‘Stalinist Conformity’: Swiss Professor Says ‘Young Researchers Forced To Submit To Mainstream Theories’

What the older science generation lacks in science competence, they more than make up for it in arrogance.

US Attorneys General take aim at climate science dissidents

So vulnerable, flawed, and under fire has climate science and other fields become that the only tactic left to defend the disintegrating positions is to use Stalinist measures to suppress dissident views, and even sicking state attorneys general on anyone expressing legitimate doubt – science truth by state legal decree. Also read here.

Kent State massacre John Filo

Horrible memories awakened. Dissidents under fire at Kent State University, Ohio, May 4, 1970. U.S. National Guard killed four students. Photo: John Filo.

Meanwhile in Europe dissident views in a variety of fields, especially climate science, are being suppressed by a power-abusive establishment. Sebastian Lüning and Fritz Vahrenholt report:


Criticizing the mainstream is highly risky: Young scientists forced to conform to established models to avoid putting careers at risk

By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt

In Weltwoche of 6 April 2016 Prof. Mathias Binswanger was very clear on why young university researchers are quasi forced to submit themselves to the trends of the day, i.e. the overriding mainstream in any particular scientific field:

Mathias Binswanger: ‘The principle is ultimately always the same: Foremost one has to be an often published and often cited figure in his/her scientific field in order to be able to contribute to the ranking of a university. But how does one often publish or become often cited in respected journals of his own field? The most important principles are: Adaptation to the mainstream and do not question any established theories or models. All submitted articles first must go through a peer-review process where champions of the scientific discipline evaluate it. Under these circumstances a young researcher has no option but to go along with the mainstream theories represented in the top journals and to use the empirical processes that are currently in trend. Only in this way does he/she have any chance of having enough publications to make him/herself eligible to be a professor. Through this very kind of pressure to conform applied by top journals is science obstructed rather than promoted.'”

It is hardly necessary to mention that this principle promotes a “Stalinist conformity” with the highly politicized climate sciences for young researchers. typically today mostly only retired professors dare to speak up when it comes to doubt over the supposed imminent climate catastrophe. These professors finally beco0me free to openly express themselves without threats to their careers threatened.


14 responses to “‘Stalinist Conformity’: Swiss Professor Says ‘Young Researchers Forced To Submit To Mainstream Theories’”

  1. ClimateOtter

    sod, meet Lysenko.

  2. Sam Pyeatte

    Essentially the current climate change research prospects are like beating a dead horse since it has been declared “settled”… Lysenkoism has become us.

  3. boyfromtottenham

    Hi from Oz. Thanks for the article. Is the good Herr Prof Binswanger retired? Or just soon-to-be?

    1. Gentletramp

      No, he is just 53 years old, so will not be retired quite soon.

      But this quote was made with regard to the general state of science and not just climate science, therefore it is not really dangerous for him because only heresy against the God-given (pardon: Gaia-given) “settled science” of CAGW will be punished with social damnation and ecconomic annihilation… 😉

      I don’t know Binswangers position about CAGW and it is quite possible that he belongs more to the alarmist side of this debate. But nevertheless, this quote describes the situation for young scientists in climate research very appropriately…

  4. slk

    This true in all aspects of education. It’s no longer about teaching students to think but rather to conform. There’s a long list of insane things happening on campuses. I’m not sure this is the scariest. It is a bad thing, but there are far worse things being accomodated by spineless administrators.

  5. Kurt in Switzerland

    Binswanger is an economist, not a natural scientist, let alone a climate scientist. His primary complaint is the [university] ranking system, which ultimately promotes conformity with the status quo rather than rewarding creative, challenging, daring and/or iconoclastic minds.

    Certainly he is keenly aware of the problems of “group think” in Climate Science, even if he doesn’t point it out explicitly.

    Most scientific progress over the past 200-300 years has arisen from individuals “shaking the tree” so to speak. Ditto for literary, artistic, economic and political players, at least from a historic standpoint. Of course, some “tree shakers” have fallen flat on their faces.

    But arguably the worst examples of abuse in any field were the products of a conformist culture rather than an iconoclastic one. Ultimately the ship will change course, the pendulum will swing the other direction, but the longer the delay, the more devastating the effect once it arrives.

    Learn… from… history… PLEASE!

    The late realization that Germany’s “Energiewende” has had a devastating effect on hydroelectric power profitability is a case in point. And one about which the Greens are in an advanced state of denial.

    Yet… it is a FACT.

    Kurt in Switzerland

  6. Marshall Rosenthal

    The jailing industry in the US may not quite be up to the challenge of silencing all the climate change dissidents. They will probably have to resort to chipping or ankle braceletting the most vociferous of us. This has become a prison society, especially if you are out of lockstep with the Mainstream, a cultivated, propagandized, and sometimes vicious mass that has been encouraged by the green government.

  7. Colorado Wellington

    Since sod hasn’t had time yet to consult an authoritative source for a correct response, here are Marxist positions on “party discipline” and “active interference” in science:

    “Science in these conditions provided by socialist society assumes a particular power which distinguishes it in quality from bourgeois science. This is its greater activity, its greater tendency towards active interference in and changing of, those processes of nature which in the conditions of bourgeois society remain elemental and unrestrained.”

    Marxism and Natural Sciences, Y.M. Uranovsky, 2011
    Source: N. I. Bukharin and others, Marxism and Modern Thought, George Routledge & Sons, 1935

    “It is modified, as shown in a previous dispatch by ‘self criticism,’ but is centralized and administered with military rigidity. No excuse or evasion of party orders is permitted, and infractions of discipline are punished by a reprimand, or, if repeated, by expulsion from the party.

    Today party members, even the highest placed—or the lowest placed and youngest, which is perhaps even more important—must give full obedience or take the consequences.”

    Stalinism’s Mark is Party Discipline , Walter Duranty, The New York Times, 1931

  8. tom0mason

    Obviously those that misinterpret the correct version of climate science are poorly educated and require immediate re-education.
    Those that have been re-educated but still have deviant thinking on the matter must either be suffering with cognitive decline, or are degenerates with willfully defective thinking. To protect normal thinkers from these few deranged irrationals, they should be removed to the proper secure facilities to be treated for their psychological difficulties at the earliest opportunity.

    Yours, in understanding and belief,

    Forward! To a secure UN future!

    1. yonason

      “Forward! To a secure UN future!” – tom0mason

      My ONION-esque predictions:

      Hillary will “win” the W.H.
      She will cede US sovereignty to the U.N.
      Obama will be tapped to head the U.N.
      Obama will again be her boss.

      1. yonason
        1. tom0mason

          Sorry comrade but there is nothing to stop the people’s green flag(which of course is red) from flying everywhere — a true sign of solidarity of the consensus.
          Let this instruction video explain->->->-> Click HERE

          1. yonason

            I have no idea what you are talking about, komrade.

  9. yonason

    Next thing you know, they’ll be pointing their guns at those who refuse to trim the fat off meat. Oh, wait, they’ve already figuratively done that. Now we know they were wrong about that, too.

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