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German Experts Warn Of Grid Instability…”Conventional Power Plants Needed For A Long Time To Come”

Share this… Facebook TwitterGermany’s massive, subsidized expansion of electricity generation from renewable sources has squeezed out conventional generation units out of the market. Two experts warn of growing grid instability. Quo Vadis, Grid Stability? Original article at Die kalte Sonne The conclusion of the two is very alarming. Here, too, not a word about “storage […]

Germany Plans “Climate Lockdown”…Forbidden To Leave Doors Open…Washcloths Instead Of Showers!

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe future in Germany is lockdown after lockdown. After the COVID lockdown, Germany now moving to impose a climate lockdown, says German Editor in Chief. Germany’s Bild TV YouTube site here looks at the latest Socialist-Green government’s initiatives to combat the country’s deepening energy crisis. The latest initiatives have been drawn up […]

Germany’s Growing Energy Supply Uncertainty: Electric Heater Sales Up 1000%…In The Summertime!

Share this… Facebook TwitterGermany’s “disastrous” energy policy Nowadays in Germany, talk is swirling over whether Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD Socialists) still has confidence in Economics Minister Robert Habeck’s capability to run the country’s energy policy, which many are calling a disaster.  1000% rise in sales of electric heaters – in the summertime! Germany’s summer is […]

German Economics Expert Sees 6 Formidable Problems With Germany's Green Energy Push

German Economics Expert Sees 6 Formidable Problems With Germany’s Green Energy Push

Share this… Facebook TwitterLeading German economist Hans Werner Sinn sees 6 major problems with Europe’s green energy transition (Energiewende) and warns other nations against following the German energy model. Problem no. 1: The Paris Accord is non-binding The Paris Accord in fact has been signed by only 61 of 191 nations and so pledge to […]

Climate Change At Bottom Of List Of Worries For German Households, Comprehensive 8-Year Survey Shows

Share this… Facebook Twitter“Surprising results”: Germans are much more worried about the economy, peace and health than they are about “climate change”, a comprehensive series of surveys reveals.  Part 3 of the most recent German Klimaschau here looks at five recent surveys of some 2000 German private households conducted since 2012 by market research group […]

German Conservationists Score Win In Battle To Protect 1000-Year Old "Grimm's Fairytale Forest" From Green Insanity

German Conservationists Score Win In Battle To Protect 1000-Year Old “Grimm’s Fairytale Forest” From Green Insanity

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe German state of Hesse has one of Europe’s largest contiguous and undisturbed forest areas: the Reinhardswald, also known as the “treasure house of European forests” or “Grimm’s fairytale forest”.  The legal fight to rescue the treasured forest from windpark industrialization has begun.  Though the mass environmental crime has already begun, conservationists are […]

Leaked EU Document: Citizens, Industry May See Severe Gas Rationing Coming Autumn, Potential Economic Collapse

Share this… Facebook Twitter Leaked EU document on gas supply By Blackout News Russia has already suspended gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria because they refused to pay roubles. The same threatens all European countries. The EU is therefore asking countries to share gas if Russia stops supplying it. The Spanish newspaper El País has now […]

“Russia Exporting More Oil Than Before War”…India, China Snapping Up Tankers Of Oil At Large Discounts

Share this… Facebook TwitterMeanwhile western countries are getting pummeled by inflation, shaky supply chains, economic pain.  German energy site Blackout News here reports that Russia’s oil exports remain unfazed despite the embargos by western countries. “In the second month of the war on Ukraine, Russia exported more oil than a year earlier, despite the oil […]

Germany Now Finds Itself In A Desperate Energy Situation. An Urgent Letter To The Federal Government

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe nuclear industry association is calling for an extension of operating lifetimes. But in Germany, there is a lack of political will, and the operators are profiting from the green energy business. The damage is paid by the citizen. By Holger Douglas Hat-tip: EIKE There could not be a better symbolic image: […]

Comprehensive European Study Finds Warmer Climate Periods Do Not Lead To More Conflict, War

Comprehensive European Study Finds Warmer Climate Periods Do Not Lead To More Conflict, War

Share this… Facebook TwitterAnalysis of 1000 years of European wars finds that more war and conflict are not linked to warm climates. One of the scare stories used by the global warming alarmists is the claim that climate extremes produced by manmade climate change will lead to greater strife and more bloody wars. Hat-tip: Klimaschau […]

Germany's Absurd Energy Policy Of Shortage And Hardship: Energy Inflation Soars To 22.5% Year On Year!

Germany’s Absurd Energy Policy Of Shortage And Hardship: Energy Inflation Soars To 22.5% Year On Year!

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe inflation rate in Germany is expected to be +5.1% in February 2022…powered by spiraling energy prices. “Inflation is like toothpaste. Once it’s out, you can hardly get it back in again.” – Karl Otto  Pöhl, German economist, former President of the Bundesbank. Late last year when it became clear to everyone […]

The "World's Dumbest Energy Policy" Just Got Dumber...The Frightening Race To Reset By World War

The “World’s Dumbest Energy Policy” Just Got Dumber…The Frightening Race To Reset By World War

Share this… Facebook TwitterJust when we thought leaders couldn’t possibly screw things up more…now Europe faces a massively crippling energy shock and the German Chancellor closes pipeline…NATO’s frightening race to war with Russia.  The inflation rate in Germany stood at +4.9% in January, 2022. In December 2021, it had been +5.3% when it reached its […]

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