No Joke: EU Regulators To Require Insurance For Ride-On Mowers, Vehicles Over 6 Km/Hr

Europe’s regulation freak show: EU bureaucrats plan to make insurance coverage compulsory for any vehicle travelling over 6 km/hr…

…including ride-on mowers!

Ride-on mowers will be required to have insurance coverage, according to a EU proposal. Image: Mike Judge, MTV, cropped here

As Europe’s green, smothering net of regulation gets cast over the EU, citizens will have to put up with ever increasingly loonier rules.

The latest: “Compulsory insurance for ride-on mowers: new EU regulations on the way. Slow moving vehicles – travelling less than 20 km/hr. “

That’s right – no joke! If the EU gets its way, homeowners won’t be allowed to cut their grass with their ride-on mower unless they can show it is covered by their insurance!

German Insurance Association (GDV) does not see ride-on mowers as a problem, though. “These slow-moving machines are normally covered by the owners’ liability insurance policies, such as private liability or business liability. The German government plans to extend compulsory insurance to vehicles traveling between six and 20 kilometers per hour.”

What could be behind all this? We can only speculate. Certainly it would not be any stretch of the imagination that all this is designed to harass citizens off their rider-mowers off their butts and back to using the regular push-mowers.

And what’s next? Compulsory insurance coverage for the use of power tools? And what about ladders, or even stairs? There’s no limit for EU bureaucrats.

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4 responses to “No Joke: EU Regulators To Require Insurance For Ride-On Mowers, Vehicles Over 6 Km/Hr”

  1. John Hultquist

    In the USA, 1,076,000 patients annually are treated in emergency rooms because of stairs, and likely many more that don’t require that level of care. Lawn mower accidents, both walk-behind and ride injuries are under 10,000.

  2. Climate Heretic


    I can’t create an account. No page, to do so?

    Climate Heretic

  3. D. Boss

    You realize this also applies to bicycles, scooters and roller skates given the 6-20 km/hr criteria…..

  4. Greetings

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