Merkel’s Phony CO2 Policy… U.S. REDUCTIONS Making Huge Progress As Germany Does Nothing

Chancellor Angela Merkel is perturbed by the USA’s unruly new leader, President Donald Trump, who demanded deadbeat Germany pay up big on NATO. But what really took the cake was the President strongly signaling his rejection of the Paris climate accord. That was just too much to take.

In terse comments Merkel has even called into question the transatlantic relationship, saying that the US could no longer be counted on as a reliable partner. Merkel and Germany’s leaders are offended, and have unfriended Trump.

What is strange is that the mainstream media and leading climate action proponents like Merkel all pretend that Germany is a responsible leader in cutting back CO2 emissions, and even claim that big emitters, like China and India, are all onboard in curbing CO2 emissions, and that is only the USA that is the big, rogue CO2 sinner.

However, when we look at the facts, we see that Merkel and the German climate activists are truly living a fake reality. 

The real reality is that Germany has done virtually nothing at all to reduce its CO2 emissions over the past years.

No GHG emissions reductions in 8 years!

And despite all of Merkel’s pontification and Trump-scolding on climate protection, her own country, Germany, has itself not cut back on greenhouse gas emissions in 8 years!

German greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 equivalent in millions of tonnes) have not fallen since 2009. Source: Umweltbundesamt.

Last year German CO2 emissions in fact rose by some 4 million tonnes, from 902 million in 2015 to an estimated 906 million tonnes in 2016.

And Merkel has had it with Trump? She’s the last who should be preaching. On GHG emissions, Merkel is a phony.

Note that Germany’s drop since 1990 comes mostly as a result of shutting down former communist-run East Germany, after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Germany is also expected to totally miss its 2020 reductions target of 40%. So it’s peculiar that the country’s leaders would think it’s fitting to go around lecturing others on climate protection.

US in fact has far outperformed Germany

The real progress on CO2 reductions has in fact come the USA (thanks to fracking), and here we are not talking pocket change. The following chart shows how much US CO2 emissions have fallen: from 6 billion tonnes of CO2 annually to under 5.3 billion tonnes in 2015.

graph of U.S. energy-related carbon dioxide emissions, as explained in the article text

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Monthly Energy Review, via here.

This means the US has cut carbon dioxide emissions by over 700 million tonnes since 2005 – a 12% drop. That drop almost amounts to Germany’s total annual CO2 emissions (796 million tonnes).

Election year bashing

To keep things in perspective, it’s important to remember that it’s an election year in Germany, and right now there is a race to see who can bash America and its democratically elected President the most.

And now that German leaders and media have grown tired of bashing Russia, Turkey, Great Britain, Hungary, Poland, Greece, etc. they now feel compelled to go after the United States, its President, and especially the deplorable Americans who elected him. Not surprising Germany is having a row with a host of countries. Also read GWPF post here.

Intolerant to other views

Germany’s leaders and elitist class indeed have a difficult time accepting views that differ from their own. And when it comes to German politics, throwing the baby out with the bath water has a long tradition. The truth here is that it is perhaps Germany that is not a reliable partner, and not the other way around.

77 responses to “Merkel’s Phony CO2 Policy… U.S. REDUCTIONS Making Huge Progress As Germany Does Nothing”

  1. Reasonable Skeptic

    Saying you will do something is better publicity that actually doing something.

  2. sod

    The real CO2 output of electricity production in Germany keeps sinking.

    here is the real graph:

    you have to include trading into the number, as Germany is exporting so much electricity.

    What the USA does is stupid: they are locking in gas. while this might look good on paper now, in the real world and the long term, it is just another form of doing damage via CO2 (and plenty of other environmental damage).
    Pierre is right on one point: the fierce reaction of politicians in Germany against the Trump insanity are caused by the election. But somebody has to tell Trump, that an “america first” policy will be met with resistance. He simply is too stupid to understand cause and effect.

    1. Kurt in Switzerland


      Be careful who you call “… too stupid to understand …”

      You should spend a Nov. – Feb. season in somewhere like Archangelsk or Surgut, praying for solar and wind power to heat your toes.

      After 48h, you’d literally beg for gas, coal or any evil fossil fuel.

    2. Kurt in Switzerland


      So help me understand: if Germany produces more CO2 emissions year on year, but EXPORTS the some of the electricity thus generated to other countries, then it gets a “free pass” on the increasing CO2 footprint?

      I always thought your side’s argument was that Mother Nature didn’t care about borders (or something like that).

      Get a grip.

      1. sod

        yes. if country A has a higher CO2 output but exports 50% of its electricity and country B has lower CO2 but imports 50% of electricity, there must be a difference. Should be obvious that this must be factored in.

        1. AndyG55

          “Should be obvious that this must be factored in.”

          Factored into what.

          The whole anti-scam is nothing but a sham.

          Countries should be REWARDED for producing extra atmospheric CO2 for the world’s plant life.

          The moronic situation of selling power at negative cost .. ie PAYING others to take it, really is a massive indictment to the unreliability of wind and solar power.

          The opposite of RELIABLE, in fact. Hardly ever there when you need it, then way too much when you don’t need it so you have to pay someone else to take it.

          DUMB !!!

      2. toorightmate

        sod has got a grip, but it’s the wrong thing.

      3. SebastianH

        if Germany produces more CO2 emissions year on year, but EXPORTS the some of the electricity thus generated to other countries, then it gets a “free pass” on the increasing CO2 footprint?

        Of course. Ideally you would also include all imported and exported goods and the CO2 emissions of their production into that figure, but I guess that roughly balances out.

        The figure to look at is CO2 output per capita for all energy consumption.

        I always thought your side’s argument was that Mother Nature didn’t care about borders (or something like that).

        If you are counting the CO2 output of just one country then you have to care about borders. If Germany would import half of it’s electricity you would not assume that the CO2 output in that sector decreased by 50%, would you? It necessarily increased by the same amount somewhere else if electricity usage stayed the same.

        Get a grip indeed.

        1. AndyG55

          “The figure to look at is CO2 output per capita for all energy consumption.”

          Why? It seems a totally pointless exercise.

          Some sort of POLITICAL game or something.??

          Everybody KNOWS that CO2 is totally and absolutely beneficial to all life on Earth, so why would you want to keep a track of it, unless to thanks those countries providing CO2 plant food to feed the rest of the world.

          Fortunately, China realises this FACT, and is in the process of helping many countries that have been help back by spiteful World Bank anti-CO2 attitudes, into finally starting to develop solid, reliable, fossil fuel energy supply systems so they can lift themselves out of poverty, and strive for that higher standard of living that fossil fuels have given to the developed world.

          1. tom0mason

            All of Europe’s manmade CO2 emissions are only 9% of the world’s manmade emissions. So any reduction enforced by any one European country would have little to no impact on all (not just manmade) atmospheric CO2 levels, but it would have a big impact on that country’s industrial base.

    3. AndyG55

      “it is just another form of doing damage via CO2 ”

      No-one is doing any damage by producing CO2

      This is EARTH, not the little fantasy land of your hallucinogenic AGW imaginings.

      EARTH is a CARBON-BASED planet, on which CO2 and H2O are the main stays of ALL LIFE.

      Gas production per unit of energy, and probably as a total as well, does FAR LESS environmental damage than wind or solar.

    4. AndyG55

      “But somebody has to tell Trump, that an “America first” policy will be met with resistance”


      We know you want an “AGW scam first” planet.

      Why? is beyond anyone’s rational thought.

      And anyway.. who is going to resist??

      And who the heck thinks they have the right to tell the USA what to do. !!

      You truly are off on another planet !!!

    5. M E Wood

      Why do people of your political beliefs characterise Mr Trump as stupid.
      Please enlighten us?

      1. AndyG55

        Because it makes them FEEL better about their own non-functionality, ignorance and lack of self-worth..

      2. SebastianH

        Have you read his Twitter feed? Have you seen his public appearences? The way he acted on his trip to Europe? The way he contradicts his staff members when they try to lie for him? Him always talking about himself and the very selective media consumption (Fox, Breitbart, Infowars)? A guy who has been cought to just repeat Fox News headlines? There is tweet/interview sentence from him for everything he does/say right now that contradicts him.

        Is this the behaviour of an intelligent (adult) man? You might argument that he is just “playing” the public. Is this just an art project to show the public how far one can come with stupidity or stupid behaviour? Maybe … I doubt it though.

        1. AndyG55

          Come off it, seb.

          You would be the very last person on Earth to talk about the actions of an intelligent adult.

          The ONLY reason you are here is as a petulant child-minded troll.

          You serve no other purpose, especially to yourself.

          And you don’t even seem to realise it.

          Time you asked yourself why you are bothering to waste your time coming here.

          You must know that everyone knows you are nothing but a serial trolling pest, with zero credibility.

          Its that really how you want to spent your pitiful existence ???

          1. SebastianH

            How kind of you to compliment me on my existence. Why are you coming here AndyG55? What is the purpose of comments like the one I am replying to? Why don’t you do something productive with your time here and actually answer with numbers when asked about them instead of evading to skeptic’s safe havens?

          2. AndyG55

            I knew you would not be able to answer to yourself.

            You even LIE to yourself, what a pitiful non- existence you must lead.

            When are you going to provide one single paper supporting your anti-human anti-CO2 AGW scam religion.

            So far you have FAILED UTTERLY to provide any proof of the most basic lies of your baseless religion.

            What is the purpose of any of your pointless posts, except as a child-minded attempt at low-level trolling ?

            At least have the guts to admit it to yourself.

            Or is ALL your life a lie, like your religion is. !

          3. SebastianH

            If you say so. For you I’ll be whatever you want me to be AndyG55. If it makes you feel better …

            But now let’s get back to discussions about the climate please and end those silly insult-rage-whatever-comments of yours, will you?

          4. AndyG55

            Poor little AGW troll, hates being asked to look inside his fetid soul for his motivations.

            No surprise there. !!

  3. Curious George

    Ah, Paris Agreement. Munich agreement (1938) comes to mind. The same players.

    1. SebastianH

      Dear, you forgot the sarcasm tag …

      1. Josh

        No he didn’t

        1. AndyG55

          seb always forgets his “idiot” tag.

          Be everybody knows.

        2. SebastianH

          Is that really how skeptics view climate treaties?

          1. sunsettommy


            American senate, never approved the Treaty,therefore America doesn’t have to abide by it.

            Trump,is doing the right thing to just drop it.

          2. AndyG55

            Yep, pretty much a socialist global control scam.

            Political ONLY.

            And as you have admirably shown, based on absolutely ZERO proof of CO2 issues.

            Its a LIE and a SCAM.

            Just as deadly to developing countries through the utter waste of money, stopping development in those countries and leading to deaths that could have been saved if those funds were available for sanitation, reliable energy, sensible development etc etc.

            And the scammers KNOW that is happening.. They are PURPOSELY depriving third world countries of reliable energy, and hold back their development.

            That is absolutely DISGUSTING, and you, seb, condone it to the hilt.

            And if it isn’t the absolute depths of human deceit, then you and your ilk will manage to sink even lower to find it.

          3. AndyG55

            Not a treaty, but an unsigned piece of toilet paper. And agreement between a socialist on-the-way-to-the-bin Obama, and far-left socialist one-world AGW scammer in Europe.

            It does not surprise anyone that far-left oriented Germany has YET AGAIN fallen under the thrall of a socialist totalitarian agenda.

            Its happened before, you know..

          4. SebastianH

            Oh Andy, your weird world view can only be admired. How do you come up with all this?

            Nobody is depriving third world countries, in fact those nations are increasing their wealth (and energy usage) faster than first world nations did at the same point.

          5. AndyG55

            LYING yet again

            World Bank, IMF etc have followed the anti-CO2 scam and withheld funding of fossil fuel projects. The idiot Obama cut funding for real electricity because of the anti-CO2 scam.

            Why do you spend so much time LYING seb.

            Is it really all you have left in your life?

            LIES and DECEIT !

  4. tom0mason

    Yep, even the very PC and green cleanenergywire. org says German CO2 levels are rising.
    Not that it matters a damn, unless you intend to completely wreck the German economy that is.

    1. tom0mason

      Even the very lefty environmentalprogress. org says Germany is not keeping up.

      Oh dear, is Germany’s greenwash that thin others can now see right through it?

    2. tom0mason

      Comparisons around Europe look interesting. Germany still looks bad when compared to France or UK —

      1. SebastianH

        How does the US look on that map?

  5. SebastianH

    When comparing countries this way you have to know from which starting point you compare. Yes, the US decreased their CO2 output tremendously by switching to natural gas, but they still output almost double as much per capita as Germany. China is rapidly catching up, the world is catching up …

    If all people on this planet (7323 million) would output as much CO2 as the US (321 million) per capita, the entire CO2 output of this planet would be 328% higher.

    1. SebastianH
    2. AndyG55

      “but they still output almost double as much per capita as Germany. China is rapidly catching up, the world is catching up ”

      Doing their bit for planetary sustenance.:-)

      Pakistan, Africa , also going down the plant food route.

      Only the selfish fools from Germany, Denmark etc seem to want to deprive the plants of much needed CO2, at great expense to themselves.

      1. SebastianH
        1. AndyG55

          Yes seb ,
          you and your slimy underhanded AGW scammers have held back development of those countries long enough’

          But this is changing thanks to the Chinese,

          And in Africa, the coal century is only just beginning.

          1. SebastianH

            Again, I want some of the mushrooms you are having. “AGW scammers” held back development in Africa and Pakistan? What?

            I don’t know why you celebrate it as a defeat of “AGW scammers” when some coal power plants get build. Haven’t you seen where Sub-Saharan Africa and Pakistan are in the graph I linked to? Their CO2 output per capita is smaller than 1 tonne compared to 5 tonnes of the world average.

          2. AndyG55

            Don’t worry little worm,

            There will be PLENTY of atmospheric CO2 for the world for many years to come. You watch as Pakistan , Africa and many other countries decide that couldn’t give a stuff about the AGW scam. 🙂

            CO2 emissions will keep climbing, and climbing and climbing, because rational people want PROGRESS, not the backward leap towards unreliable sources that can only exits by government mandate.

            Think of the MASSIVE benefits as these third world countries throw of the AGW-slime-green yoke, and allow themselves to use fossil fuels.

            Your child-minded yapping is worth absolutely nothing, and is wearing thin even as a comedy act.

          3. AndyG55

            ““AGW scammers” held back development in Africa and Pakistan?”

            You know full well that the World Bank, IMF and other big lenders have refused funding to help these third world countries build coal fired power stations, under the guise of the anti-CO2 scam.

            You probably actually CONDONE this despicable, anti-human behaviour….

            … but at least have the guts not to DENY it!

            Even you are not that ‘lost’ to humanity, are you ??.

          4. SebastianH

            Wait, are you saying those fossil fuel powerplants can’t be build without outside money? Sounds like subsidies to me …

          5. AndyG55

            You slimy, putrid, little worm.

            We are talking about third world countries, that need regular solid electricity supply.

            And you go down that route.

            You are really reaching down to the very depths of AGW depravity now, seb.

          6. SebastianH

            Thank you for your continuing lack of netiquette.

            If electricity generated in fossil fuel power plants is really that beneficial to an economy it should be easy to finance those projects, right? Why would you need outside money for something so profitable?


            “117% more sunshine than Germany” … big solar is below 7 ct/kWh in Germany, so they can generate electricity with solar power for almost 3 ct/kWh. Also the capital costs to get electricity to a village via PV is not as high as building a coal power plant and a power grid. To get things started PV is the way to go.

          7. SebastianH

            *so they can generate

          8. AndyG55

            Lack of etiquetty says the shnivelling little troll. roflamo.

            Africa doesn’t need unreliable, intermittent electricity supply. It need solid reliable electricity supply

            solar and wind are a worthless suppository for them. Only countries that want to destroy their real electricity supply, on the whims of a destitute AGW religion, need apply for wind and solar.

          9. AndyG55

            You CANNOT run fridges, water supply systems, industry etc etc on INTERMITTENT power.

            I bet the hypocritical worm called seb, would NEVER try to exist on JUST unreliables, yet this is what he and his ilk, like the World Bank. IMF etc, would like the developing world to do.

            He is absolutely tied to the benefits of fossil fuels and the solid RELIABLE electricity they provide..

            His WHOLE EXISTENCE relies on those the consistency of fossil fuels for EVERYTHING that happens in his tiny little far-left infested ghetto world.

    3. tom0mason

      Yep, China India even Vietnam (who has just signed contracts for a large increase in coal fired electricity), are all doing their best to help increase CO2 levels. Sadly only the Western nations are behind the curve on helping to achieve this worthy goal.

  6. Lasse

    Merkel HAS to challenge Trump on climate action.
    Electrical bill for her voters tell them they are doing a lot for climate.
    If they feel like their sacrifices are not necessary the might choose to react and revolt.
    0,3EUR/KWh in Germany and 0,1 in US makes a different!

    1. AndyG55

      “Merkel HAS to challenge Trump on climate action.”

      And what the heck does she think she can do about it ?

      Make empty threats.. ?????

      1. Lasse

        She can do a lot to lower the CO2 emissions.
        She can do nothing to change the climate.

        1. AndyG55

          “She can do a lot to lower the CO2 emissions”

          Not in the US she can’t. !

          And doesn’t seem to be doing to well, even in her own country… stagnant for about 10 years.

    2. SebastianH

      Revolt? Over the electrical bill? Are you serious?

      1. AndyG55

        Taxpayer pays yours, right seb !!

      2. Lasse

        Sorry Re volt should it be!
        Leave electricity net and start gas generating.
        You can see how GDP in Germany is 11,4 USD/KWh compared to 7,6 in the US (2013) compared to 4,3 versus 3,1 (1990)

        Germans are paying more and getting more out of every KWh so fare.
        But it comes with a cost!

  7. dennisambler

    “This means the US has cut carbon dioxide emissions by over 700 million tonnes since 2005 – a 12% drop.”

    This is clearly the reason for “The Pause”:) If CO2 really did what it is claimed to do, we could worry about it.

  8. tom0mason

    O.T. but here’s another paper for Kenneth to add to the ever growing pile of real research called “Enhanced CO2 uptake at a shallow Arctic Ocean seep field overwhelms the positive warming potential of emitted methane” and is available here

  9. sod

    Hurrah, Trump wants to pull out of the Paris agreement. Enjoy the company of Syria while the rest of the world will wonder how to counter this incredible amount of stupidity.

    You might want to start to google the term “isolation”..

    1. AndyG55

      The rest of the world..??

      oh you mean Germany and the other dopey twerps destroying their electricity supply systems on the whims of the defunct AGW religion. Yes, they exihibit a tremendous amount of stupidity, for sure !!!

      Trump is the first to counter this AGW stupidity directly.

      China is also ignoring the AGW stupidity, funding coal and gas fired electricity around the world.

      So DON’T PANIC little sob-sob…

      … There will be PLENTY of Earth enhancing atmospheric CO2 for many, many years to come. 🙂

  10. 3 Chemists Conclude CO2 Greenhouse Effect Is ‘Unreal’, Violates Laws Of Physics, Thermodynamics

    […] it will remain at the top for another day. Meanwhile the Great Meltdown in Europe has begun as Zero-Reduction Merkel sharply criticizes President Trump for not signing on to the Paris scam.  -PG […]

  11. yonason (from my cell phone)

    I would hardly call reduction in CO2 output “progress,” given that vegetation doesn’t perform anywhere near optimally at the near starvation level it’s at.

  12. Al Gore Forced to Admit Paris Climate Deal WON’T help the Climate – Newsfeed – Hasslefree allsorts
  13. John from Michigan

    To Ms. Merkel and all you proponents of reducing CO2 to fight climate change (global warming), you are barking up the wrong tree. There are two facts (and they are facts)that you choose to ignore: 1) CO2 is not a pollutant, it is a beneficial gas in the atmosphere, (It’s plant food.) and 2) There isn’t a trace of evidence that CO2 has any effect on the climate (not a scintilla). All you are doing by cutting down CO2 is harming plant life on this planet and if you carry it to it’s zero CO2 extreme, you’ll kill all life on Earth. The UN scam has nothing to do with climate. According to their spokespeople, It’s a means of redistributing wealth and destroying capitalism — neither of which would be beneficial to any developed country (including Germany.)

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