Heat Becomes Unaffordable In Germany… Seniors Struggle, Staying Warm At Public Heating Places…

Energy poverty is spreading in Germany. Citizens, especially seniors, can no longer afford to heat their residences 

Blackout News reports on how German senior citizens, who, due to high energy prices, are being increasingly forced into a life of poverty and struggling to keep warm at home.

“Many pensioners can no longer pay heating costs and so they spend time at so called warming places,” like charitable organizations. It’s just too expensive to pay for heat at home.Bild also reports here.
“Older Berlin pensioners are struggling with high heating costs and cold homes,” writes Blackout News.

Many pensioners are having difficulty coping with paying their rent and high heating costs, many with a pension of well under 1,000 euros.

Recently one leading German politician, Ricarda Lang (Greens) embarrassed herself on German television when she said she thought the average German pensioner earned 2000 euros a month. The average in fact is just 1500 euros.

Soup kitchens and warming places

Sigrid Johannes, 84 years old, says she has to set the heat in her living room on low and doesn’t heat the other rooms. “I’m out and about all day, in the soup kitchen at lunchtime, and at a warming place in the afternoon. In the evening, I snuggle up in a thick blanket to save money,” reports Blackout News.”

Germany’s energy situation is so bad, in fact, that in November, 2022, the “Network of Warmth” was founded in Berlin. “Almost 358 facilities offer warmth for people struggling with high energy costs.”

Meanwhile, the government is doing nothing to make heating energy cheaper.

Nine times deadlier

Climate scammers like to claim that warmth in fact kills, and so think the mean temperature of the earth ought to go back to where it was in the 1960s and 70s, a cold time when the media fretted about the next ice age.

But, as Björn Lomborg here points out at X, cold actually kills nine times more people than heat.

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