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Resurging Sea Ice: Antarctica Above Average Over Past 20 Years - Arctic Gaining Over Past 5 Years!

Resurging Sea Ice: Antarctica Above Average Over Past 20 Years – Arctic Gaining Over Past 5 Years!

Examining the hard data on sea ice extent at the Earth’s poles, it would be very tough to argue that the globe is warming. Melting has stopped in the Arctic In the Arctic sea ice extent has indeed on average dropped a million square kilometers. But a look at the plotted sea ice anomaly data we […]

Online Spiegel Survey Reveals 60% Of Germans Say Cheap Diesel Fuel Is Good, Or Needs To Be Even Cheaper!

In Europe, especially Germany, diesel engines are quite popular. The oil-burning combustion motors get far better fuel mileage and the price of fuel in the country is some 20% cheaper than gasoline – thanks to lower taxes. With fuel prices today at the lowest level they’ve been in quite some time, German motorists are once again […]

“Horror Scenarios Already On Shaky Ground” …Leading Geo-Archeologist Slams Climate Hysteria!

The online German FOCUS here reports that the climate conferences and overall movement have turned more into hysteria and increasingly are becoming remote of fact. Good to see that the German media is finally backing off from all the hysteria and lending a bit of coverage to more moderate, non-hysterical voices. Tol: “Very limited impact” […]

French L’Express On Huge Impact by Climate Skeptics…”Have Caused Us To Lose Time We Will Never Get Back”!

The online French L’Express here reports how climate science skepticism is gaining momentum in France: “COP 21: the climate skeptics are heating up the Web.” L’Express writes that the recent rise in French skepticism has been especially fuelled by former France 2 television meteorologist Philippe Verdier. who was sacked weeks ago by France 2 television for […]

$20 Million Bailout …$170 Million Solar Impulse 2 Flight To Be Completed – After More Than One Year!

Once again it’s time to look at how the Solar Impulse 2 project is coming along. Readers will recall that the Solar Impulse 2 plane was designed by a team of Europeans with the aim of making the first solar-powered “solo flight” around the world and thus show the world the endless possibilities of solar power. Unfortunately the only thing […]

Spiegel Reports India Adamant: “Economic Development Before Climate Protection” …To Triple CO2 Emissions By 2030!

The online Spiegel here writes that India has no plans of cooperating when it comes to CO2 reductions: “In India economic development comes before climate protection. The country is massively embarking on coal-fired power.” Coal before climate The German weekly writes that the country has 360 million people suffering under grinding poverty and 400 million […]

FAZ Commentary Warns Of “Growing Impatience” Among Democracy-Hostile Scientists “Intoxicated by Knowledge”

Increasingly alarmist climate scientists, media members and politicians are openly challenging democracy, saying the people-represented system needs to be done away if there is to be any hope of averting major climate damage. Nico Stehr at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung here describes the growing dissatisfaction not only among the Tea Party or the UKIP, but also […]

Vermont State Arrogance…Vows Windparks Despite Residents’ Huge “Stinging Rebuke” Against 500-Foot Turbines!

TV station WPTZ here reports that developers planned to build seven 500-foot-tall wind turbines near the town of Swanton, Vermont, near Lake Champlain. However the industrial colossuses are no longer welcome in a state that proudly views itself as green. Hat-tip: Indomitable Snowman, Ph.D Vermonters are finding out quickly that wind parks are massively industrial, […]

Legal Lunacy: Peruvian Farmer Sues Power Company For CO2 Emitted 10,000 Km Away!

Legal Lunacy: Peruvian Farmer Sues Power Company For CO2 Emitted 10,000 Km Away!

It’s ridiculous enough politicians are blaming the refugee crises on man-made climate change, even though everyone knows they are really caused by foreign policy ineptitude and debacles. But now climate change hysteria has taken on new, more extreme witch-hunting dimensions that are on par with, if not even surpassing, those of the Dark Ages – a time […]