisation of the state can no longer afford to hire a honest person for it poses the risk of spilling the beans. So, a culture of lying is self amplifying and automatically gets out of control. They do not even have the capacity anymore to correct this course, meaning that their collapse is not only inevitable but close.

    So these days I actually enjoy when they lie even more, it means we’re getting closer, and we’re winning.

  2. Curious George

    These “scientists” are a product of modern politically-correct universities. Expect more of the same. (Even learning Chinese won’t help.)

  3. Loodt Pretorius

    The Met office of the UK are up to the same tricks. See article by Christopher Booker in the Sunday Telegraph, a link which is shown on the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

    Only a deluded conspiracy fanatic would believe that the German and UK met offices are in collusion spread warmist propaganda.

    1. DirkH

      It would be deluded to think that the apparatchiks of the West don’t conspire.
      As they meet on perfectly public international conferences and have constant e-mail contact, which would theoretically be open to FOIA, I don’t even think “conspire” is the right word. They’re doing their job as they understand it, and that is reaching a consensus (which I deem unscientific, but not they); and if the consensus is that thermometers all show a degree too little, than adjusted it gets.

    2. AndyG55

      And just where do you think homogenisation and adjustment procedures like “world’s best practice” come from ??

    3. AndyG55

      BOM in Australia had “clean” records until a guy from CRU came over for a visit !

      Then the past started getting cooler.

      1. AndyG55

        Same with the NZ temperature records…

        … and iirc, Gavin Schmidt at GISS/NOAA is also from the CRU stable.

      2. AndyG55

        “until a guy from CRU came over for a visit !”

        Stott, I think his name was.
        Its so tangled up, I forget the interbreeding !

  4. AndyG55

    Speaking of links..

    Tom Wigley , of “let’s remove the 1940’s peak” fame, started at CRU, went to U. Colorado, and is now at U. Adelaide with links to UCAR and BOM. Also prolific in the IPCC side of things

    If someone has the time and patience, it might be interesting to chase up how the German guys are LinkedIn to the whole mal-adjustment pit. .

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