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The Cold Sun - Why the Climate Catastrophe Is Not Taking Place

German Skepticism Going Global In 2012? And Experts See Cooling For The Decades Ahead

First, a few words about 2011 I don’t want to bore everyone with a long recap of 2011, just a few highlights off the top of my head. 2011 started with the climate bet with Rob Honeycutt and Co. NoTricksZone and the coolists say this new decade 2011-2020 will be cooler than the last decade 2001-2010 (and it looks […]

Today Is A Special Day For NoTricksZone

It’s early Sunday morning here in Germany, and today will be a special day. I’m going to bed now and when I get up I will be able to tell you why. Nothing really big, but for me I find that it is indeed somewhat special. More later! Good night!

NTZ December Wrap-Up

Some bloggers do a yearly wrap up, and so I thought I’d do a monthly and annual summary today. 2010 – the humble start of NTZ This blog all started with me reading climate science skeptic sites like WUWT, IceCap, CA, Bishop Hill and many others since 2007. In March 2010 I happened to be […]

One Month Of Blogging

8000+ views and 48 posts  These are the results after the first month of blogging. The numbers have far surpassed my expectations. The most activity came on April 24-27, after this climate blog was the first to report on the story we called: Russian Scientist: Expect Cooling – Pols Sitting On The Wrong Horse, hours before WUWT […]