New Papers Find Significant COOLING In W. Virginia, Appalachia, And The Yellow Sea Since The Early 1900s

Scientists identify more regions of the world that haven’t warmed up – and have, instead, cooled – since the early 1900s.

Kutta and Hubbart, 2019

Observed climatic changes in West Virginia

and opportunities for agriculture

Between 1900 and 2016, climatic trends were characterized by significant reductions in the maximum temperatures (−0.78°C/century; p = 0.001), significant increases in minimum temperatures (0.44 °C/century; p = 0.017) [overall -0.34°C/century], and increased annual precipitation (25.4 mm/century) indicative of a wetter and more temperate WV climate. Despite increasing trends of growing degree days during the first (p ≤ 0.015) and second half of the period of record, the long-term trend indicated a decrease in GDD [warm growing degree days] of approximately 100 °C/days.”

Eck et al., 2019

Winter climate variability in the southern

Appalachian Mountains, 1910–2017

A majority (12/14) of the regions within the SAM [southern Appalachian Mountains] have experienced a long‐term decline in mean winter temperatures since 1910.”

Zhang et al., 2019

Persistent intensification of the Kuroshio Current

during late Holocene cool intervals

“In core 31003, the SST record shows a distinctly anti-phase relationship with that of core 38002 over the last millennium. For instance, from the MWP to LIA, SST values increased from ∼17.0 ± 0.3°C to ∼19.1 ± 0.6°C in the northern core 38002 but decreased from ∼24.3 ± 0.4°C to ∼23.5 ± 0.3°C in the southern coastal core 31003. Since 1850 AD, the SST record in core 31003 elevated within the range of 24.3 ± 0.4°C, similar to values during the MWP, but decreased gradually to 18.0°C in core 38002, in line with the SST trends at two additional locations from the YSWC [Yellow Sea Warm Current] pathway as reported by He et al. (2014).”

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      I was wondering where he went.

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    CORRECTION: It’s not that they’ve “cooled off.” It’ just that they haven’t been properly “adjusted” yet. //:o]

  4. pochas94

    I think it should be pointed out that if urban areas are warmer for various reasons, then the warm buoyant air will be replaced by cooler air from above in rural areas.

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