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After Trillions of Dollars And 13 Climate Conferences, CO2 Emissions Reach New Record High!

Michael Krueger at German skeptic site Science Skeptical here writes that in 2015 global CO2 emissions reached another new all-time record high, despite all the elaborate climate conferences and hundreds of billions of dollars invested in curbing global “greenhouse gases”. Krueger asks: What have all the climate conferences brought us since the first UN conference took place in […]

Potsdam Climate Institute Scientists/Government Under Fire For Politicizing Climate Science

Chief Editor of ‘Science’ criticizes activism by climate scientists: PIK needs to define red line for employees By Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt and Dr. Sebastian Luning (Translated/edited by P Gosselin) The well-known journal ‘Science’ has a new chief editor. Jeremy Berg is a biochemist was among the leadership of the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) in Pennsylvania. Since […]

Daimler Benz CEO Dieter Zetsche Come Out Against 2030 Ban Of Internal Combustion Engines

Online national German daily ‘Die Welt’ here reported yesterday that Daimler Benz CEO Dieter Zetsche opposes a mandatory hasty exit from fossil fuel powered automobiles. Recently Germany’s Federal Council voted to ban the registration of automobiles powered by gasoline or diesel fossil fuel by the year 2030 in a bid to reduce the country’s CO2 […]

Rare Event ...Millions Of Children Under 11 See First Time Major Hurricane Hit Florida!

Rare Event …Millions Of Children Under 11 See First Time Major Hurricane Hit Florida!

After days of uncertainty, Hurricane Matthew finally took a track taking it directly to Florida. It’s the first major category hurricane to hit the sunshine state (and the US, if I’m not mistaken) in almost 11 years. The last major hurricane to strike was Wilma in 2005. This 4000-day hiatus is a record since hurricane statistics began […]

Alarmism Not Working: World Citizens Rank Climate Change Dead Last As Concern

Alarmism Not Working: World Citizens Rank Climate Change Dead Last As Concern

Over the last few years, the United Nations has been conducting an online poll, asking the world’s citizens —well, those fortunate enough to have access to electrical power, a computer, and the internet — what is most important to them, what concerns them most, or what issue they view as the highest priority for action. […]

Massive Cover-up Exposed: 285 Papers From 1960s-'80s Reveal Robust Global Cooling Scientific 'Consensus'

Massive Cover-up Exposed: 285 Papers From 1960s-’80s Reveal Robust Global Cooling Scientific ‘Consensus’

Beginning in 2003, software engineer William Connolley quietly removed the highly inconvenient references to the global cooling scare of the 1970s from Wikipedia, the world’s most influential and accessed informational source. It had to be done.  Too many skeptics were (correctly) pointing out that the scientific “consensus” during the 1960s and 1970s was that the […]

Another One Of Climate Science’s Central Claims To Go Down In Flames Tomorrow – Stay Tuned!

Today I can only offer a trailer on what will be published tomorrow, as the finishing touches are still ongoing. Over the past weeks NTZ has assisted in a comprehensive analysis of a large body of climate science literature. At this point I can only say that the results have one climate science’s central claims […]

German Alarmists Fret Climate Plan “Greatly Watered Down”, Now Only “A Compass” …Targets “In Serious Danger”!

Germany’s leading climate alarmism site “Klimaretter” (Climate Rescuer) recently fretted that the German government has quietly watered down the country’s climate protection policy and targets for the coming decades. In short, Germany is walking away from its climate protection commitments declared in Paris. The site describes Germany’s plan to reduce CO2 emissions by 2050 as […]

Germany's Media Sobering Up To The Widespread Corruption Of The 'Energiewende' and Wind Lobby

Germany’s Media Sobering Up To The Widespread Corruption Of The ‘Energiewende’ and Wind Lobby

German flagship ARD public television recently broadcast a report on Germany’s Energiewende called: “The Battle Over Wind Turbines” Meet the Schmidt’s in northern Germany. The family, like many Germans, once welcome wind turbines and viewed them as a responsible way to produce energy in an environmentally and climate friendly way. Today the ARD reports that they […]

"Preach Water, Guzzle Wine"... Swiss VP Doris Leuthard's Hypocrisy On 500-Day "Solar Impulse" Flight

“Preach Water, Guzzle Wine”… Swiss VP Doris Leuthard’s Hypocrisy On 500-Day “Solar Impulse” Flight

The energy restriction that the global climate change movement is calling for is arguably about driving the masses back into the mud, and putting a small, elitist class into palaces. Any study would show that global warming regulators, activists and scientists are the worst offenders when it comes to carbon emissions. Think Al Gore, George […]

Clinton Shuns Visit To Louisiana Flood Zone... Too Frail For The Heat And Humidity?

Clinton Shuns Visit To Louisiana Flood Zone… Too Frail For The Heat And Humidity?

Too frail? Has Hillary Clinton shunned a visit to Louisiana because getting out and visiting flood victims would require her to spend extended time outside her fossil-fuel, air-conditioned comfort zone? Hillary Clinton’s suspected major health issues refuse to go away as a political issue in this year’s election. The latest here, here and here. Though claims that she […]

Software Expert Exposes Potential NASA Climate Data Fraud ...Trend "Completely Fake" And "Manipulated!

Software Expert Exposes Potential NASA Climate Data Fraud …Trend “Completely Fake” And “Manipulated!

Note: Due to limited WIFI over next couple of days, comment moderation will be sporadic. ====================== Software engineering whiz Tony Heller makes a presentation on climate change and the data behind it. If you haven’t watched it already, then do take the time to do so. “Utter nonsense” Heller, who goes by the pseudo-name of […]

EU Regulation Orgy Intensifies…Strasburg Votes To Regulate Lawnmower Emissions!

You wouldn’t be wrong to suspect EU elitist/establishment types fancy themselves as masterminds of some grand social-green, centrally-planned architecture. The future of EU lawn mowing. Image: Home Depot. Lately they have been fuming from the ears over Great Britain’s audacious vote to ditch the whole Franco-German dominated project. The gall! And ever since the British citizens […]

The EU’s “Climate-Political Nightmare”! Germany’s Flagship Daily ‘Die Welt’ Comments On Brexit

Economics editor Daniel Wetzel at Germany’s center-right national daily Die Welt here writes that the Brexit may be the end of the Paris climate treaty and that it is a climate-political nightmare for the EU. Already, he notes, the price of CO2 emissions certificates has plummeted to near low-grade levels, see chart at Die Welt. The […]

Paging Attorneys General! …

2016 Scientific Consensus: Climate Models Aren’t Working By Kenneth Richard In a 2015 editorial on the dire consequences of human-caused climate change, Marcia McNutt, editor of the journal Science, stated with conviction that “the time for debate has ended.”   It’s the “action” of reducing our CO2 emissions that is now “urgently needed” instead of debating […]

Rigged Contest... French Government Disqualifies Skeptic Climate Project, Claiming It "Did Not Fulfill Criteria"!

Rigged Contest… French Government Disqualifies Skeptic Climate Project, Claiming It “Did Not Fulfill Criteria”!

Now the latest on the French government disappearing a skeptic project from a climate contest. In a contest that is set up to find the best solutions to a “problem”, it is not always wise to propose irrefutable scientific evidence that shows the “problem” does not even exist, and thus making the contest a waste […]

SCANDAL? French Government Disappears Skeptic's Project From '100 Projects For The Climate' Contest!

SCANDAL? French Government Disappears Skeptic’s Project From ‘100 Projects For The Climate’ Contest!

It’s no secret that Dr. Sebastian Lüning’s outstanding, purely scientific Medieval Warming Period Map project has been held in very high regard within the science community. It’s also no secret that some government-funded scientists and a slew of activists are not at all happy that it has created controversy and cast serious doubt over climate science. Indeed Lüning’s […]

Modern Debacle Of Wasted Trillions. Consensus: Efforts To Prevent Climate Change “Will Almost Surely Fail”!

Scientific Consensus: “Efforts to curtail world temps will almost surely fail” By Kenneth Richard Already this year there are 6 peer-reviewed papers examining efforts to curtail CO2 emissions through the use renewable energies. They all conclude that the effort won’t be successful. Given the trillions already committed and at risk of being totally wasted, one […]

“Climate McCarthyism” May Backfire As Large Body Of New Science Shows Claims Of “Consensus” Are An Illusion

The web media have been reporting on how a group of activist attorneys general have recently launched efforts to clamp down on climate science dissent. The science-dissent crackdown is spearheaded by 16 Democrat attorneys general and US Justice Department head Loretta Lynch, who is falling back in part on the powerful federal RICO (anti-racketeering) laws. […]

'Stalinist Conformity': Swiss Professor Says 'Young Researchers Forced To Submit To Mainstream Theories'

‘Stalinist Conformity’: Swiss Professor Says ‘Young Researchers Forced To Submit To Mainstream Theories’

What the older science generation lacks in science competence, they more than make up for it in arrogance. US Attorneys General take aim at climate science dissidents So vulnerable, flawed, and under fire has climate science and other fields become that the only tactic left to defend the disintegrating positions is to use Stalinist measures to […]