Happy Thanksgiving Weekend, Everybody!

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Here in Germany, Thanksgiving is of course not celebrated and is just a regular workday, so my family and I do the big feast on Saturday. Right now the bird is in the oven. Fantastic 🙂

This year is a rather special one because the woodstove we ordered way back in April finally arrived this morning (there’s a huge order backlog due to the crazy heating fuel costs here).

No we are really enjoying a holiday ambience. What a warmth these things emit. Reminds me of my New England childhood winters.

Not only are we well-supplied with firewood for the winter (thanks to Metal Harry), but also with other essentials as well (thanks to Scotland, among others).

All in all, this skeptic is living pretty much carbon neutral. We’ve got 12 KW of solar capacity installed on the roof, rarely ever fly anymore, have a vegetable and berry garden that produces from June to October and now we’re heating with renewable wood. Hey alarmists, anytime you want to compare carbon footprints… But I confess, I’m a big meat eater.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

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China To Double Coal-Fired Power Plant Capacity…Aims To Avoid European, US Blunders

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China continues to barrel ahead with the new construction, expansion of coal fired power plants

In Germany, while radical groups of climate-crazies like Extinction Rebellion and Last Generation are gluing themselves to road and airport tarmac surfaces to rescue the planet from the myth that is the climate catastrophe, China is planning to double the capacity of its coal-fired power plants, reports German online Blackout News here.

A long way to go before China turns green. Coal still number 1 by far. Source: https://ourworldindata.org/energy

“China is building a huge number of new coal-fired power plants, possibly more than the rest of the world combined,” reports Blackout News, citing Bloomberg. But that huge added capacity allegedly will only serve as back-up for renewable energies. “The power plants will likely never operate at full capacity.”

4 times more than what Germany needs

By the end of 2023, China plans to build new coal-fired power plants with a capacity of at least 165 gigawatts – which is equivalent to more than double of Germany’s current total electric power demand.

That figure is estimated to rise to “a total of 270 gigawatts in the five years to 2025”. China’s planned added capacity would be more than the rest of the world.

So why would China barrel ahead at warp speed to install coal-fired power plants?

The answer is that its leaders see the huge blunders made by countries who chaotically rushed into green energies without any plan whatsoever, like Germany, which this winter is facing rolling brownouts due to a grid that’s been made unstable by green energies and shutdowns of coal and nuclear power plants. China aims to avoid the German power debacle.

“China’s strategy is responding to mistakes made in the U.S. and Europe with its expansion. There, people stopped investing in fossil fuel production and infrastructure before renewables were able to replace them,” summarizes Blackout News.

No way around conventional power plants 

Also China’s strategies demonstrate how it is physically impossible to solely rely on wind and solar energy, and that a huge fossil fuel back-up system is imperative and unavoidable. President Xi Jinping claims the country’s aim is to eventually phase out fossil fuels, and is following the strategy of “building new before discarding old.” But clearly China is doing lots of new building of the old, and little discarding.

The wacko protesters should be gluing themselves in China if they’re really concerned about green energy progress.

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Study Finds The CO2 Greenhouse Effect Is Real…But Dangerous Global Warming From Rising CO2 Is Not

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German physicists claim to have experimentally demonstrated the greenhouse effect from greenhouse gases like CO2 and CH4 is a real phenomenon, but assess the climate sensitivity to a doubling of CO2 with feedbacks is “only ECS = 0.7°C … 5.4x lower than the mean value of CMIP6 with ECS = 3.78°C.”

The derived forcing for CO2 is in quite good agreement with some theoretical studies in the literature, which to some degree is the result of calibrating the set-up to the spectral calculations, but independently it determines and also reproduces the whole progression as a function of the gas concentration. From this we deduce a basic equilibrium climate sensitivity (without feedbacks) of ECSB = 1.05°C. When additionally assuming a reduced wing absorption of the spectral lines due to a finite collision time of the molecules this further reduces the ECSB by 10% and, thus, is 20% smaller than recommended by CMIP6 with 1.22°C.”
Detailed own investigations also show that in contrast to the assumptions of the IPCC water vapor only contributes to a marginal positive feedback and evaporation at the earth’s surface even leads to a significant further reduction of the climate sensitivity to only ECS = 0.7°C (Harde 2017 [15]). This is less than a quarter of the IPCC’s last specification with 3°C (see AR6 [1]) and even 5.4x lower than the mean value of CMIP6 with ECS = 3.78°C.”
“The presented measurements and calculations clearly confirm the existence of an atmospheric GHE, but they also demonstrate the only small impact on global warming, which apparently is much more dominated by natural impacts like solar radiative forcing (see, e.g., Connolly et al. 2021 [16]; Harde 2022 [17]). Therefore, it is high time to stop a further indoctrination of our society with one-sided information, fake experiments, videos or reports, only to generate panic.”

Image Source: Harde and Schnell, 2022


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Pacific Typhoons Continue Downward Trend, Contradicting Alarmist Claims Of More Storms

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Charts by Kirye

Pacific typhoons continue downward trend for more than 70 years. Alarmists baffled, embarrassed

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) presents the latest data for Pacific typhoons. Their data go back more than 70 years, to 1951.

First we look at the latest data from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) for the number of typhoons formed in the Pacific in the month of October, now that the October, 2022, data have become available:

Source of data: JMA

Though the world has warmed (mostly naturally) since 1951, the overall long-term trend in typhoons remains downward, thus contradicting the dire claims made by climate bedwetters that a warmer climate leads to more storms.

Note how the 1990s and 2000s saw significantly fewer Pacific typhoons in October than in the 1950s, 60s,70s and 80s when CO2 levels were lower.

Annual trend

But one single month really doesn’t tell us a whole lot about overall Pacific typhoon trends, so now we look at the number of typhoons formed in the Pacific for the period from January to October, 1951-2022, now that the latest October data have been made available:

Source of data: JMA

Here as well we see a downward trend for the period. The alarmists have been shown to be wrong and the media have been misleading and lazy for not calling them, out. Pacific typhoons are not becoming more frequent. If anything, the warming has led to less typhoons, which is good news which the alarmists unfortunately are unable to swallow.

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“Died Suddenly”: Shockumentary Sure to Stir Up Controversy…How Much Is True?

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This recent production is disturbing – some parts are tough to watch. I don’t want to believe that thigs are as bad as the film suggests. But you be the judge.


Some of it it comes across as a bit fishy.

But on the other hand, I have to admit that there seems to be a fair amount truth in it as well, e.g. there have been many adverse effects, the vaccines don’t stop transmission or others catching it, and excess mortality in many countries has been mysteriously and extraordinarily high since the jabs were rolled out.

Fibrous clots removed from deceased victim. Cropped here

And there have definitely been coverups, coercion, lots of broken promises, false claims, Big Pharma corruption, shady deals and now even flat out admissions. There are also hundreds of other renowned experts, unmentioned in the film, who have warned us from the very start. In Germany, for example, some have even been locked up, smeared or are being legally harassed by prosecutors.

I’ve witnessed personally too many weird adverse effects among people I directly know – though most of them still don’t have mRNA vaccine as the cause on their radar.

Are the COVID vaccines really as lethal as the film implies them to be? All I know is that I need not worry about it because I never took the damn stuff.

Even if just a fraction of this shockumentary is true, it’s still bad news for humanity. And knowing what we know now, it’s criminal continuing jabbing people with the stuff.

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75% Of German Wind Turbines Kill 70 Bats Each In 2 Months. There Are 30,000 Wind Turbines In Germany.

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In ‘a call against ignorance and neglect’, researchers expose the massacre of bat populations inflicted by wind turbines in Germany.

Per a new study, there were 209 bats slaughtered in a span of 2 months at 3 studied wind turbine sites in Germany. This amounts to about “70 casualties per turbine.” (These turbine fatality rates are regarded as an underestimate, as they exclude the turbine deaths from the summer/autumn migration season.)

The 3 wind turbines studied are sited and operated without any conservation measures to curtail bat fatalities.

Approximately 3 of every 4 of Germany’s 30,000 onshore wind turbines are similar to these 3 turbines from the study in that they offer no curtailment or habitat protection for bat populations.

Because it is believed (by activists and policymakers) erecting wind turbines has a net positive impact on the Earth’s climate, we can be assured the bat carnage will continue for decades to come.

Image Source: Voigt et al., 2022
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Energy Crisis: German Minister President Suggests Heating One Room In Winter Is Enough

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Back to the 19th century…climate-crazed political leader: Washcloths and heating just one room are enough…

Since Germany put itself on the path to de-energize by throttling energy production and creating high prices, some German leaders lately have offered creative ways of dealing with the resulting crisis, among them: advising people to prepare themselves for a possible blackout lasting for days.

Some weeks ago we reported on how the Minister President from Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann, suggested that people stop taking hot showers and instead use a washcloth with a sink with some lukewarm water for bathing. This would help to curb a gas supply crisis later this winter.

Heating just one room

Mr. Kretschmann is back in the news again with a new idea, one that he says he himself practices: Allegedly, he heats just one room in the house, the living room, and expects others to follow his lead. This means citizens are now expected to bathe themselves with a washcloth, turn off the lights and to sleep, eat and do their home office work in frosty rooms.

The message in Germany is clear: politicians have no intentions of re-establishing a steady energy supply that would return its citizens to normal comfort. Instead citizens are being asked to return to the 19th century.

Health and property hazard

But there are of course problems with going back to the stone ages. Not only is cold dangerous to people, but not heating the rooms in your home poses another health hazard: toxic black mold. According to the online Karlsruher Insider:

Meanwhile, experts warn against heating only one room or no room at all. The cool air in the room would lead to increased humidity, which would then promote mold growth.

Ventilation and adequate heating are therefore both important basics for getting through the winter in good health. Mold can cause lasting damage to the apartment and the house, as well as to one’s own health.”

Everything climate-crazed politicians touch seems to turn into destruction, misery and death.

Also, see here what it will cost on average for a German family to heat a 100 square meter residence tomorrow (1 day).

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As Green Policies Cause Energy Prices To Explode, Deforestation In Europe Accelerates

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Skyrocketing fossil fuel energy prices are are driving the deforestation of Europe as citizens try to keep warm

It’s easy to argue that the “green” movement is causing much more environmental harm than good. High energy costs are leading to poverty, which in turn leads to less investment in environmental protection and nature conservation.

Biodiversity-rich forests are being cleared away to make room for wind parks and people are increasingly burning wood to stay warm as an alternative to natural gas and heating oil.

Deforestation being driven by high fossil fuel energy prices. Symbol photo by NASA. 

Blackout News here reports on how forests in Romania have been falling victim to illegal logging as the energy crisis has propelled the demand for firewood and pellets to rocket speed. “In Romania, entire nature reserves are disappearing as a result.”

“The sharp increase in demand for firewood, wood chips and pellets has also caused prices for these fuels to rise sharply, making them extremely lucrative for the illegal trade,” writes Blackout News. A lack of transparency and traceability are making the problem impossible to manage.

Blackout News cites a 2021 European Commission study showing Europe’s wood industry lacks transparency and that the demand for wood for heating has more than doubled in the past twenty years. Austria alone is reported to have imported approximately 120,000 tons of pellets from Romania last year. Europe’s CO2 reductions through the burning of biomass are costing its biotope dearly. Few are talking about this. What good will reaching zero CO2 emissions be if  Europe’s forests end up being sacrificed and barren?

Greenpeace Romania says illegal logging is particularly bad in Romania and that more than half of the wood processed into pellets there comes from illegal logging in Natura 2000 areas. While authorities record an annual logging volume of 18 million cubic meters, “experts assume that another 20 million cubic meters of wood are illegally felled there each year and disappear without any evidence.”

One problem hindering the crackdown on illegal logging in Romania is rampant corruption in control bodies and government agencies. Penalties for the import of illegally logged timber “are also shockingly low”.

As long as Europe continues its efforts to eliminate fossil fuels and create energy shortages, prices will skyrocket and keep boosting the demand for wood as a source of energy.

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New Study Finds Australian Sea Temperatures Multiple Degrees Warmer Than Today During The Last Glacial

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Sea temperatures in regions near Australia have failed to cooperate with a CO2-driven climate narrative.

Glacial conditions and ~200 ppm CO2 levels were thought to have prevailed throughout most of the last 60,000 years across the Earth.

But a new study finds sea temperatures near Australia were “3 to 5°C warmer than the modern average temperature” during several millennia of this period.

Proxy evidence suggests average subsurface water temperatures in the Southern Ocean/Australia region may have been “>7°C warmer than modern” during the last 10,000 years (the Holocene).

The eastern and western core graphical record indicates the amplitude of sea surface temperature swings reached 5 to 7°C from 30,000 to 60,000 years ago – a time when CO2 levels were thought to be stable and low (near 200 ppm).

These records once again affirm sea surface and subsurface temperature changes do not align with the narrative suggesting Earth’s climate changes are driven by fluctuations in CO2 concentrations.

Image Source: Nürnberg et al., 2022 (and supplemental data)
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High Profile German Physician: COVID Vaccines Dangerous “Genetic Modification Of Human Beings”

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COVID vaccines “are killing people, they are injuring them. They’re causing huge long-term damage that is irreparable.” …”There’s no therapy, and every shot makes it worse!”

Image cropped from German Report24

In a new interview by German Report24, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, one of the very first critics of the COVID pandemic lockdowns and vaccines, commented on why so many doctors simply played along: de facto pharmaceutical and media corruption.

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg noted that vaccinations used to be a burden on the state and no money was made from them, but now they have become highly lucrative for the pharmaceutical companies, some of them having had to pay billions in fines for harming people in the past.

“We are rightly suspicious of the pharmaceutical supply,” Wodarg said.

Dr. Wodarg, a physician, also spent years as head of a public health department, a member of the German Bundestag and chairman of the Health Committee for Germany in the Council of Europe became very familiar with the art of lobbying. He knew something was very wrong already at the beginning of the pandemic, noting that the Corona pandemic worked so well because people had “learned from the previous fake pandemics and developed completely new, effective strategies”.

Wodarg blasts the media and journalists for eliminating criticism and playing on people’s fear. “This was massively stoked, especially with adjusted and doctored statistics.”

The retired physician also warns of a massive invasion of personal privacy by the state in the form of vaccine passports and testing, all made possible by the fear-laden Corona crisis.

“Dangerous genetic modification”

Dr. Wodarg says the Corona vaccination is not a classic vaccine, but rather describes it as “a genetic modification of human beings, which has no benefit, and instead causes us massive harm and which, in the worst case, is life-threatening.” He adds that anyone who continues to promote the pandemic – despite the obvious facts – is committing a criminal offense.”

“What we have already known for a long time, since clinical studies were planned, is that the stuff is dangerous, that it provides no benefit, that it is not necessary, says Wodarg on the COVOD vaccines. “They are killing people, they are injuring them. They’re causing huge long-term damage that is irreparable. There’s no therapy, and every shot makes it worse!”

Wodarg says that there’s plenty of information available to doctors and that there’s no longer any excuse for doctors not to know what’s really going on. He calls the continued, willful repeated vaccination: “malicious, and it needs to be punished.”

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Germany’s Compounding Energy Woes: Even Wind Power Industry Is “Sliding Into Crisis”

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Germany’s Blackout News here reports that not only is Germany’s energy supply faltering profoundly, but so is its wind industry as well, reporting  that it is “sliding into a crisis”.

Gloomy outlook also for Germany’s wind energy industry. Photo by P. Gosselin

Wind energy is supposed to step in and play a key role in supplying Germany with energy as other sources get cut off. But that too is not going to plan.

“Nordex is closing its plant in Rostock, Siemens Gamesa is sliding deep into the red and at Vestas the workforce is on strike,” reports Blackout News.

The German government aims to solve the country’s massive energy woes by doubling wind energy output over the next decade or so, but wind parks just aren’t getting built and orders are “collapsing sharply”, falling by “more than a third in the third quarter” at Siemens Gamesa year-on-year.

The result: thousands of lost jobs.

Blackout News cites “incalculable record raw material prices and supply chain problems” and a lack of profitability. Companies like Nordex are closing plants in Germany and moving production offshore to places like China.

The unplanned lack of wind energy expansion in combination with the massive supply stop of Russian natural gas is acting to further compound the German government’s problems as it struggles to keep the country supplied with energy while it suicidally pushes for the electrification of transportation and the closure of nuclear and coal power plants.

“Siemens Gamesa made a loss of almost one billion euros in the past fiscal year and sales fell by four percent,” according to Blackout News. “Vestas has already made a loss of just under one billion euros, compared with a profit of 135 million euros a year earlier.”

Government reforms have  to have “driven turbine manufacturers into cutthroat competition” and the German market “has collapsed in recent years,” Blackout News adds. “For the market leaders Vestas, Siemens Gamesa, Nordex and Enercon, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find financiers willing to invest in wind turbines.

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Russian Temperature Records Are Not Cooperating With The CO2-Driven Climate Narrative

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Two new studies indicate there has been no modern warming in the last centuries in western (Urals) and eastern (Kolyma) Russian mountain ranges.

A new 27,000-year temperature reconstruction assesses it was ~2.5 to 4.8°C warmer than today from 8.9-5.2 ka BP in the Ural Mountains, or when CO2 is said to have hovered in the 265 ppm range.

Summer temperatures were also warmer during the Medieval Warm Period, or from 1.2-0.7 ka BP. After a post-Medieval cool-down fostering in the Little Ice Age, the reconstructed record suggests there has been no warming since 0.5 cal ka BP, or for the last several centuries.

The smoothed temperature record shown in the study indicates there was only one brief period in the last 10,000 years that was not warmer than today.

“The reconstructed TJuly [8.9-5.2 cal ka BP] are the highest recorded, reaching up to 4.8 °C higher than today’s air temperature. … Present day TJuly have persisted since 0.5 cal ka BP.”

Image Source: Lenz et al., 2022

Another new temperature record from a northeastern Siberian mountain range, the Kolyma Lowlands, reports the winter and/or January temperatures from two weather stations reveal no obvious trends in the last 80 years, or during the period when CO2 has risen by about 100 ppm.

Image Source: Vasil’chuk and Budantseva, 2022
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