Germany Shifts To The Right – May Mean Significant Slowdown For Country’s “Green Energies”

The German election results are coming in, and one thing is clear: Angela Merkel’s coalition government lost big. The preliminary figures show: (UPDATED Monday) CDU/CSU center right – 33.0% SPD socialist – 20.5 Left – 9.1 FDP free democrats – 10.7 Greens – 8.9 AfD hard right – 12.6  Other – 5.0 Here we see that the German center-leftist parties […]

Germany Expected To Shift To The Right In Today's National Elections, Green Energies To Take Back Seat

Germany Expected To Shift To The Right In Today’s National Elections, Green Energies To Take Back Seat

Later today I’ll be posting on the result of Germany’s national elections, once it starts coming in this evening. Angela Merkel’s center-right Christian CDU/CSU (Union) is expected to win easily. But what the new government will look like remains totally open. The latest opinion poll shows: Latest opinion polls show CDU/CSU (Union) in the lead. […]

Rapid ENSO Prediction Reversal: ´Now Global-Cooling La Niña Is Forecast Ahead!

Rapid ENSO Prediction Reversal: ´Now Global-Cooling La Niña Is Forecast Ahead!

Making forecasts concerning weather and climate is not an easy task. There is really much we do not understand, though some like to make you think everything is all understood and settled. This is why I get a kick out of people who claim they are able to predict decades into the future, yet have […]

German ARD Meteorologist: "Can't Blame Climate Change" For This Year's Hurricanes... "Many Factors"

German ARD Meteorologist: “Can’t Blame Climate Change” For This Year’s Hurricanes… “Many Factors”

Last Tuesday morning German flagship ARD public television meteorologist Donald Bäcker surprised some climate-realist viewers here with a very level-headed look at the factors behind hurricane development. I use the word “surprise” here because the massive German public media system are generally devout warmists and vigilant gatekeepers against skeptic views. Open discussion here means discussion […]

Jose And Maria Frustrate Global Warming Ambulance Chasers, Media And Warmunistas

Jose And Maria Frustrate Global Warming Ambulance Chasers, Media And Warmunistas

UPDATE 3: But NOAA keeps moving track further out to sea… UPDATE 2: Joe Bastardi says Maria not hitting US “not a done deal”. UPDATE 1: NOOOOOO! F?§#! …NOAA updates latest storm track…takes Maria even further out to sea… ======================================== A few days ago it looked as if the US coast could be hit by […]

NOAA Models Project Harsh 2017/18 European Winter...Possibly Coldest This Century

NOAA Models Project Harsh 2017/18 European Winter…Possibly Coldest This Century

Weather and climate analyst Schneefan here writes that the 2017/18 winter in Europe could be one of the coldest of the last 20 years. In mid September NOAA’s CFSv2 weather model once again crunched out a cold temperatures across Europe for all three winter months (December (left), January (center), February (right)) for the coming 2017/18 winter: […]

Climate Change, Natural Disasters Disappear From Ranking Of Germans’ Top 3 Fears!

Fear of natural catastrophes among German citizens has dwindled over the past 10 years. Back in 2007, just on the heels of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth – the peak of the global warming scare – natural catastrophes took second place among the ranking of top fears for Germans. Today ten years later in 2017 natural […]

Analysis By German Scientists Concerning Hurricane Causes: More Propaganda Than Science

In the wake of Category 5 hurricanes Irma and Harvey, Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt presented an analysis of what’s behind the hurricane activity and literature at their well known Die kalte Sonne climate website. Their hope is to bring the hurricane discussion back to some rationality. The German media of course have […]

As La Nina Looms, Warmists Skid Into Panic Mode...Global Warming Pause Set To Surpass Two Decades!

As La Nina Looms, Warmists Skid Into Panic Mode…Global Warming Pause Set To Surpass Two Decades!

At this point last year global warming alarmists and global socialism politicians were as giddy and as optimistic as ever. Everything was falling into place as it looked as if nothing would prevent them from imposing their green regime. The Pope was on their side, global temperatures had been near record highs (thanks to an […]

The Skeptics Witch-Hunt Is On …Pope Francis Unleashes Inquisition 2.0

Click image to watch. It is the duty of every Catholic to persecute heretics.” – Pope Gregory IX, 1170-1241, organizer of the Inquisition They that approve a private opinion, call it opinion; but they that mislike it, heresy: and yet heresy signifies no more than private opinion.“ – Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679), Leviathan Now fast forward […]

NEW YORK (Nov. 19, 2012) Members of the Army National Guard load trucks as they prepare to hand out supplies to people in need.  In response to Hurricane Sandy the New York National Guard spent the the day going door to door in Far Rockaway, N.Y. Hurricane Sandy was the largest Atlantic hurricane on record and caused the most damage in New York and New Jersey Oct. 29, 2012.  (U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Ryan J. Courtade/Released)

German Analysis: Florida Evacuation With E-Vehicles Would Mean “Mass Death On The Highways”

If Florida’s transportation were based mostly on electric vehicles, as activists demand, it would quickly come to a standstill in times of hurricanes and mass evacuations. Charging stations would be overwhelmed and millions of lives put at risk. Good thing we have fossil fuel powered vehicles, which can run and be refueled whenever the power […]

"Net Increase In Greenland Ice Mass...First Time This Century" Amid Northern Hemisphere Cool-Down

“Net Increase In Greenland Ice Mass…First Time This Century” Amid Northern Hemisphere Cool-Down

The Arctic and the Northern Hemisphere surprise experts with impressive snow and ice gains, decade-long stability. Reader David at Facebook brought my attention to the fact that Greenland this year has in fact been increasing in ice mass. The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) was forced to admit: Overall, however, reduced melting and […]

German Energy Expert Shreds Wind Power: "Everyone's Loses With Wind Energy"!

German Energy Expert Shreds Wind Power: “Everyone’s Loses With Wind Energy”!

Late last month a video of a discussion round featuring green energies was put up on Youtube. The segment that follows below shows Dr. Detlef Ahlborn, President of the Wind Energy protest group Bundesinitiative Vernunftkraft (German Initiative for Sensible Power) telling us, without mincing words, why wind energy has been a flop in Germany. Though […]

Bad Luck: Monster Hurricane Irma Could Rack Up $1 Trillion In Damages!

Bad Luck: Monster Hurricane Irma Could Rack Up $1 Trillion In Damages!

UPDATE 4: See animation here. UPDATE 3: Dr. Roy Spencer thinks Miami may have averted disaster. UPDATE 2: Euro model shows Irma eye tracking along Florida west coast. The NAM model showing eye moving along OFF west coast. UPDATE 1: Levi Cowan of Tropical Tidbits reports at Twitter that the forecast path has shifted westward, something […]

Former NOAA Expert, High-Accuracy Hurricane Predictor Says "Natural Cycles" Major Driver

Former NOAA Expert, High-Accuracy Hurricane Predictor Says “Natural Cycles” Major Driver

A former NOAA meteorologist and 40-year veteran of hurricane predictions believes Irma will continue to move move west toward Florida and reach near the southern tip of the Florida Peninsula around Sunday, September 11th, as a major category 4 hurricane. Irma eerily similar to Hurricane Donna’s (1960) track. Public Domain image. Both David Dilley of […]

Climate Scientists Conceding Natural Ocean Cycles Playing Major Climate Role

Dawning on Scientists: Atlantic Ocean Cycles Drive By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (German text translated/edited by P. Gosselin) The oceans are the world’s largest water reservoirs, and over 60-year cycles they swallow heat three decades long, and release over the 30 years or so that follow. In the Atlantic this phenomenon is called […]

German Engine Expert Doesn’t Believe In The Battery, Calls For A “Return To Sobriety”

Electric car proponents keep insisting that breakthroughs in electric car battery technology are just around the corner, and that soon electric cars will no longer be hampered by limited range and long charging times. Thus we should start banning internal combustion cars soon. Leading experts, on the other hand, are far less optimistic about the […]

Greenland “Embarrassment” To Climate Warmists …Cold Autumn/Frigid Winter Projected For Europe

Schneefan here reports that the Alps are seeing heavy snowfall down to 1800 meters elevation: live-video. And if there’s a sure sign that fall is arriving in Europe, it is that the Zugspitze, Germany’s highest peak, is forecasting snow for the next 7 consecutive days: Source: Some may be asking what remains ahead for […]

Hurricane Expert's Forecast Spot On...Says "It's all Cyclical" ..."Nothing To Do With Global Warming"

Hurricane Expert’s Forecast Spot On…Says “It’s all Cyclical” …”Nothing To Do With Global Warming”

Way back in February, Global Weather Oscillations (GWO) veteran meteorologist David Dilley predicted that the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season would be “the most dangerous and costliest in 12 years for the United States.” Photo: David Dilley, GWO In the wake of Harvey, and with an eye on the now growing threat posed by Irma, that […]

German Wind Energy Market “Threatening To Implode”…”Things Have Never Been This Bad”!

While Germany likes to fancy itself as being among the “global leaders” in tackling climate change by expanding green energies, the country has in fact taken very little action recently to back up the appearances. If anything, Germany is more in the green energy retreat mode. There are good reasons for this. German flagship business daily […]