The German E-Vehicle Nightmare, 2024 Q1 Sales Plummet 14%… “Graveyard” For Unsold Cars

Der Spiegel reports: Germany e-car industry is a crisis headed for a catastrophe. New Tesla unsold cars now being parked in an old airfield.

Germany’s 2030 e-car target now a lunatic fantasy

Sales of e-cars in Germany are plummeting, signaling more trouble for the country’s move to a green society. Overall, for Q1 2024, EV sales declined by around 14.1% compared to Q1 of 2023. For Tesla, the picture is much uglier.

AI generated image of an e-car.

Just days ago, leftist online news magazine Der Spiegel published a video report looking at Tesla sales in Germany: “Friedhof der E-Autos – Die Mobilität der Zukunft steckt in der Krise” (Graveyard of e-cars – the mobility of the future is stuck in crisis).

Though the country would like to blame something else other than its terrible policies, this misery is not due to the Ukraine War.

As Spiegel reports, The cars are just too expensive and impractical, and the government has stopped subsidizing sales.

35% drop in Tesla new registrations

Der Spiegel focusses on Tesla’s Gigafactory located in Grünheide, roughly 30 kilometers southeast of central Berlin. The once electrifying future for the e-car maker has since turned into a huge nightmare. Though the Grünheide plant continues to churn out e-cars, Der Spiegel looks at where the 100s of truckloads of e-cars are in fact being being shipped. Unfortunately for Tesla, many are not going to buying customers.  In Q1 of 2023, 20,000 new Teslas were registered in Germany, according to Der Spiegel. But this year in Q1, only 13,000 were registered – a whopping 35% drop!

Storage at an old airfield

Der Spiegel reporters followed the Tesla transport trucks and discovered that many are being shipped to an old airfield for storage. In the report, a Tesla security officer, however, arrives (in an internal combustion engine car) and refuses Spiegel to make photos of the embarrassing situation (4:24 mark). Tesla management refuse to comment on the mass electric car storage.

Overall in Germany, e-cars of just about every type have lost their attractiveness, and buyers are shunning them.

Green fantasy

As the popularity of electric cars in Germany tanks, the governments 2030 target of getting 15 million e-vehicles on the road now looks like a lunatic fantasy.

8 responses to “The German E-Vehicle Nightmare, 2024 Q1 Sales Plummet 148… “Graveyard” For Unsold Cars”

  1. Timbotoo

    Looks like what it always was: a lunatic fantasy.

  2. John Hultquist

    “and refuses Spiegel to make photos of the embarrassing situation”

    Der Spiegel doesn’t own a drone? Can’t hire a plane?
    Maybe an alert passenger in a plane could take a photo.

  3. Green Sand

    A nightmare in search of a dream!

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  5. Mercury

    Destroying the country’s ability to produce electricity while heavily promoting cars that require huge amounts of electricity. There was a time, decades ago, when Germans were admired for their impressive talents in science and engineering. They have thrown away everything.

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  8. Macha

    Parked near solar farm to keep th edm charged up?

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