Germany’s Nationwide Discontent Will Be Fueled Further By Higher CO2 Tax – Planned For 2024!

The only thing Berlin’s fueling is discontent…

The German government’s CO2 price increase beginning from January 2024 will make petrol, heating and electricity more expensive. 

Already Germany’s industry is shrinking rapidly and farmers are now protesting nationally due to high fuels costs:

These protests are rapidly expanding and a national day of protest in planned for January 8, 2024. Many of the working class are expected to join in.

Yet, Germany’s Socialist-Green government, led by Olaf Scholz, continues to stick to its plans to drastically increase the carbon price, beginning in January, and thus make life for millions even more painful.

Currently the price is 30 euros per ton and it will rise to 45 euros per ton beginning in 2024.

“As a result, the cost of refueling, heating and electricity will continue to rise.” reports Blackout News here.

Not only will this fuel inflation, but will also only further exacerbate a discontent that it is approaching the boiling over point. Social unrest threatens.

“Heating costs in Germany will continue to rise in the coming year. According to the comparison portal “Verivox”, the price of gas will rise by 0.39 cents per kilowatt hour, while heating oil will become 4.8 cents more expensive per liter. For an average family with a heating requirement of 20,000 kilowatt hours, this means additional annual costs of 78 euros for gas and 96 euros for heating oil. These increases come on top of already high energy prices and place a further burden on households,” according to Blackout News.

The CO2 tax increase will also impact the prices at the gas pump and be felt by both both consumers and businesses.

There’s also no end in the rise in electricity price for consumers, as power grid charges go into effect and there alone consumers will be burdened another 100 euros annually.

The government is also introducing a jet fuel tax for domestic flights in a bid to herd more citizens into trains and buses.

Even the press in Germany – largely center-left – have criticized “the back door” tax hikes.

2 responses to “Germany’s Nationwide Discontent Will Be Fueled Further By Higher CO2 Tax – Planned For 2024!”

  1. voza0db

    Well, this is what happens when germans allow the jesters in office to OBEY and be MEEK and Cowards in relation to the United States of Terrorism.

    NSII cheap gas – OFF best regards from the USofT
    NPP shutdown – Best regards from Japan

    So the fact that you guys are paying (will pay) so much more for energy should be of no surprise!

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