New Study Sees New Health Risk To Humans From Wind Turbines: “Micro-Seismicity”

German wind energy protest site ( tells us of a new study: “Numerical modelling of micro-seismic and infrasound noise radiated by a wind turbine” and the possible the effects on human health.

It turns out that not only infrasound have negative impacts on humans, but perhaps so do the micro-seismic waves that turbine vibrations generate in the ground. In the new study, the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT), in partnership with University Patras of Greece, examined the micro-seismic and infrasound noise radiated by a wind turbine.

Higher levels of noise inside a house

According to the study’s highlights, modeling of the operation of a wind turbine under strong winds generated micro-seismic waves that would cause annoyance for neighbors. 2D simulations were performed for a specific geometry and a structure located 500 m far from a wind turbine. The most important conclusions:

(i) the micro-seismicity creates higher levels of noise inside a house than that of the airborne noise radiated by a wind turbine and

(ii) bedrock being in low depths underneath the soil has an additional contribution to the generated acoustic noise by the induced micro-seismicity.”

The study also found that micro-seismic waves impact the measurements of seismological centers that were even 15 km away from a wind turbine farm and that the “larger disturbances occurred at a frequency range of 5-10 Hz“.

The abstract of the study:

Infrasound, low frequency noise and soil vibrations produced by large wind turbines might disturb the comfort of nearby structures and residents. In addition repowering close to urban areas produces some fears to the nearby residents that the level of disturbance may increase. Due to wind loading, the foundation of a wind turbine interacts with the soil and creates micro-seismic surface waves that propagate for long distances and they are able to influence adversely sensitive measurements conducted by laboratories located far from the excitation point. A numerical study on the creation and propagation of those waves to the surrounding area is the subject of the present work. Besides, the contribution of those waves to airborne sound generated by the soil-air interaction is also investigated. All numerical simulations are performed with the aid of the Boundary Element Method (BEM), which is ideal for solving such problems since it takes automatically into account the radiation conditions of the waves and thus only the soil-foundation interface and the free surface of the surrounding soil are needed to be discretized. Foundation and soil are considered as linearly elastic materials with interfacial bonding. The frequency domain Helmholtz equation is employed for the simulation of acoustic waves. Numerical results dealing with the airborne and soil borne noise propagation and attenuation are presented and disturbances that might be caused to nearby and far-field structures are discussed.”

Potential health risks advises of the potential health risks at their site:

The determined frequency range of the largest disturbances found in the the study of 5 – 10 Hz, according to KIT University Patras are within the natural frequencies of, for example, the following organs:

Abdomen (4-10 Hz), general poor feeling (4-9 Hz), chest (5-7 Hz), impact on breathing (4-8 Hz), shoulder area (4-5 Hz), bent knee (2 Hz), arm (5-10 Hz),

Spine: (10-12 Hz)

Dr. Amanda Harry, UK, as to G. Rasmussen, DK and the Robert Koch Institute and ISO Standards 2631

Many of the described illness symptoms influenced by acoustic noise are found in the above mentioned organs.”

So not only is infrasound a problem for human health, but also the ground vibrations produced by vibrating wind turbines are likely to impact humans as well.

So far not a single German media outlet has reported on the findings. Not exactly the thing the public should know about in these times of wind energy profiteering.

19 responses to “New Study Sees New Health Risk To Humans From Wind Turbines: “Micro-Seismicity””

  1. sod

    I hope we can stop this dangerous noises caused by wind mills soon!

    we should change to noise-free power sources. Fracking is the way to go and explosives used in mining are great as well.

    1. Kurt in Switzerland


      Why don’t you do an experiment and pitch a tent next to a wind turbine for a fortnight?

      1. sod

        why do you not spend a month in a coal mine? why do you not drink a gallon of fracking liquid? Why is nuclear waste not stored in your fridge?

        1. AndyG55

          Sob-sob puts foot in mouth yet again.

          He is comparing wind turbine to isolated highly controlled areas and substances, showing JUST HOW BAD wind turbines really are.

          He is saying even a few days below a wind turbine are as bad as a month in a coal mine, drinking a gallon of salt water of having nuclear material in your fridge.

          For once he is correct.

          Except for the coal mine thing, which would not be a problem at all. Being from a major coal mining area , I have several friends who work there, often sleep there, and friends that drive coal trains.

          Wind turbines are FAR worse to human health than a modern coal mine.

        2. Robert Folkerts

          Just how old are you, sod?

        3. Kurt in Switzerland


          The problem with wind farms is that you need fossil fuels just to build them (think steel & cement production, think composite fibers; think transport and earth-moving); then you need fossil fuels on standby as backup supply. Then you need 2-3 orders of magnitude of land area for the same nameplate power capacity (as for a fossil fuel plant).

          So just stick with the fossil fuels.

        4. Craig T

          About those modern coal mines …

          But at least coal mines don’t interfere with the navigation of whales and dolphins. I didn’t know Andy was part of the Greenpeace crowd.

          1. AndyG55

            I care about all life.

            Most of the pseudo-environmentalists don’t seem to.

            They wish to starve plant life for a start, and only care about nature when they can use it to stop progress.

            Greenpeace are amongst the worst of the pseudo-environmentalist. They should be up in arms about the carnage of top echelon birds due to wind turbines and solar farms..

            … but they DON’T GIVE A STUFF !!

            They are now purely a far-left AGW scam group.

        5. yonason (from my cell phone)

          People actually DO have to live in close proximity to the bird/bat abattoirs, which is the point. If you had a functional neuron and/or an honest bone in your body, you would realize how utterly inane your suggestions are. Things that no one is required to do, or that no sane person would do, in no way counter the suggestion that you spend time in an area that others cannot avoid. If you think what you are writing makes any sense, you have serious cognitive impairment.

  2. Stephen Richards

    Sounds the same as infra sound. Very low frequency resonance.

    1. sod

      go fracking and you have real-Seismicity.

      But no “sceptics” so far has said a single “sceptic” word about fracking.

      That says it all.

      1. sunsettommy


        your comments reminds me on what Fish does when they are brought into a boat……

        You have nothing to say.

        1. SebastianH

          There was once a blogpost by P Gosselin … your reply is the definition of “nothing to say” and so is mine now.

          1. AndyG55

            “and so is mine now”

            So are yours… ALWAYS !!!

        2. AndyG55

          Bet sob-sob’s life relies gas, as well as electricity from coal power.

  3. AndyG55

    Nowhere near enough study has been done on the effects of infrasound on animals, and soil structure.

    Particularly of concern is the effect of offshore wind turbine infrasound on sea creatures such as whales, dolphins etc that actually use infrasound for navigation and communication.

  4. AndyG55

    MASSIVE CHEER goes up ! 🙂


    Maybe now, this AGW scam can start to be put back in the sewer where it came from !

    1. Craig T

      Thought you might enjoy that.

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