German Medical Doctors Warn Hazards Of Wind Turbine Infrasound Are Very Real, Worse Than First Thought!

Dr. med Johannes Mayer made a presentation on the serious hazards of infrasound (1 – 20 Hz) from wind turbines saying: “It is unbelievable the flood of international scientific publications that has appeared over the last one and half years.”

In the presentation Mayer cites “120 scientific papers” confirming the hazardous impacts of infrasound on human health.

Bogus claims infrasound is safe

Mayer blasts the lobby-backed claims (based on measurements taken by unsuitable instruments) that infrasound generated by wind turbines is harmless to humans and wildlife and presents a number of studies showing how the very opposite is true.

At 7:35 Mayer tells the audience that 5 years ago he also used to believe that infrasound was not a real factor for anyone a kilometer or further away from the source. But after having researched the new literature on the topic he concluded that infrasound is a serious factor on the health of humans even at far greater distances.

At the 8:20 mark Mayer explains how infrasound acts on the human inner ear and interacts with the brain, and the serious effects it can have on the human organs, citing a study from medical journal Lancet. “It’s confirmed by numerous scientific papers,” Mayer tells the audience. At 9:15 Mayer presents:

The short term effects on infrasound

– pressure in the ears
– anxiety feelings
– dizziness
– exhaustion
– tiredness in the morning
– respiration disturbance

Also experiments have been done on animals, and results show profound impacts on their physiology and health, ranging from changes in hormone levels and immunological parameters to damage to lung tissue, Mayer shows. At 10:08 he presents:

The long term impacts of infrasound

– chronic respiratory disorders
– chronic stress and sleep disorders from higher stress hormone levels
– emotional disorder, depression, burnout
– high blood pressure, heart disease

And the symptoms of infrasound illness:

– depression
– irritability
– tension
– headache
– mental and physical exhaustion
– concentration and sleep disorders
– noise sensitization

All of this is caused the constant low pressure waves acting on the inner ear and fooling the body into thinking it is in motion when in fact it is not. Infrasound interferes with the body’s natural biorhythms. Mayer concludes this results in infrasound from wind turbines being “a problem to be taken very seriously”.

Especially dangerous for pregnant women

At the 15:50 mark Mayer reminds the audience that even European officials issued directives regulating infrasound and pregnant women, writing that “they should not perform activities that could generate strong low frequency vibrations because they could increase the risk of a miscarriage or premature birth.”

Mayer emphasizes that the effects of infrasound are not something imagined in people’s heads, but are in fact very real. It is even diagnosed as an illness by doctors.

“Turbines should not even be in sight”

Mayer blasts wind-turbine German government agencies for their refusal to acknowledge the very real health facts and for blindly following everything the wind lobby tells them. He cites medical expert Dr. Reinhard Bartsch of the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena (20:35):

From today’s level of knowledge wind turbines should be placed only far away from residential areas, and better: they should not even be in sight.”

At the 21-minute mark Mayer presents major publications on infrasound. Studies by Thorne and Salt show that up to 40% of people are sensitive to infrasound and that the health of these people who live near wind parks is “considerably and seriously affected (injured) by this noise“.

Finally, a Canadian review of 62 scientific publications appearing in the Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine concluded that industrial wind turbines have “negative health impacts” on people who live in their vicinity.

Mayer praises regulations on distances from homes in Canada and New Zealand, which restrict the construction of wind turbines to 4 and 3 km away respectively.


23 responses to “German Medical Doctors Warn Hazards Of Wind Turbine Infrasound Are Very Real, Worse Than First Thought!”

  1. jim

    And, no one has studied the changes in weather patterns downwind from the turbines yet. Just as planting trees, lifts the wind off the ground, slowing the wind allows the dirt, dust to return to the ground, the turbine creates a low pressure area, but extend many tree heights above the ground, getting into more weather patterns. Now, you make a forest of them, over many miles, how does this affect the weather? A source of a constant low pressure area?

    1. DirkH
      1. David Appell

        Do you have a real scientific source. WUWT is infinitely laughable, and shows you are desperate.

        1. yonason

          Here’s a “real” scientific source for you

          “…the global warming scam, with the (literally) trillions of dollars driving it, … is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist.” – Dr. Hal M. Lewis

          And all this “alternative” energy nonsense is predicated on that scam. It’s all just a get rich scheme by and for crooks, supported by the the “best” testimony money can buy. A few con artists get richer, and the rest of get poorer and less secure, with government weighing down ever more heavily on all but a favored few.

        2. DirkH

          David Appell 6. März 2016 at 1:54 AM | Permalink | Reply
          “Do you have a real scientific source. WUWT is infinitely laughable, and shows you are desperate.”

          Mr. Funnyman, I was searching exactly the photo that I wanted to show, and WUWT had it. Stop popping those pils and go on a low carb diet. You’ll feel better instantly.

  2. yonason

    Foolish skeptics. Wind power is no more dangerous than this/a>.

  3. Sherri Lange

    Thank you for this interesting article. Unfortunately, there is an error in the Canadian setbacks. In Ontario, the setback is a mere 550 metres. We have 140 plus families who cannot live in homes, have abandoned them, sold at a loss or been bought out by developers. I am completely unsure where that 4km setback came from. Please reset the pins on that.

  4. 4TimesAYear

    I know where there are quite a number of them not too far from a nursing home….I can also imagine they have more than the usual number of health issues as a result….

  5. Doonhamer

    And at sea, the effect on sea life?

    1. mark duchamp

      In reply to Doonhamer: At sea, wind turbines impact whales greatly:

    2. roger

      I assume you are from Dumfries so just pop down to the inner Solway and view the Robin Rigg array set across the firth and causing major interference to tidal flows and shifting the sands and channels in an unprecedented way.
      Imagine the vibrations transmitted through the seawater and the bedrock to which these monstrosities are pinned (not so successfully
      in the case of those that washed away) and consider that this year all migratory salmon in Dumfries & Galloway must be returned due to a collapse in returning stocks since the array was built.
      If you can imagine that then you are far more intelligent than the statutory bodies charged with the protection of salmonids, up to and including the Scottish government, who, of course, are intellectually (if that is the right word) heavily invested this nonsence.

  6. tom0mason

    As a student back in the 1970s, I recall a report I read in, I believe, ‘New Scientist’ magazine — IIRC the study reported on the effects of sub-audible noise on a range of animals including humans, the conclusion was that 10Hz and below causes problems of anxiety, hearing problems, high blood pressure, sleeplessness, etc., and for humans frequencies around 6Hz were particularly problematic. Many of these problems persisted for some time after the stimulus was removed.
    I was particularly interested (in a juvenile way) with this report as it pointed out that at a selected frequency, when reproduced at a high enough level, some individuals would lose their bowel control. 🙁

    As such low frequency vibrations travel with relatively low attenuation I would expect that the affected area extends for a considerable distance from any windmill, or group of windmills.

  7. Jürgen Kieser

    I’m living in Waiblingen, near Stuttgart, southern Germany. Looking out of my living room window I can see the Shurwald where 7 wind turbines are planned. Looking out of my sleeping room window, I can the the Buoch Height, were more turbines are planned.
    See: and
    Thousands of complaints have been written. All of us got a “thank you, but we’ll build anyway!

    I am angry. Soon we will be sandwiched between two wind turbine sites, both in vincinity.

    Buoch Height is between 4.6 and 5,5 km away, Shurwald would be 4 turbines between 6 and 11 km away. All well inside the proposed safety distance of 15km.

    A lot of people will live as close as 2.6 km to the turbines.

    Worst of all, my house sits on a rocky foundation.
    If I am in my cellar, I can hear the groundhogs coughing /sarc

    The ballot boxes will be open only 8 days from now. We shall see if our gouvernment, the green gang, can survive the elections.

    1. yonason

      “We shall see if our gouvernment, the green gang, can survive the elections.” – Jürgen Kieser

      Wishing you all success at getting rid of the scoundrels.

      1. Jürgen Kieser

        Thank you, yonason.

  8. David Appell

    Germany has other options. It could go back to coal-based power and cause untold premature deaths and warm the planet even more, or it could use more solar or nuclear. But now Germany, once renowned for its engineering, is afraid of nuclear power, which has been safely running in France for decades.

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  14. Diane Di

    “Mayer praises regulations on distances from homes in Canada and New Zealand, which restrict the construction of wind turbines to 4 and 3 km away respectively.”

    Sorry, this information is not the case here in Canada. These monstrosities that are now 50 stories tall are allowed to be as close as 550 meters to homes and some of the older ones are even closer. The Green Energy Act has taken away the right to NOT be a willing host and they are forced on the rural communities without any regard to land owners, environment, and wildlife.

    Dr. Mayer should have a look at the following:

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